Doom City Conflict

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Doom City Conflict

A Doom City obsidian bunker fortified on the riverbanks near Mount Augusta
Date12th December 2023 — 19th December 2023
Result Doom City Victory


Casualties and losses
3 pearls - multiple traps in Mount Augusta disabled 1 pearl

The Doom City Conflict, sometimes known as Operation Doomsday, was a conflict initiated on CivMC, having begun on December 12th, 2023 and ended on December 19th, 2023. The initial conflict was sparked due to a disagreement over the Mount Augustan nether portal, formerly belonging to Cortesia Del Mar and Mehri. Following disagreements between Doom City and Mount Augusta over the portal, members of Doom City (Laconians) raided and stole from Arsenia's factory bunker and Arsenia's Birmingham Bunker, eventually resulting in SymSquid being pearled by SQOpenSpellBook. [1] On December 19th, the conflict escalated significantly at the border between Mount Augusta & Doom City when Laconian fighters disabled a bunker being built on the Mount Augustan border, initiating a fight that caused SQOpenSpellbook to retreat until reinforcements arrived. Doom City fighters then entered Mount Augusta, placing an obsidian wall on "[their][who?] plot [as a] defensive measure" [2] despite the land being derelicted through Mount Augustan law months prior. Nightmarr, SymSquid, Defender4488, and SQOpenSpellbook were all pearled as fighting between the two factions continued; leading Defender4488 to declare that a state of war existed between Doom City and BUILD.[3] Later that day, BUILD would formally announce its surrender after "independent fighters" from Estalia signaled their intent to bridge the vault of Fempire unless SymSquid was released.[4]


In the aftermath of the Butternut–SEC War, the nation of Cortesia Del Mar was disbanded following the departure of many of its members from CivMC. This left the portal to be claimed by Mount Augusta with Mehri's blessing[5]. Mount Augustan officials began attempting to share the portal 20% between five nations, Ila'Kyavul, Mount Augusta, Rivia, Wayrest, and Doom City. During the early stages of MTA's nether portal project, Doom City council member, ShadySauce, discovered several Mount Augustan officials using Doom City's private iceroad between Doom City's fortress, Mt. Doom, and the CDM portal. This prompted immediate discussion between ShadySauce and then MTA governor, ComradeNick, in which both parties had reached an agreement for Doom City to retain their preexisting private iceroad into the portal, as well as Doom City's nether farms to remain private. Months later, upon the return of two inactive Doom City members, FRESH candy and SymSquid, discovered Doom City's private entrance into the portal to be locked, which sparked arguing and later negotiations to remerge between ShadySauce and ComradeNick. This later fell through due to the trapping of the portal. During the latter half of the War of the Icenian Coalition, SymSquid began raiding Arsenia, breaking into a lightly defended factory bunker and looting many of the factories inside.[1] This would lead to a series of events that would eventually conclude with SymSquid being pearled by SQOpenSpellbook and held in the Fempire Union.[6] Reparations for SymSquid to be released were set at "3 stacks of xp, 32dbs, and materials to make a bastion factory OR 32 vbs" [1] for his involvement in stealing these items from Arsenia's factory room. However, SymSquid would escape his pearl due to server crashes just prior to the December 19th conflict.

Course of the Conflict

Trapping of CDM Portal

In early July, shortly after the collapse of CDM and the subsequent claiming of the area by MTA, Doom City & MTA negotiated for Doom City to retain their preexisting private entrance, iceroad, and farms, with other nations allowed to continue to use the public access route. Months later, on December 11th, members of Doom City attempted to use the formerly CDM owned nether portal, only to find their once private entrance into the portal was locked and their private iceroad had continued to be used by MTA. This prompted Doom City members, FRESH candy and SymSquid, to begin breaking the bunker door and arguing with then MTA governor, ComradeNick. After a few minutes, the situation deescalated following negotiations remerging between ShadySauce and ComradeNick regarding their previous agreement of the portal. Both parties soon came to a compromise and agreed to continue fleshing out its execution the following day. The subsequent day, SymSquid (Doom City) found himself trapped in a reinforced footgrinder, and escaped shortly before Butter_Villager arrived in prot. At this point, the portal negotiations had reached an abrupt stop, and ComradeNick stated the trap had now been removed. Shortly afterwards, however, GiveMeNoods died from fall damage after traveling through the portal and discovering that water drops were removed. [2]

Arsenia Bunker Conflict

Following the events of the portal, Doom City fighters rotated to Arsenia to begin disabling their bunkers. Arsenian fighters responded, and a standoff at an iceroad eventually resulted in SymSquid being pearled by SQOpenSpellbook. Notably, SymSquid's pearl was extradited to a vault owned by the Fempire Union, providing the first concrete indication of wider BUILD alliance involvement, which would later be confirmed by the arrival of BUILD fighters in MTA both before and during the Battle of the Bridge. [3]

Battle of the Bridge

On the morning of December 19th, a border conflict between Doom City & MTA devolved into violence. Both sides contend that the other initiated hostile action, with Doom City arguing that they entered MTA to fortify their own property,[2] and MTA contending that they had been subject to an unprovoked attack.[7] As additional BUILD fighters arrived in MTA, Doom City members, who found themselves outnumbered, briefly retreated across the river before fighting continued, eventually resulting in the bridge marking the border being covered with obsidian.[8] Various battlefront skirmishes resulted in Nightmarr, SymSquid, and Defender4488 all pearled in fights near the MTA border, leaving the score at 2-1 in Doom City's favor. Hours later, SQOpenSpellbook was pearled by GGJoe, also inside MTA, setting the score at 3-1. After SQOpenSpellbook was pearled, Doom City would release a statement making it clear that they intended to press claims on SQ [2] for the insiding of the Arsenio Pact during the Butternut-SEC War. A statement from FE Flags, the last governor of AP, would later denounce this action. [9]

BUILD Surrender

As the situation continued on the 19th, Lysika (?), Gray911, S4NTA, thejkh, and Walkers (?) began an attack on the Fempire Vault [a], and it was announced that the attack would continue unless Doom City fighter Symsquid was released. [4] The potential of an extended fight during the Christmas season and the relative disparity in pvp forces convinced BUILD to release symsquid and issue a post formally surrendering, as well as expressing pride in their relatively less pvp oriented alliance for its performance during the war and the forces mustered in the battle at MTA. They also expressed dissent towards a long sentence for SQOpenSpellbook, citing the fact that "SQOpenSpellBook, who was 15 at the time, was manipulated by Chosen into insiding. [Chosen] employed every trick to manipulate him into giving Chosen and his friends a block game advantage." [4] referring to SQ's insiding of the vault Reluctance and the freeing of various pearls during the Butternut-SEC War.



A (currently active) poll suggested that, as of 4:46 P.M. EST, 53.8% of CivMC players supported the BUILD alliance, 27.5% were supportive of Doom City, and the remaining 18.7% were neutral or undecided.[10]

Statement of Neutrality

In the immediate aftermath of initial battles in MTA, Pavia & Nara would issue a joint statement claiming neutrality both in the present and going forward, while stressing that the absence of other EP nations in the post shouldn't be taken as a sign of involvement.

Mehri Statement

After debates on the CDM/Doom portal began to reach the sub, Mehri would shortly release a brief statement denouncing ownership claims over the portal, and asking that it be de-griefed for continued public access.

Vinland Embussy

In an attempt to bring hostilities to an end, Vinland offered to facilitate negotiations in their Embussy located in the neutral nation of Dirt.

AP Statement

Flags, the last governor of the AP, discussed his thoughts on the situation and on SQ's actions following the surrender of BUILD.

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  1. The exact participants of the attack are contested, as a reddit comment from Strattmatt claims that Walkers and Lysika were only observing the proceedings.