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Monument Group
Logo of the Group
Headquarters Pavia
Number of Locations1
Key PeopleCreepi0n (CEO)
Gobblin (COO)
BritishWanderer (CFO)
Number of Employees8
SubsidiariesMonument Goods

CivMarket Exchange

Maps, Naps and Schnapps

Bedford Fried Chicken
ServicesBuilding Design


Property Management


XP & Enchanted Goods
Revenue3,340d (Q4 2022)
Operating Income1,451d (Q4 2022)
Net Income1,408d (Q4 2022)
Assets703d (Q4 2022)
Historical Data
Established in16th October 2022
Contact Data

The Monument Group is a partly-publicly traded Pavian real estate corporation operating in the fields of real estate, construction, design and development. The company has a monopoly on the Pavian real estate market and invests heavily in local development, occasionally being hired for construction work abroad. The Group is based in the City of Pavia, Pavia and is the first major shareholder-owned company to be established on CivMC.It acquired CivMarket on December 23rd, 2022.


The Monument Group was founded by a number of Pavian individuals under the lead of CIssonius and BritishWanderer.

Expansion and a timeline of the Corporation

October 2022

  • October 16th: The Monument Group gets publicly announced.[1]
  • First sales of properties in the City of Pavia

November 2022

  • November 16th: Maps, Naps and Schnapps

December 2022

  • December 2nd: In a surprising announcement, CEO Cissonius and declares Creepi0n as his successor. New CEO Creepi0n fired half the Board members just a few ours later and rearranged the Executive and Non-Executive Board "to ensure that the Monument Group is as productive and capable as possible".[2]
  • December 16th: Initial Public Offering: The first ten percent of the Group are getting auctioned to the public. The shares will sell at an average of ~6.96d per share.
  • December 23rd: The Monument Group announces the takeover of CivMarket.
  • December 29th: The CivMarket Exchange is being relocated from the former claims of CivMarket to the City of Pavia and celebrates its grand opening.[3]

January 2023

  • January 5th: The Monument Group announces the sale of XP, enchanted armour and tools for the first time.[4]
  • January 9th: Monument Goods is getting outsourced of the parent company due to a successful first launch of the first goods offering a few days ago.

The Internal Business of the Monument Group


The Gabon Corporation is the parent company of three separate businesses, GabonXP, Salisbury Holdings and G&W Co. The Corporation operates on a collective budget wherein all profits from subsidiaries are sent back to the parent corporation which then divvies up the collective sum as next quarter's budget for each subsidiary. The budgeting for the entire Corporation is handled by the Financial Unit of the Gabon Corporation, headed up by the CFO.

Monument Goods

Originally founded back in October 2020 as the predecessor to Gabon Corporation, GabonXP handles all of the internal emerald production and the crop producing facilities for the Gabon Corporation. It is responsible for the maintenance and day to day workings of fifteen farming facilities and properties as well as the security and storage of goods & emeralds. As of Q2 2021, GabonXP is the most profitable subsidiary in the Corporation's portfolio, operating on a budget of just 200d yet accounting for 37.5% of total revenue (excluding share sales). Patented system by the Gabon Corporation regarding employees in a cage for dandelion production. [by Ahrimanne]

GabonXP makes a majority of its revenue from XP sales as well as shop branches in other countries. GabonXP is also the management for the GabonXP Exchange in Salisbury.

Relevant Individuals for Monument Goods

As of Q1 2023, the following individuals play a role in the management of Monument Goods

  • BritishWanderer,
  • Creepi0n

CivMarket Exchange

Acquired as CivMarket on Decembre 23rd, 2022. Now CivMarket Exchange bblah balbah

Relevant Individuals for CivMarket Exchange

As of Q1 2023, the following individuals play a role in the management of CivMarket Exchange

  • Jaydon_
  • Tuomasz_

Maps, Naps and Schnapps

Founded in December 2022 by Creepi0n blah lbah

Befdord Fried Chicken

Founded in December 2022 by BriitishWanderer blah blah