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The Monument Group
Logo of the Group
Headquarters Pavia
Number of Locations9
Key PeopleCreepi0n (CEO)
Gobblin (COO)
BritishWanderer (CFO)
Number of Employees16
DivisionsProperty Services
Food & Beverages
SubsidiariesMaps, Naps and Schnapps
MG Pavia Exchange
Bedford Fried Chicken
Property Management
XP & Enchanted Goods
Coordinates+720 -3030 Pavia
Revenue18,816d (Q4 2023)
Net Income7,371d (Q4 2023)
Assets76,929d (Q4 2023)
Historical Data
Established in16 October 2022
Contact Data

The Monument Group is a traded conglomerate based in the City of Pavia, Pavia. The Monument Group was initially founded by a number of Pavian individuals under the lead of Cissonius and BritishWanderer, later expanding to a Board of 8 people. The Group has operations, in sectors including estate, construction, commodities, goods and banking on CivMC. They have a presence in the real estate market and invest in local development projects. It's worth noting that they were the first shareholder owned entity established on CivMC.

Initially founded to sell properties within Pavia, the Group slowly expanded to selling enchanted tools and goods and later establishing the Monument Bank.

On December 23, 2022, the Monument Group acquired CivMarket, which was a milestone for their growth. The conglomerate oversees a range of businesses including food, enchanted tools and premium products. In April 2023 the Monument Group underwent restructuring which led to the formation of divisions. This reorganization allowed them to introduce banking services through Monument Bank as the adopted bank on CivMC.

As of September 2023, the Monument Group is the highest valued public company on CivMC, with newly-auctioned shares selling for an average of 19.3d diamonds each.

In October 2023, the Monument Group became the sponsor for the IHL and partnered with the Pavian Government on their Council of Universal Betterment treaties regarding funding.

Corporate Timeline


Q4 2022

  • October 16th: The Monument Group was publicly announced.[1] Its first property sales were made shortly after.
  • November 16th: The Monument Group acquired the Maps, Naps, and Schnapps shop in Pavia.
  • December 2nd: In a surprising announcement, then-CEO Cissonius declared Creepi0n as his successor. A few hours later, Creepi0n fired half the Board members and rearranged the Executive and Non-Executive Board, aiming "to ensure that the Monument Group is as productive and capable as possible".[2]
  • December 16th: Initial Public Offering: The first ten percent of the Group got auctioned to the public. The shares sold at an average of ~6.96d per share.
  • December 23rd: The Monument Group publicly announced its acquisition of CivMarket.
  • December 29th: The CivMarket Exchange relocated from CivMarket’s former claims to the City of Pavia and celebrated its grand reopening.[3]


Q1 2023

  • January 5th: The Monument Group announced that it would begin the sale of XP, enchanted armour and tools.[4]
  • January 9th: A division named 'Monument Goods' is spun off to facilitate the sale of enchanted goods & XP as per the announcement a few days ago.
  • March 3rd: Second Public Offering: Another five percent of the Group’s shares were auctioned to the public. The shares sold at an average of ~11d per share.
  • The same day, CEO Creepi0n announced that the Executive Board had decided on a common dividend of 0.25 Diamond per every held share for Q1 '23, and also had decided to hand out a special dividend of 1.25 Diamond per every held share.[5]

Q2 2023

  • April 1st: The Quarterly Results for Q1 '23 were announced with an open QA moderated by CEO Creepi0n and CFO BritishWanderer.[6]
  • April 9th: CEO Creepi0n announced the upcoming Monument Bank, a bank that would offer its banking services primarily online via Discord. It merged with Cartesian Bank.
  • April 14th: Monument Bank was launched to the public, promising monthly interest on holding accounts, the ability to purchase Monument Group services and products and the possibility for businesses to use it as a uncomplicated payment platform.[7]
  • April 16th: The former CivMarket Exchanged reopened after a week-long rennovation under new branding as MG Pavia Exchange.[8]
  • April 17th: New price changes for Monument Goods tools to match market prices were announced.[9]
  • April 22nd: Monument Goods announced that Monument Bank clients would get a 5% discount and free shipping on items if purchased via Monument Bank money transfers.[10]
  • April 30th: The Monument Bank made its first financial statement and revised its Terms of Service.[11]
  • May 15th: The Monument Bank publicly announced its new automated banking system, known as “Bertha the Bank Clerk.” It automated account creation, transferrals, withdrawing, and balance checking. The functionality was limited to holding & corporate accounts.[12]

Q3 2023

  • July 3rd: Monument Properties announced that it was shutting down its design services, citing lack of time, consumer demands, and needing to focus on Pavian builds, as well as the property design services generating a limited amount of revenue.[13]
  • July 17th: Monument Bank announced new Terms of Services. Most notably, loans, mortgages, and other lines of credit were replaced by Credit Accounts, which could be overdrawn to a given limit.[14]
  • August 6th: Due to the Imperial Federation Secession Crisis, the Monument Bank dropped the credit rating of the Imperial Federation from BBB to BB-.[15]
  • August 12th: CFO and Bank Director BritishWanderer announced the opening of an Essence to Diamond and an Emerald to Diamond floating exchanges in the City of Pavia.[16]
  • August 18th: Monument Bank announced again new openings of floating exchanges, Oak Log to Diamond and Spruce Log to Diamond.[17]
  • September 10th: Third Public Offering: Another 309 shares of The Monument Group were auctioned to the public.[18] The shares sold at an average of ~19.3d per share.
  • September 24th: The Executive Board unanimously voted for a new Corporate Charter, introducing a shareholder democracy, new share class system and extended voting rights for the Board of Directors.

Q4 2023

  • October 1st: The Quarterly Results for Q3 '23 were announced with an open QA moderated by CEO Creepi0n and CFO BritishWanderer - The Group announced it's best financial results in its history. [19]
  • October 4th: The Monument Goods flagship store on Pavia Main Street undergoes its 3rd renovation to improve customer experience and increase offerings to netherite picks.
  • October 7th: The Monument Bank announces credit ratings for nations based on their collective loans/balances and repayments. [20]
  • October 21st: DerpyDiamonds became the Director for Monument Food & Beverages with the goal to turn around dwindling finances and increase offerings to brews.
  • November 5th: Monument Bank begins its winter referral scheme to encourage more individuals to sign up for accounts.[21]
  • November 12th: Monument Bank declares a change to their terms service; creating interest tiers, changing the account fees and overhauling the Bertha Bank Bot.[22]
  • November 20th: Monument Goods opens its first international branch in Baile.
  • December 1st: Monument Bank publishes its 6th public financial report. [23]
  • December 8th: Monument Group announces a dividend & special dividend of (1) diamond and (0.25) diamond respectively per share.
  • December 17th: Monument Goods flagship store in Pavia undergoes its third renovation, doubling shop space.
  • December 28th: Monument Goods brings in the new year by cutting prices across a myriad of products by an average of 10%.


Q1 2024

  • January 3rd: Monument Group announces its best quarterly results yet, with revenue growing 159% QoQ, capping off its fastest yearly growth. [24]
  • February 2nd: Monument Bank posts its 7th public financial report.
  • February 6th: Monument Bank appoints Cissonius, previously CEO, to become the manager of client & investor relations.
  • February 8th: Monument Bank announces it first international bank branch, located in Nara.
  • February 10th: Monument Bank officially opens its second international bank branch, stocked with its own iron/diamond floating exchange, this time located in Baile.
  • February 18th: Monument Bank opens yet another international bank branch in the nation of Volterra.
  • February 25th: Monument Bank opens its fourth international bank branch, this time in the nation of the Imperial Federation, boasting an iron/diamond & emerald/diamond floating exchanges.
  • February 26th: Monument Goods announces a partnership with Moria Mart to be the physical shop space for selling the mart's nether goods.

Corporate Affairs

Business Trends

Q4 '22 Q1 '23 Q2 '23 Q3 '23 Q4 '23 Q1 '24
Revenue Figures (In Diamonds)
Total Revenue 3,340 6,557 5,332 7,257 18,816
Monument Property 2,746 1,328 1,262 1,370 2,054
Monument Food & Beverage 29 45 20 14 6
Monument Goods - 4,771 2,527 3,027 13,885
Monument Bank - 130 1,142 2,518 2,043
Monument Subsidaries 305 183 381 328 828
Other 206 100 - - -
Non-revenue Figures (In Diamonds)
Net Profit 1,408 2,450 4,114 5,715 7,371
Number of Employees 5 7 11 12 16
Number of Locations 1 2 2 4 6
Reference Q4[25] Q1[26] Q2[27] Q3[28] Q4[29] Q1


The Monument Group operates on a bicameral board system, with two boards of varying power and abilities who check each other, voting on proposals and managing the company. The Executive Board is made up of those that work daily for the company, whereas the board of directors may be made up of various shareholders, advisors and previous staff.

Shareholders also make up substantial voting power, however are not included below.

The Executive Board positions (excluding the CEO) are elected by the shareholders on a quarterly basis, with each share equal to one vote. The first election took place on the 3rd of January 2024, with a turnout of 53.5%.

Executive Board

As of January 28, 2024, the management of Monument Group includes:

Board of Directors

As of January 28, 2024, the Board of Directors of Monument Group includes:

Previous CEOs
  1. Cissonius (Oct 16th 2022 - Dec 2nd 2022)

Executive Board Elections

January 3rd Elections

The Executive Board elections that took place on the 3rd of January 2024, were the first position votes to be held in the company's history. Shareholders had the ability to vote for anyone they wanted with no exceptions, with the board only recommending a candidate of their choosing.

Of 975 total public shares, 522 shares would cast their vote in this inaugural election.

The election returned three incumbents, BritishWanderer, Gobblin & ArtificialDriver. It also paved the way for existing Board member Orestraya to cruise to an election of his own as the Executive Board's Chief Strategy Officer.

Winner is bolded - Incumbents are marked with (I)
Positions >

Candidates \/

BritishWanderer (I - CFO) 485 --- --- ---
Orestraya --- 471 --- ---
Gobblin (I - COO) --- --- 469 ---
ArtificialDriver (I-CTO) --- --- --- 469
Gjum 36 51 19 37
Hitobashiru 1 --- --- ---
Result > Incumbent Returned Orestraya Elected Incumbent Returned Incumbent Returned


Monument Group is CivMC's largest publicly traded company by revenue, and the server's largest public company by total assets.

In its fiscal quarter Q4 2023, Monument Group reported a total of 18,816 diamonds in quarterly revenues - a 159% increase on their previous quarter-and reported over 14,000 diamonds in reserve.

In December 2022, the Monument Group announced it would begin to pay a dividend beginning in Q1 2023 which it has increased every quarter since.

As of September 2023, MG was the largest publicly traded corporation in the world by market capitlisation, reaching an average of 19.3d per share at its share auction peak, valuing the entire company at around 18,624 diamonds when taking into account the 965 total shares.


Monument Group has entered in multiple agreements with the nation-state of Pavia to ensure the tax-rate at which it pays is non-existent, with the group taking on funding multiple Pavian services and providing the funding of the Council of Universal Betterment agreements in October 2023.


The Monument Group has long publicly committed to paying a dividend to its shareholders, and has increased it every quarter since Q1 2023. A special dividend has been declared by the Executive Board in 3 consecutive quarters.

Q4 '22 Q1 '23 Q2 '23 Q3 '23 Q4 '23 Q1 '24
Dividend Payment (In diamonds per share)
Dividend - 0.25 0.40 0.48 1.00
Special Dividend - 1.25 0.60 0.52 0.25
Total Dividend - 1.50 1.00 1.00 1.25


Logo Division Founded Description
Monument Property Services 16th October 2022 The Monument Group Property Services manages most of the property in Pavia. It finances its designs and construction, as well as managing their deeds
Monument Food & Beverages 13rd December 2022 The Monument Group Food & Beverages division sells foods and alcoholic drinks within Pavia under different franchise names.
Monument Goods 9th January 2023 Monument Goods is the the primary consumer division of the Monument Group, and sells tools and armour, the primary consumer goods on CivMC.
Monument Bank 14th April 2023 The Monument Bank is a banking platform that allows players to deposit and withdraw diamonds, as well as to transfer them between players. It also offers lines of credit via credit accounts, which allow players to take out diamonds on credit instead of on fiat.
Subsidaries Maps, Naps and Schnapps 16th November 2022 Maps, Naps and Schnapps sells map art and alcohol in the City of Pavia. Initially it only sold map art, but began selling Estalian brews such as the eponymous Schnapps in April 2023
Bedford Fried Chicken 8th December 2022 Acquired as CivMarket on 23 December 2022. On 29 January 2023 Jaydon announced the closure of plot operations. Instead they focussed and expanded on the exchange operations, running an Iron/Diamond Exchange in the City of Pavia.

After renovations in April 2023, the exchange was re-branded as MG Pavia Exchange. As of Q2 2023, Jaydon and Tuomasz manage the MG Pavia Exchange.

MG Pavia Exchange 23rd December 2022 Bedford Fried Chicken sells fried chicken on Pavia’s main street. It is regarded as a cultural staple by the locals. It was acquired by the Monument Group in Q1 2023.
Aussie Shop 6th May 2023 Aussie Shop is a hypermarket retail store on the Main Street in the City of Pavia, offering a variety of products from building materials to cakes and shopping bags.
  24. BritishWanderer (2024-01-03). “Good evening! I'm honoured to announce the fourth and last quarterly report for 2023 - Please see below to the link to our financial statements and end of year review. I continue to be eternally grateful for the opportunity to play a role in developing such an interesting and incredible part of CivMC's economy. Thank you. Quick Rundown (For those who don't wish to read the pdf) Revenue of the Group is up 159.28% quarter on quarter. Net Income continues to grow by 28.98% from the previous quarter. Earnings per share rises to its highest level at 7.56. Total assets of the Group increases to nearly 77,000 diamonds. Record dividend expenditure at 1,219 diamonds for Q4 2023, with the standard dividend being increased by 108% from last quarter. @MG Shareholder @Stock Marketeers Thank you for being a part of Monument Group! Support MG, Support the Community! :paviaheart:” – via Discord (#Corporate-news). Pavia. Retrieved 10/02/2024.