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SamBonusG takes a selfie in the Lazuli Tower bunker on CivClassic 2.0
(clockwise) Soomanbasob SamBonusG Metriximor and Banyough pose for a photo in Lusitania on CivMC
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CivClassic 2.0's SamBonusG

SamBonusG, also known as MrBonusgrad, was a Septembrian miner who could usually be found in Mount September flying from the rooftops or riding Persephone, his trusty steed that was always donned in diamond horse armor. When he wasn't in Mount September, he was usually working at Lazuli Oceanic HQ in the southeast ocean. He first spawned in the server near Icenia, but was quickly ostracized from that community due to an infamously ugly house that he built there. After fleeing to Mount September, he lived the life of a raider and got into some trouble with prominent countries. His first pearling was at the hands of Mir, after jumping into their vault trench to do what he referred to as "bastion mining", a term that became a meme amongst the Septembrian culture as a symbol of the bold nature of newfriends that have no concept of the laws of Civ yet. Later he would get into issues with many other prominent countries, including IMC and Imperial Truidence.

After being caught a multitude of times during his raids, he left his life of crime and went on to find great wealth after founding the Lazuli Corporation. He mainly partook in commerce through the stores that were subsidiaries of this corporation, as well as through private international deals.

In July of 2021, newly elected mayor of Mount September, Thraldrek, brought him into the government's cabinet under the position of Cup of Commerce. He was the main caretaker of the government stockpile, making sure MtS had all the materials needed to operate through international trade deals.

He was elected almost unanimously to the position of judge in the Supreme Court of Mount September in December of 2021. However, his term as judge was cut short as the server's admins announced that the server would be shut down in a matter of days, plunging the world into chaos. SamBonusG buried himself in a diamond tomb by the Voter Tree of Mount September as his final resting place in the face of the apocalypse.

CivMC's SamBonusG

When CivMC started up, SamBonusG intended on settling in Mount Augusta, as that's where most of his friends from Mount September would be winding up. He began to build his home there, however construction of this home was never finished. This was due to a wave of political instability after the controversial election of ComradeNick as governor, leading to Sam and the majority of the so-called "Septembrian Elite" leaving Mount Augusta and scattering around the map. Sam wound up settling in Lambat, and immediately opened an obsidian shop and horse stable. After assisting with road construction and economy building, he was brought into the government of Lambat by President Kaprediem in August of 2022 as the Minister of Commerce. Sam would later go on to finish construction of his home in Mount Augusta after becoming the Lambatan ambassador to the country, a position also referred to as the Lambassador.

In November of 2022, he was appointed the role of mayor of Lambat City, after the election process did not render any candidates. As mayor, he coordinated an international hockey game with the country of Nara, and constructed the Great Lazuli Oceanic Bridge (GLOB) that connected the country of Lambat to CivMarket via horse highway. In December of 2022, he ran a campaign to join the Metro Council of Lambat. During this campaign, he founded the International Infrastructure Party, a party that focuses on making travel between nations easy to maneuver and figure out, focusing on creating horse highways and bridges with signs pointing you in the direction of specific countries or cities. After winning the majority vote and joining the council with AKJanklin and Orhint, the council voted to maintain his position as mayor of Lambat City, a position he still fills to this day.

Significant Events on CivClassic 2.0

Construction of December Enclosure

In March of 2021 December the polar bear lived tethered to a pole by the voter tree in Mount September. Minemaster933 kidnapped December, citing concern for the mascot's safety due to its exposure to the world and lack of protection. After a bill proposal by Metriximor to build December a home, SamBonusG took on the responsibility of the construction of the home, finishing the enclosure within a day. December was safely transported to their new residence.

Kidnapping of December

In April of 2021, at seemingly random, three prominent members of the Confederation of Socialist Augusta, SandFalls, Smal, and ChocChips marched into Mount September, ranting about the freeing and liberation of bears. They proceeded to break in to the enclosure that contained December and lead him out of Mount September. Upon some encouragement from AmandaCC, SamBonusG took it upon himself to sue SandFalls for the kidnapping. The ordeal was eventually settled out of court, and really amounted to a little bit of trolling. SandFalls paid SamBonusG two diamonds labelled "December" and "January" as reparations. They were named after the two polar bears that had been kidnapped.

IMC Insider Scandal

In May of 2021, SamBonusG secretly played on an alternative account called OmGCoCoKreMe. He used the alt to pose as a newfriend trying to join IMC. After gaining citizenship, he began to steal supplies from the beacons and storage units. He was soon captured and pearled, and would be the defendant in the first ever public case done by the courts of IMC since their revival. The court would find him guilty, and he was sentenced to two weeks pearl time and reparations to the country. The pearl time would later be shortened after deals were made under the table with the leader of IMC, Wilson5756.

UDF Ice Road Snitch Scandal

In June of 2021, SamBonusG had begun to do heavy mining under the Lazuli Tower. Mining in such a populated area caused him to run in to various abandoned rails and bunkers. However, an ice road that SamBonusG had mistaken for abandoned and unfinished lead him to begin breaking into the vaults connected to said ice road, in the hopes of finding loot that had been abandoned. After spending some time breaking down reinforced bricks, SamBonusG realized the place might not have been abandoned, and left snitches behind so he could track activity. Sure enough, UDF officals found his snitches and ordered the extradition of SamBonusG from the government of Mount September. A standoff ensued, as Naglafer arrived at Mount September to hunt down SamBonusG to no avail, though a stir was caused when threats of horse slaughter occurred. Eventually the trial was held without SamBonusG ever being pearled, and the sentence was simply a fine with no pearl time.

Minemaster Property Dispute

In September of 2021, SamBonusG placed a dereliction sign on a property owned by Minemaster933 in hopes of opening a diamond exchange center. The dereliction was denied by the owner, to which SamBonusG responded with an immediate second dereliction. This sign was removed after government officials had made it clear that rapid derelictions were illegal. On September 24, Minemaster933 pearled SamBonusG, and spiked the pearl (placed the pearl in a Spike) in his personal bunker, citing improper dereliction procedure as SamBonusG's provocation. A team of Augustan Federation and Hjaltland players broke into the bunker and freed the pearl almost immediately, but the ensuing court cases would last until October 14th. The pearling of SamBonusG and subsequent cracking of Minemaster933's bunker set off two lengthy Mount September court cases - one in which SamBonusG sued minemaster933 for pearling him, and the other in which minemaster933 sued the break team for violating his bunker. These historic cases both ended with verdicts against minemaster933 - he was found guilty in the former, while the break team was acquitted in the latter. Minemaster933 was ordered to serve a ten-day pearl sentence and to pay reparations to SamBonusG.

Significant Events on CivMC

Construction of the GLOB

In December of 2022, SamBonusG had built a home in the Mercado Strait region of Lambat. Wanting to make horse travel to other continents more feasible, he began construction of a massive bridge that travelled across the Stony Sea all the way to the island of CivMarket. The bridge was named the Great Lazuli Oceanic Bridge, or GLOB for short. The bridge was built with a lapis lazuli and stone design, as a tribute to the massively successful Lazuli Corporation of CivClassics. When the GLOB was completed, it made horse travel from Lambat all the way to Estalia possible and easy. This was the first great feat achieved by the newly founded International Infrastructure Party.

The Rise of New September

In October of 2022, a vote was held in Lambat to determine the name of one of it's regions. SamBonusG, feeling his Septembrian roots could use some recognition, began to rally support for the name New September. Despite getting a large group of people behind him, New September lost to the name Progreso, and so that was the name given to the region. Then, the January 2023 Lambatan coup d'état happened, plunging the country into roleplay chaos. Members of the New September Coalition decided to use the confusion to their advantage. Coalition members Magnileve and Orhint utilized their power over the province of Capeland (also known as Chungia to some) to leverage President-in-exile Kaprediem with threats of secession should Progreso not be renamed to New September. Kaprediem immediately agreed, and SamBonusG and Magnileve erected a tall flagpole waving the new flag of New September in the air. This helped Kaprediem gain the support of the New September Coalition, creating further tension between the Republic of Lambat and the monarchist Banyough loyalists.