Pavian Tribune

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Pavian Tribune
Article published 9 June 2022
HeadquartersTown Hall, City of Pavia
Nation Pavia
Foundation dateJune 2022
Format(s)Online newspaper
MottoIndependent, honest and dignified
• Editor-in-Chief

The Pavian Tribune is a Pavian online newspaper that focuses on politics, culture and current affairs. The paper is owned and produced by the Pavia Institute, with its sole editing office in Pavia.

It is the premier news publication in Pavia, reporting independently and honestly on the things that matter locally and internationally.

Rather than publishing periodically through sequential editions, the newspaper releases articles immediately and individually.


Title of issue Date published Subject of Issue
World first: Full colour illustrative map of Pavia drawn by community group 04/06/2022 Cartography
“You will not make Pavia home”: Coast guard stood up by Crown Prince 04/06/2022 Border Security
Criminal alien fatally wounded in crazed coastal combat 05/06/2022 Defense and Security
“Turtles are endangered”: Local environmentalist group lobbies government for protections 06/06/2022 Environment, Animal Rights
Thief steals from the town hall construction site, delaying works by days 07/06/2022 Crime
Duke calls for international cooperation to advance infrastructure, agricultural industry 08/06/2022 Regional Politics
“Barbaric practices”: Pandas being bred and slaughtered for gelatin 09/06/2022 Animal Rights
BritishWanderer, the first Crown Prince, has died 11/06/2022 National Politics
Mysterious condemnation signs appear at the Great Pavian Hole 12/06/2022 Health and Safety
Crown Prince claims territorial waters and builds defence stations 16/06/2022 National Politics, Defense and Security
Archaeological dig finds bones during Great Pavian Hole greening project 17/06/2022 Archeology
Axe-wielding foreigner slaughters Crown Prince 20/06/2022 Crime
Half a million blocks used to build grand Town Hall in just 18 days 22/06/2022 Building
Strong new laws protect environment, wildlife, national parks 13/07/2022 Environment
Pavia shares surveillance information with all citizens 13/07/2022 National Politics
Coast guard officers to be tested for readiness to fight 13/07/2022 Defense and Security, National Politics
North-eastern nations join pact for security and infrastructure 16/07/2022 Regional Politics, Defense and Security
BritishWanderer, the second Crown Prince, has died 23/07/2022 National Politics
Gobblin elected as new Crown Prince 24/07/2022 National Politics
Estalia–Rhode Island conflict threatens Elysian Pact members 25/07/2022 International Politics, Defense and Security
Conflict strikes close to home with body found in tunnel 26/07/2022 Defense and Security, International Politics
Government refusal to pay workers spurs unionisation calls 27/07/2022 National Politics
Train station site excavated in three days 28/07/2022 Building
Government commits to union pay and safety demands 03/08/2022 National Politics
Killed without reason: Crossed wires lead to death 04/08/2022 Defense and Security, International Politics
Lyrean Community condemns obsidian bombs 06/08/2022 Regional Politics
Workers unwittingly build prison instead of train station 10/08/2022 National Politics
Coast guard apprehends international fugitive wanted for serious crimes 11/08/2022 International Politics, Crime
Pavia under attack: Rhode Island breaks vault snitches 12/08/2022 Defense and Security, International Politics
National threat level elevated to expected 12/08/2022 Defense and Security