Monument Group

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Monument Group
Logo of the Group
Headquarters Pavia
Number of Locations1
Key PeopleCreepi0n (CEO)
Gobblin (COO)
BritishWanderer (CFO)
Number of Employees9
DivisionsMonument Property Services

Monument Goods

Monument Bank

Monument Food & Beverages
SubsidiariesMaps, Naps and Schnapps

MG Pavia Exchange

Bedford Fried Chicken
ServicesBuilding Design

Construction Property Management



XP & Enchanted Goods
Revenue6,557d (Q1 2023)
Operating Income2,527d (Q1 2023)
Net Income2,455d (Q1 2023)
Assets8,981d (Q1 2023)
Historical Data
Established in16th October 2022
Contact Data

The Monument Group is a partly-publicly traded Pavian corporate conglomerate operating in the fields of real estate, construction, goods, commodities and banking. The company has a monopoly on the Pavian real estate market and invests heavily in local development, occasionally being hired for construction work abroad. It owns and operates a variety of businesses selling food, enchatend tools and other high-quality products. The Group is based in the City of Pavia, Pavia and is the first major shareholder-owned company to be established on CivMC. It acquired CivMarket on December 23rd, 2022. As of April 2023 the Group was restructured into multiple divisions and launched its banking services, Monument Bank.


The Monument Group was initially founded by a number of Pavian individuals under the lead of CIssonius and BritishWanderer.

Expansion and a timeline of the Group

October 2022

  • October 16th: The Monument Group gets publicly announced.[1]
  • First sales of properties in the City of Pavia.

November 2022

  • November 16th: Maps, Naps and Schnapps is aquired as a subsidiary.

December 2022

  • December 2nd: In a surprising announcement, CEO Cissonius and declares Creepi0n as his successor. New CEO Creepi0n fired half the Board members just a few ours later and rearranged the Executive and Non-Executive Board "to ensure that the Monument Group is as productive and capable as possible".[2]
  • December 16th: Initial Public Offering: The first ten percent of the Group got auctioned to the public. The shares will sell at an average of ~6.96d per share.
  • December 23rd: The Monument Group announces the takeover of CivMarket.
  • December 29th: The CivMarket Exchange is being relocated from the former claims of CivMarket to the City of Pavia and celebrates its grand opening.[3]

January 2023

  • January 5th: The Monument Group announces the sale of XP, enchanted armour and tools for the first time.[4]
  • January 9th: Monument Goods is getting outsourced of the parent company due to a successful first launch of the first goods offering a few days ago.

March 2023

  • March 3rd: Second Public Offering: Another five percent of the Group got auctioned to the public. The shares will sell at an average of ~11d per share.
  • March 3rd: CEO Creepi0n announces the Executive Board decided on a common dividend of 0.25 Diamond per evey held share for Q1 '23. Additionally it was decided to hand out a special dividend of 1.25 Diamond per every held share.[5]

April 2023

  • April 1st: Announcement of the Quarterly Results for Q1 '23 with an open QA moderated by CEO Creepi0n and CFO BritishWanderer.[6]
  • April 9th: CEO Creepi0n introduces the Monument Bank, merging with Cartesian Bank Monument Bank shall offer a banking service through the Discord Ticket bot system.
  • April 14th: Monument Bank is launched, promising monthly interest on holding accounts, the ability to purchase Monument Group services and products and the possiblity for businesses as a uncomplicated payment platform.[7]
  • April 16th: After a week-long closure for renovations on Main Street in City of Pavia, the former CIvMarket Exchange is re-opening under new branding as MG Pavia Exchange.[8]
  • April 17th: New price changes for Monument Goods tools to match market prices announced.[9]

The Internal Business of the Monument Group

The Monument Group is seperated into five main divisions, as of April 2023, these are: Monument Property Services, Monument Bank, Monument Food & Beverages, Monument Goods and Monument Subsidiaries.

Monument Subsidiaries

The Monument Group is the parent company of several separate businesses, as of April 2023 these are the CivMarket Exchange and Maps, Naps and Schnapps. "Monument Subsidiaries" are owned commercial businesses that do not provide their income directly to the Monument Group and maintain their own board & directive.

MG Pavia Exchange (formerly: CivMarket Exchange)

Acquired as CivMarket on December 23rd, 2022. On January 29, 2023 Jaydon announced the closure of plot operations. Instead they focussed and expanded on the exchange operations, running an Iron/Diamond Exchange in the City of Pavia. After renovations in April 2023 the exchange was re-branded as MG Pavia Exchange.

Relevant Individuals for MG Pavia Exchange

As of Q2 2023, the following individuals play a role in the management of MG Pavia Exchange:

Maps, Naps and Schnapps

Founded in December 2022 by Creepi0n the subsidary sells player-made map arts in the City of Pavia. In addition to their existing product lines, Maps, Naps and Schnapps began offering high-quality Estalian Schnapps in April 2023.