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Napistan is a continent located to the northeast of the mainland of CivRealms 2.0. Napistan is a vast continent, covered mostly by frozen wasteland, although some coastal areas do allow for farming. Napistan takes it name from the country of Napistan, which was an anarcho-capitalist claim that covered almost all of the continent before fading into inactivity. For a long time, the only claim on the continent was Maelstrom, but recently, the Industrial Workers of the World, Carbon, Penguinland and Georgia have all laid claim upon parts of the continent.



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Napistani Colony

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Founding of the IWW

Main article: Industrial Workers of the World

On January 24th, 2020, RainOfPain125 announced the founding of the Industrial Workers of the World, also known as the IWW.[1] The goal of the IWW was to serve as an organization of different leftist countries and cities. RainOfPain125 posted many ads on different anarchist subreddits on Reddit, resulting in a huge influx of new players, which quickly made the IWW one of the more populated areas of the world, despite its location on the barren continent of Napistan.

The first communes were Tolstoy and Vescau, which were founded on __ and __ respectively.[2] Many new members followed shortly after, although not all of them stood the test of time. On January 20th 2020, Narwhal_19 and Orcishtimmy founded Bremerhaven on the east coast of Napistan. Bremerhaven was originally a part of the Commune of Vescau, but became independent when Vescau collapsed and turned into the Commune of Exarchos. Bremerhaven re-joined the IWW shortly thereafter and quickly grew to be one of the largest communes in the IWW.[3]


During its height, the Ez2Empire owned a claim in the northwestern part of Napistan. This served as their main base of operations, and was also the main battleground for the Ez2War.

Georgia and Antium

Main article: Georgia

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Napistan is a vast continent, mostly covered with frozen wastelands and some tundra. Only the coastal areas and the areas around the rivers are fertile enough for crops.