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This page lists features from January 2023 to March 2023.

January 2023

January 2, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:Des23.

From the Featured Article

The Danzilonan Security Force and allies breaking the Aeginan vault, August 2014.

The Aeginan independence movement was comprised of two separate attempts by two different dictators of Aegina to unilaterally remove the country from its sovereign nation, the Danzilonan Federation (DZF), which was dominated by its most populous country, New Danzilona (NDZ), on Civcraft 2.0.

Spurred by the expansion of Aegina’s borders and his own grandiosity, the first attempt was done by it_needs_bees between August and November 2014 and resulted in his pearling and permanent banishment from the DZF. The second attempt at independence was done by Inscourge, who was a former newfriend citizen of Aegina who returned to try to revive the city, in March 2015. Instead, he plotted to use mercenaries to grief and overthrow the government of NDZ. His plot was foiled by Danzilonan allies, resulting in his pearling and subsequent ban from Civcraft for altban evasion. (Full article...)

Current Events

Regentsburgh, a snowy city in the Imperial Federation
  • Happy New Year from the CivWiki!
  • CivReign has announced a launch date of January 27. Join their discord here.
  • CivVie launched on December 27, however temporarily closed the next day due to exploits. The server has not reopened yet.
  • A raider group called the Guerilla hoped to eradicate urbanism on CivMC, but was stopped by Kallos fighters along with DockerImage.
  • Dr_Bacon_Hair pearled, and then was pearled by, Temporal Isles leader PhysicsGamer, after attempting to declare himself the leader of the country.
  • Elections for Icenian, Imperial Federation, and Truidencian councils are in process for this next month.
  • Kallos and Icenia have seen small vandalisms humorously modifying their towns, from an Augustan flag, to an illegally built coaster.

January 9, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:ArtificialDriver.

From the Featured Article

The logo of the Gabon Corporation, created by BritishWanderer.

The Gabon Corporation was a publicly traded Gabonese multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, consumer goods, agrigulture and construction. The corporation was based in Salisbury, Gabon and was the first major shareholder-owned company to be established on CivClassic with operations in 7 separate countries. Its predecessor, the GabonXP Corporation was founded by FKA_Twink, Gobblin and BritishWanderer on October 7th 2020 as a means to profit off the server's XP market.

Its goal was to produce affordable XP and ship it globally. The company went public in December 2020, allowing any member of the public to purchase shares for which the Corporation would pay out dividend every quarter. The Corporation would later merge with Salisbury Holdings and G&W Co. into what would be known as the Gabon Corporation. At its peak the Corporation would make over 6000 diamonds and pay out 1400 diamonds in quarterly dividends to its shareholders who held a total of 4000 shares. The Gabon Corporation’s spiritual successor, the Monument Group, is currently operating in Pavia on CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

Verdant Valley, a lush high street and residential area in The Commonwealth.
  • Danzilona has been embroiled in a war with Cortesia Del Mar over a small territorial dispute.
  • After a series of raids on Venne and Calw, RacconOnCrack was pearled (again) by Doom City, Estalia, and Independent Southern Powers associates.
  • Estalia's market at 0,0 held eight large plots at an auction this past weekend; the sale resulted in revenue of more than 600 diamonds.
  • DonFuer, a building group that has been present on 2b2t, among other servers, have announced plans to rebuild ruins of towns in the north.
  • CivReign have announced that botting would be banned on their server, with the playerbase having mixed reactions to this decision.
  • CivRev have announced an "open" beta, however, initial access would be limited to those who apply, with those being endorsed by others invited later.

January 16, 2023

From the Featured Article

The original version of the Cathedral of Castulus, one of Lottosprayer's original builds in the country.

Iria is a nation focused on trade and infrastructure, and is currently one of the longest-running Civ nations. Originally founded by Lottosprayer and HorizonLeap in the early years of Civcraft 2.0, the country was a mainstay throughout the entire iteration and was a founding member North East Alliance (NEA). The country endured raids from multiple groups, including the Islamic National Front, BMB, and Eagle Crew throughout the first half of the server. In the back half of Civcraft 2.0, the country came into conflict with the Federal Socialist Republics after cooperating with Savion on a vault, leading many to exit the NEA.

Iria continued to participate on every major Civ server following Civcraft 2.0, with the country continuing to trace their lineage back to the original iteration. In Civcraft 3.0, they made a hesitant alliance with Concordia in the snowy Tjikko shard, and in Devoted 3.0 making an alliance with Aquila in the Delta Alliance. On their iteration in CivClassic, the country resided in a mesa valley on the eastern edge of the map, built one of the largest international train stations recorded on Civ, and included leaders such as Squareblob and RedDevel. The country continues to this day with their current iteration on CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

Zocalo, the main central square in Cortesia Del Mar.

January 23, 2023

From the Featured Article

A landscape of the Jehoghnya clan's settlement in the Nro'meagh region, built by Avo.

Nro’meagh was a clan-based society on CivClassic; while "Nro'meagh" was commonly referred to as a country as a whole, the area was mainly held by several clans acting as their own sovereign countries. Of the many factions in the region, the primary players were Alexandria, an anarchic build city similar to Mount Augusta, Jevoghnya, the oldest and most historically significant region where the conlang of Nro’meagh was born, and Caesar’s Legion, a Roman-roleplay clan similar to the Fallout clan of the same name, focused on conquering the entire region.

Throughout its lifespan, these clans were engaged in several alliances and wars. Several clans also maintained alliances with nations uninvolved with the region, such as Vinland and Adina. In 2020, several major conflicts occurred, with two major clans, Alexandria and Threkeld, squaring off in February 2020. During April 2020, Caesar’s Legion also achieved their goal of conquering the entire region, however were overthrown by a coalition of clans led by Topher3001 the following month. Today, some of Nro’meagh players currently play in today’s Imperial Federation. (Full article...)

Current Events

Imperial Japanese structures in Nara.
  • Lambat closed off their nether portal, after discovering EVDan had been digging in the vicinity of the nether portal without the country's express permission.
  • Pavia withdrew from the Four Continent Concordat, citing the need to renegotiate their alliance situation with the Imperial Federation. At the moment, the alliance is only between the latter and Pridelands, a part of the IF already.
  • Warmia, a newfriend territory, became an autonomous territory of Kallos.
  • Yoahtl had another great pigeon migration to Iria.
  • MrJeremyFisher has replaced Orinnari in the Icenian senate, after the latter resigned.
  • The Newfriend Development Initiative has been created in Kallos, intended to increase awareness and guide newfriends, especially away from defensive infrastructure.
  • CivReign is launching this Friday, January 27. Several existing nations, like Gensokyo and Norlund are planning to play on the server. Join their discord server, where you can verify your account before logging in.

January 30, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:Reffelruz.

From the Featured Article

Westminster, the capital of the Commonwealth, in its final state at the end of world.

The Commonwealth’s iteration in CivClassic 2.0 was the second iteration of the monarchy started in Civcraft 2.0 by sashimii. Established by Cowguypig, many veteran citizens would return, along with members of Lio, Neverwhere, Thule, and Concordia. In the country’s first weeks, Westminster, the capital, faced heavy raids supported by Lexington. After an order by the King was made to remove a Lexington bunker, Lexington declared war on the Commonwealth, leading to the beginning of the Somber War, followed by the bombing of Westminster, the creation of the Western Alliance, and SATO.

Following the 6-month war, citizens returned to clean up the capital. Many new public works were initiated, such as new farms in Arran, Strassburg, and Hexcorp, the walled-city Victoria, new building developments in Albion and Taliesin, and the Second Olympic Games. Peter5930, who was captured and tortured by Lexington and built the End Citadel while pearled, returned home as King of the nation, and became the subject of a new religious movement arising out of Meditat during the war, which identified him as a messianic figure. Today, the country continues in its CivMC iteration. (Full article...)

Current Events

The skyscape of Yoahtl's capital Altepetl, with the great pigeon in the background.
  • King_Cupar, king of the Imperial Federation, suddenly resigned last week, citing burnout, and general attitude of the server regarding newfriends. He handed the crown to incumbent IF Chancellor Jalhf.
  • A monarchist insurrection led by banyough overthrew Lambatan President Kaprediem, leading to a Farley civil war involving all territories in the country.
  • CivMarket announced the closure of plot operations in its owned territory, following months of inactivity in the area. Estalia quickly claimed the territories after CivMarket leader Jaydon unclaimed the area for newfriends to use.
  • Coolchacha97 was pearled by Kallos last week after continued obbybombing threats, denying assistance from wjkroeker and the Transport Union while in the Nether.
  • Due to unexpected delays and personal issues, CivReign delayed the launch of their server by three weeks to February 17.
  • CivRev's beta is launching on Feburary 4, as a result of CivReign delaying their launch.
  • CivMC revisited their botting rules, intending to stop mods that read player position like Interpol, Synapse and CivModern.

February 2023

February 6, 2023

From the Featured Article

The Orion capitol, in the country's capital city.

Orion was a country on Civcraft 2.0 focused on a democratic and capitalist system of government, with striking similarities to the United States government. The country was established at the start of the world in the middle of the northwest quadrant, and quickly became known as the most populous country on the server. Due to its easy access and low barriers to entry (which included a free plot for newfriends), the country saw several conflicts throughout its lifespan, including raids from the Bloodcrew, the Cuban Revolution, and a secession crisis from Sennisten, one of the country’s boroughs.

Although the country had an anarchic build system, the country had several notable builds, including the capitol (pictured), a grand train station connecting the CIC, and the Grand Olympic Stadium, playing host to the first known Olympics held on Civ servers, and inspiring future Olympics on CivClassic. Additionally, Cuban leader Farley50 lent his name to today’s Farley war, a term known for either a roleplay war between two parties or a sporting event where players use weak weapons and armor for fighting. Today, some of Orion’s players make up today’s Jorvik. (Full article...)

Current Events

A landmark alongside Griffin's road network.

February 13, 2023

From the Featured Article

The IMC's Capital, Wilsontown, with views of the Goldenglow vault.

The Imperial Mountain of Casson, abbreviated IMC, is a country founded by the former members of TKON and the old IMC on Devoted. While parts of the group initially played during Civcraft 3.0, the two groups merged forces in early 2017 as a raider group aiding Westeros before splintering and starting their nation north of The Commonwealth late in 2021. Eventually, the country became an international powerhouse, rapidly becoming a competitor in the XP market in the late months of the server.

The country was mainly split into the capital in old Hexcorp territory, as well as the Netherview claims in the far western edge of the map. Although the country was a heavily defense-oriented nation with claims and several vaults close to the edge of the map, several diss tracks from member PercJackson were released with favorable responses. The country also maintained relations and continued cooperation from The Commonwealth and Wolken with continued defense initiatives. Today, members of the country continued on CivMC, initially founding a new iteration of their own country before joining forces with Titan Industries to become Gang Shi. (Full article...)

Current Events

Ocean Trawler, a beautiful shop within Altepetl in Yoahtl.
  • CivReign is launching this Friday, February 21, at 5pm Eastern Time. Some non-essential features may not be present at launch. Join their discord here.
  • The Elysian Pact declared war on Kallos, citing repeated aggression. Throughout the week, they pearled several Kallos players, including DockerImage and K0mmi, among others.
  • Despite Cordoba dissolving themselves, the SEC fearing connections to chosentwicelol in the prior conflicts. As a result, Estalia took over the territory.
  • SpeedyJustice was pearled by Icenia in The Commonwealth. He is wanted by Gensokyo for an attempted coup.
  • Iopa held a wedding between Flags and Kai this past week; and the wedding did not end in murder.
  • The Imperial Federation revoked Coolchacha97's citizenship this past week, citing problematic behavior and non-residency in the country.
  • CivRev's 3rd iteration has launched relatively smoothly, although complaints have arisen with aggressive mob spawning across the Earth-replica world.

February 20, 2023

From the Featured Article

A render of Zexenia, a country on CivRealms.

CivRealms was a long-running Civ server, having storied history in the Civ genre. The goal of CivRealms was to provide a different mechanical experience than the mainline servers it ran alongside, like Civcraft and CivClassic. Its most well-known iteration, 2.0, ran from May 2019 and well into 2021. The administration were also much more involved in player interactions; although making controversial decisions, they were committed to making the server a safe and enjoyable place for its playerbase.

Many countries who were active on other servers, such as CivEx or Devoted settled on the server. Throughout its lifespan conflicts between players emerged, including the Hell War and the Great War. Additionally, several countries emerged with their own culture, like Carbon and Alexandria, as well as other nations on the server’s expansions, the Thomas Archipelago and the New World. While CivRealms is no longer an active server, its philosophies have continued in the development and release of CivReign. (Full article...)

Current Events

South Lucassio in Pavia, with the main city and town hall in the background.
  • Several technical issues last weekend caused CivReign to delay their launch to Friday, February 24th, at 3pm Eastern. Many are disappointed about the numerous delays.
  • The Arnuk and Thrall Rat Clans, two new playerbases had a Civil War this past week following the former's secession.
  • Pavia held a wedding between Spoonce and Jamiemie, with plenty of celebration afterwards.
  • Icarus annexed the Temporal Isles, as well as unclaiming most land eastwards of the main city.
  • Icenia caught Butternut citizens Bewsiej and Elithys deliberately breaking snitches on an ice road, and hoped for a swift deescalation.
  • Raider Adderal was pearled on CivRev following an attempted attack on Wheatistan.
  • Solitaire7 advertised CivMC to the main Minecraft subreddit, garnering a modest following.

February 27, 2023

From the Featured Article

A protest outside the Hjaltland Industries shop in Mount Augusta during the SATO-FRIENDS Cold War.

FRIENDS was an alliance on CivClassic consisting of the Holy Jaded Empire, Columbia, Rhodesia, and Vitelia, among others focused on mutual defense. Created following the failure of the Western Cooperative Organization, the alliance mainly acted in opposition to SATO throughout the later half of 2018, creating a cold war-like environment throughout the server. Their competition came about due to alt-raider accusations and continued tensions with Yoahtl.

The alliance came into frequent conflict with SATO on numerous occasions. Throughout the latter months of 2018, SATO and FRIENDS engaged in soft-power warfare over nearby Mount Augusta, following raids from FRIENDS-affiliated fighters. A planned raid on Vitelia’s vault in early 2019 forced the country to abandon the stronghold, with Mir and SATO forces taking the vault days later. A vault hole dug by Southshire was also griefed by Rhodesian raiders, resulting in international backlash and a resulting pearling of Capri. Following this incident, most FRIENDS countries pivoted to create the NATO alliance, lasting through the Infinity War. (Full article...)

Current Events

Venne's Town Square on CivMC.
  • CivReign finally launched on Friday, February 24th following numerous technical difficulties. Join their discord here.
  • General reception of CivReign has been generally mixed, with mixed opinions about the map as well as slower progression compared to its contemporaries. Frequent updates have occurred adding in new features throughout the weekend.
  • The Elysian Pact announced their terms following the Purple War; a considerable number of people have been upset regarding their rationale for intervention in Kallos.
  • Nara and Danzilona have confirmed the Olympics happening during the weekend of March 10, a schedule is currently being planned with events in those two countries along with one event planned in Venne.
  • The Commonwealth, Cortesia Del Mar and Lambat have elected a new Prime Minister, presidential slate, and council, respectively.
  • CivMC clarified their new botting and modding rules, and are seeking new moderators and administrators.

March 2023

March 6, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:Metriximor.

From the Featured Article

An overhead picture of the city of Portucale, Lusitania (CivClassic 2.0) on CivClassic, taken by RektTangle.

Lusitania’s iteration on CivClassic 2.0 was founded in September 2017 and located in the northwestern quadrant, on a small piece of land carved out of former Impasse land, with a name inspired by the Book of the Lusiads and a government loosely based on that of the United Kingdom. At first it was a two-man nation, with random periods of high activity during the Somber War, slowly growing and building new projects. By the end of 2020, it had grown into a fairly large community of people of all nationalities (mostly Portuguese), which continued to grow until the end of CivClassic 2.0, through the Infinity War, with a small part in defending the city during the Battle of Lusitania.

With a foreign policy of pacifism, it gained many friends and allies such as Lambat that still exist today, and a focus on producing “culture”, Lusitania was home to beautiful buildings like the Palácio D’Ouro, the Veneto Palace, a replica of a Portuguese Caravel, the great Centum Cellas Cathedral, great wine, lots of high quality Civball art, maps, an overland railway, and of course sunny beaches by the Medi Sea. Today, a new iteration of Lusitania exists on CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Rusty Bucket in Norlund on CivReign, a tavern and homestead for new players on the server.
  • Grand Imperium alleged that Gang Shi was doing a hostile takeover of the territory to accommodate newcomer Edius, however later revelations saw that Grand Imperium was engaging under false pretenses.
  • CivReign faced backlash following continued slow progression into the Bronze and Steel ages after the first week. Admins committed to pushing updates to the server nearly every day last week to better gameplay experiences.
  • Okx and Doom_Weaver have been raiding much of the Western Continent of CivReign destroying settlements and factories.
  • The Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona dealt with a civil NameLayer group dispute, as they expelled New Swisston from the territory. The country eventually turned to a socialist country following the dispute.
  • Pavia is currently under negotiations to exit the Elysian Pact alliance following negative perceptions in the Purple War.
  • Laurentia allied with the Duchy of Courron for mutual diplomacy and trade.
  • Nara released its schedule for its upcoming weekend of the Olympics, starting March 10.

March 13, 2023

From the Featured Article

A graph by Yodabird19 showing the close partnership between the Augustan Federation and Conference of Eastern States.

The AF-CES Partnership was a supra-alliance organization between the Augustan Federation and the Conference of Eastern States on CivClassic. The partnership was created due to amicable diplomatic relations, especially with countries like Lambat being part of both alliances, and continued military exercises and cultural exchange. In late August, both alliances agreed to formally cooperate with each other in diplomatic and military affairs.

Despite the partnership’s short-lived lifespan, the alliances heavily cooperated in international affairs. Both alliances were involved in several crises, such as the Mount September Ice Road Conflict, issues with Kallos with minemaster933’s pearl, and the Battle of Eddie Murphy. Due to the general dissatisfaction from the partnership, several nations, such as Lambat, Gabon and Lusitania leaving from the CES or AF. Although both parties hoped to continue the partnership following these, the end of CivClassic eventually saw the end of the cooperative. An international alliance cooperative like the partnership never emerged on CivMC, where many of the countries' successors are playing. (Full article...)

Current Events

Margaritaville's new ferris wheel and rollercoaster on their island.
  • The Shiro-Swisston Olympics occurred last weekend in Nara, New Swisston in Danzilona, and Venne, with many winning medals in events in PvP, hockey, Spleef, and other events.
  • Okx and Fredhun continued their raiding spree on CivReign on the Western Continent. After appealing a ban, they were killed by individuals in Laurentia before being raided for revenge.
  • Due to the raids, Laurentia also opened up diplomacy and their markets to other countries on the continent.
  • Brewery also launched on CivReign last week led by RektTangle; following bugged miner brews, fixes and gameplay improvements have been relatively well received.
  • Danzilona's "junta government" coup was upended by another coup lead by the Worker's Party, followed last week by Lowtuff seizing control of the country.
  • Continued inactivity from the Leibniz Confederation resulted in Venne purchasing some of the country's land.
  • Pacem's railway company hopes to help create rails to improve infrastructure in the Northwest region on CivMC.
  • CivMC hired new moderators JuniorTide, ArkenX, and Greenish9.

March 20, 2023

From the Featured Article

Socialist leader Des23 seen cooperating with Monarchist leader neondan99 during the Riverford War truce.

The New Danzilonan Civil War was a political struggle for power in New Danzilona on Civcraft 2.0. In Danzilona’s previous iteration, the country was an agrarian, socialist, and democratic nation, which followed onto their second iteration. However, when an NDZ monarchist leader, neodan99 attempted to make a town within the Danzilonan Federation. This triggered a socialist counter-revolt by Lowtuff and Gant2000, taking control of the capital, Melonwood.

Over the next few years until the end of Civcraft 2.0, Dan made several attempts to bring the monarchy to power, including writing bills that attempted to bring multiple people to power. Following the monarchist and socialist truce during the Riverford War and the Aeginan independence movement. Socialists eventually won out when Des23 introduced a bill that brought “full communism” to New Danzilona. While a short-lived second phase of the civil war occurred, New Danzilona’s successor, Nova Danzilona, became communist in Civcraft 3.0. (Full article...)

Current Events

A snowy winter day in Gâí'ádôr's capital Vâlêmýth, better known as West Virginia, on CivReign.
  • Icenia was obbybombed following SEC forces raiding bunkers belonging to a raiding group. The group, partly consisting of detractors from Icarus, were conspiring to raid Yoahtl.
  • Icenia also ran into continuing issues with the Transport Union following a dispute with their nether portal.
  • North Africa seceded from The Commonwealth and joining the Imperial Federation
  • Laurentia came under fire last week for enacting a much lower price for tin exchange that caused both internal and external problems, this was eventually corrected in the next few days.
  • A world map for CivReign was released on Wednesday by KingOfTheMochas with many nations using the map to finally establish claims on the server.
  • Okx and Doom_Weaver seemed to be banned from CivReign, possibly due to breaking the King of the Ashes rule, however, this has not been confirmed.
  • CivRev creator Owain_X quietly announced CiVanilla, a lower-effort 1.19 server to test plugins and be a vanilla-based version of Civ.

March 27, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:Metriximor and User:Specificlanguage.

From the Featured Article

Pavia's rail station, a popular destination on OneDest.

OneDest is a rail routing standard for the RailSwitch plugin present on CivMC. Previously known as SARS, or Start-Agnostic Rail Standard, the standard attempts to address many of the shortcomings inherent with the KANI and AURA rail standards present on CivClassic, such as needing a website or bot to calculate the optimal path, and therefore the intermediate destinations and subsequent command to route the user. OneDest attempted to remedy this by setting a static command for all destinations.

Originally theorized by TheOrangeWizard and Metriximor, it started as a pilot program by SandFalls. Small lines on the HITS and other adjacent rail lines around the Augustan Federation were converted to do so. Eventually, it was implemented in full starting with the Copper Line on CivMC with support from smal and Djani'hweh. As more rail lines were created across CivMC, such as the Colonial Express, there were few changes in routing due to the standard’s reliance on geographical location. The rail standard continues to grow and its discord has become a central place for rail planning across the server. (Full article...)

Current Events

A memorial to NoOneTruePunk in Winterbourne.
  • NoOneTruePunk, a prominent player in Fempire, passed away in real life this past week. Many players on CivMC and CivReign have offered sympathies for them.
  • Gang Shi pulled off an elaborate scheme to pearl Kibblestan, a raider crew that threatened to terrorize Yoahtl. It involved situations with the SEC and obbybombing Cortesia Del Mar.
  • Courron announced an undiscovered island in the southeast area of the map; however the inhabitants of the island, named Verdant Isle, requested that the island be left off maps for preservation purposes.
  • CivReign continued updates this week, switching farming methods to use Fertilizer blocks to farm, which they claimed would factor into XP recipes.
  • Protests continued in The Commonwealth against the North African secession, focusing on the implications of leader OakShelf's interpretation of religious documents.
  • Pavian Crown Prince Paagf I died this last after surviving only one dice day; the dukes elected his son, Paagf II to take the throne.