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The Principality of Loveshack
Location2682, 2079
Capital cityProvince of Palace
CurrencyLove (Loveliness Economy)
GovernmentAnarcho-Queer Monarchy
Foundation dateNovember 2013
LanguageEnglish, Loveshackian
ReligionPurprism, Order of Pinkeus

The Principality of Loveshack (colloquially known as Loveshack) was a Monarchic Anarcho-Queer Micronation bordering on Mount Augusta in Civcraft 2.0 as an enclave. Eternal Autocrat Forever Ruling of the Principality of Loveshack, His Royal And Utterly Fabulous Homosexual Highness Prince Toastedspikes I, Chief Pouf, Head of Fairy Command, and Absolute Monarch of Everlasting Lubricated Tightness, was the ruler of Loveshack, and has now abdicated. In his place, a Regency Council consisting of Sir Tryingtofly at its head, joined with the Barons and the Order of the Phallus-Shaped Table.

After June 20th 2014, the Principality of Loveshack was officially recognised as a sovereign nation by the Constitution of Mount Augusta. Both nations enjoyed very amiable relations, and co-operated on a variety of issues; economy, military, politics, sports and culture.

Values and Goals

The Principality of Loveshack's main values were as follows:

  • To spread the dogma of love, freedom of sexuality, kindness to strangers, carefree life, and ultimate fabulousness.
  • To support the self-determination of any and all nations.
  • To spread the beliefs of Purprism through the Order of Pinkeus.
  • To drink tea.
  • To plant flowers.
  • To embroider kittens in amusing poses.
  • To roleplay as an insignificant and harmless micronation.


The Principality of Loveshack was divided into several provinces, of which some were added to grant tithes to new Barons.

The Province of Palace

The Capital of Loveshack, this Province holds the two Giant Trees that prop up the currently unfinished Royal Palace. It is also host to foreign embassies. No Baron may hold this Province as it is under direct supervision of the Prince himself.

The Province of the Vegetable Fields

Loveshack's Agricultural Powerhouse, it supplies food and sustenance to the Principality's entire population. It is presided over by Baron Kakster the Brown-Fingered.

The Province of Fort

Host to Loveshack's military citadel, named Fort Fort, it is an armoury to the Royal Loveshackian Army and stood guard against the "filthy frog-eating french" in Vanier during the war.

The Province of the Borders

The main entrance to Loveshack, this Province contains immigration offices, a tourist centre, and a shop for souvenirs, guides and information.

The Province of the Courtyard of Love

Loveshack's centrepiece Province, it features a large courtyard in the shape of a heart. It is frequently used for military parades, festivals, market days and other events.

The Province of Orion

By far the largest province, it is currently a contested territory, but no less a territory of Loveshack than any other.

The Province of Barstool

The smallest province of Loveshack, located in the Red Rosa Social Club and Bar at Haven's H-Dome. The province was annexed by decree of Prince Toastedspikes after he declared it his favourite barstool at the bar.

The Least Fabulous Province of the North-East Wastelands

An insignificant and barren desert, this province was annexed after its previous ruler, King Ronald Grundeswald, refused to submit to the terms of the Loveshack-Grundeswald Treaty.[1] It is ruled over by Baroness Fluffy the Barking Mad.

The Province of Grumptown

Incorporated through popular vote, this province is located about 1,000 blocks from mainland Loveshack. It is presided over by Sir Personfrommars the Magnificiently Manly.

The Province of Mudmask

A Province dedicated to developing Loveshack's tourism sector. Future sites for Beauty Spas/Parlours, Hotels, Swimming Pools etc are planned for this Province.

The Province of Vostoevsky

A Province incorporated through popular vote, it is located west of Mount Augusta, presided over by Kynaz/Baron Joesiv.


Loveshack currently has embassies in Mt Augusta, Gensokyo and Cuba, which are sovereign territories of Loveshack. More were planned.


Prince Toastedspikes I the Utterly Fucking Fabulous and Eternally Erect WAS the autocratic ruler of Loveshack, and there are many titles, positions and duties that give a degree of power to other Loveshackians. The nation is now ruled by a Regency Council.


Barons are granted their title, tithe and place as a Knight, upon performing a great deed in service of Loveshack as well as an oath to maintain their responsibilities in Loveshack. The following are Barons:

  • Baron Kakster the Brown-Fingered of the Province of the Vegetable Fields.
  • Baroness Fluffy the Barking Mad of the Least Fabulous Province of the North-Eastern Wastelands.
  • Baron Personfrommars the Magnificiently Manly of the Province of Grumptown.
  • Honorary Baron Zaphod the Zesty.
  • Baron/Kynaz Joesiv of the Province of Vostoevsky.
The Knights' Order of the Phallus-Shaped Table

The Knights' Order of the Phallus-Shaped Table is an order of Knights who have performed a great deed in the name of Loveshack. They are awarded with a position at the table, a title, automatic citizenship, and a special place in the Prince's heart (and bed, sometimes). The Prince always sits at the tip, but the following hold titles as Knights:

  • Sir Tryingtofly the Doppelganger. Awarded a Knighthood after a night's heavy drinking.
  • Madame Fluffy the Barking Mad. Awarded a Knighthood for indispensable advice and being so adorably excitable when presented with dog biscuits.
  • Sir Sashimii the Supple. Awarded a Knighthood for granting the Prince a title in the Commonwealth as Prince of Queensport.
  • Sir Jarp the Combustible. Awarded a Knighthood for fighting at the Prince's side at the Battle of Cuba.
  • Sir Kakster the Brown-Fingered. Awarded a Knighthood for spearheading Loveshack's domestic revival.
  • Sir Flaminius the Four-Eyed. Awarded a Knighthood for healing the trees of Loveshack and archiving the Royal Records in the Maester Alliance.
  • Sir Ladezkik the Aesthetic. Awarded a Kinghthood for bringing many cute chicks to Loveshack.
  • Sir Tallen the Warm-Hearted. Awarded Knighthood for comfortin the Prince while he was mourning Buck's, his true love's, death.
  • Sir Pavel El Cartógrafo. Awarded a Knighthood for putting us on the map.
  • Sir Mars the Magnificiently Manly. Awarded a Knighthood for uniting Grumptown and Loveshack.
  • Sir Snorri the Diamond-Eyed. For gifting Loveshack much-needed funds for development.
  • Sir Para the Reckless. For defending Loveshack against insurmountable odds, incredible bravery, undying loyalty and dashing handsomeness.
  • Sir Zaphod the Zesty. For continuous friendship in Mount Augusta.
  • Sir Joesiv the Jolly. For fighting in our name.
Other Titles

Prince Regent, Best Man, Rearend Admiral and Vice-Executive Substitute Bedwarmer Sir Tryingtofly of Loveshack. A man who looks remarkably similar to the Prince, Sir Tryingtofly is currently acting as Prince Regent and head of the Regency Council in absence of a suitable Prince due to Toastedspikes I's abdication.

Madame Baroness Fluffy, Royal Advisor, Right-Paw Woman, OBE, Phd. Has velvety fur and an adorable wet nose.


LoveCorp is the Principality's national corporation, which organises the nation's exports. It holds ground mainly in Mount Augusta, where sales of flowers, lapis and other products are sold. All profits are put directly to Loveshack's coffers.

International Diplomatic Relations

The Principality of Loveshack has many friends and allies in Civcraft, here's a few of them.

  • Mount Augusta Loveshack's former host nation, it is now their closest ally. Culture, security, economy and more are shared and quite well integrated.
  • East Ridge
  • U3P Nations Loveshack is a member of the U3P.



Franco-Loveshackian War

Loveshack declared war on Vanier, the French District of Mount Augusta, following insulting signs being posted by francophones within Loveshackian territory shortly after Loveshack's establishment. Several skirmishes ensued, consisting of snide remarks against both sides, the removal of the colours red and blue from the french flags in Vanier, and the building of gigantic fortifications in Loveshack with definitely not cannons pointing at Vanier. Francophonic Augustans were banned from entering Loveshack, and were punished by being forced to speak English.

As of June 20th 2014, after the official recognition of Loveshack's sovereignty by the constitution of Mount Augusta, peace has been declared between the two communities. Every 20th of every month is now considered a Day of Peace and a national holiday in Loveshack.

The Principality of Loveshack-Grundeswald Treaty

A treaty never signed by Grundeswald, this treaty proposed to release King Ronald Grundeswald from the torturing bondage of Loveshackian fashion critique, under the conditions of Grundeswald being annexed into the Principality of Loveshack as The Least Fabulous Province of the North-Eastern Wastelands, under the Baronic control of Ronald Grundeswald.

Ronald Grundeswald is as of today still under scrutiny by Loveshackian Fashion Police, and all of Grundeswald's territories are still under claim by Loveshack.

Full details below

Loveshack-Orion War

Loveshack lays claim to all of Orion's territories, and remains in a state of war with Orion since March 19th 2014 following Orion's decision to raze the independent nation of Clockville following their declaration of independence. The war up to now climaxed in the Battle of Cuba, where the Royal Loveshackian Army fought alongside Cuba and her allies against Orion. Loveshack did not agree to a ceasefire following the Battle of Cuba, and continues to perform military exercises twice monthly, which consist of hurling mildly insulting comments as well as bombardments of artillery shells filled with pink paint, followed by a well-deserved communal shower and roast marshmallows over campfires. The Principality of Loveshack invaded and occupied the Orion Embassy in Mt Augusta on May 21st, which was recently re-occupied by Orion militants.

On 17 September, Orion sent esteemed diplomat GTAVisbest to Loveshack to initiate peace talks for the first time.

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Official Recognition of Independence

On 20th June 2014, the Mount Augustan constitution was officially amended to recognise the Principality of Loveshack as an independent, sovereign nation. Loveshack declared an end to the Franco-Loveshackian War, and great relations have been kept between the two nations since.

Loveshack Joins the U3P

As of 25th July 2014, The Principality of Loveshack became a full member of the United Provinces of the Plus Plus. U3P Senators (of those present) voted unanimously to include Loveshack as their newest member. Prince Toastedspikes was Loveshack's sole U3P Senator.


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