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NameLayer (NL) is an open source plugin which manages the creation of NameLayer Groups, or simply groups. In conjunction with other plugins, Namelayer groups allow sharing reinforcements (and reinforced factories), bastions, snitches, group restricted item exchanges and sending shared chat messsages. Members of a group are assigned one of four different ranks: member, mod, admin, or owner. Additionally, players can be blacklisted from groups.


Namelayer groups has four different ranks that members are be assigned to: member, mod, admin, and owner. There is also the primary owner role, which can only be held by one member at a time.

Each rank guarantees a set of permissions for assigned players. By default higher ranks have more permissions but this can be altered. Additionally permissions may be guaranteed to all non-blacklisted players. Those with the appropriate permission and the primary owner may also alter which permissions are assigned to each rank through either the NameLayer GUI or the /nlmp command


Namelayer can be used entirely via commands, but it also offers a GUI which can be easier to use. Use the /nl command to bring up the Namelayer GUI.

The GUI opened by typing '/nl'.

The first screen of the Namelayer GUI shows rows of chestplates. Each chestplate corresponds to a Namelayer group, and the type of chestplate shows your permission level. Leather is member, gold is mod, iron is admin, and diamond is owner or primary owner. The enchanted chestplate shows your default group, which is the group used by Citadel commands when a group is not specified.

Even though an account can be Owner of any number of NameLayer groups, an account can only be Primary Owner of up to 15 groups; after that, group creations and Primary Owner transfers to that account are denied, until groups are either transferred to another account or deleted.

One can get around this limit by owning multiple accounts and adding the actively used accounts as Owner (instead of Primary Owner, which is one of the alt accounts).

Unique Usernames

Although minecraft allows updating your account name, namelayer mechanics rely on a player's username being unique. Namelayer will use whatever username you first log in with. Changing your minecraft account username will not change it on your namelayer groups.

If a player logs in with a username which is already in use in a namelayer group on the server, that player's displayed name will have a "1" appended to it.


Namelayer Commands
Namelayer command Function
/nlcg <group> [password] Creates a group, optionally with password
/nlsp <group> <password> Adds password to an existing group
/nljg <group> <password> Joins a password protected group
/nlag <group> Accepts an invitation to a group
/nlbl <group> <player> Blacklists a player in a group
/nldg <group> Deletes a group
/nlip <group> <player> (PlayerType- default MEMBERS) Invites player to a group with optional rank
/nlleg <group> Leaves a group
/nllink <super group> <\sub group> Links two groups to each other as nested groups. (unsupported)
/nlmg <The group left> <The group that will be gone> Merges two groups together. (Warning : Doing this is not recommended and may eventually cause groups to break)
/nlmp <group> <add/remove> <PlayerType> <PermissionType> Modifies the permissions of a group.
/nlpp <group> <player> <playertype> Promotes/Demotes a Player in a group
/nlrg <group> Rejects an invitation to a group.
/nlubl <group> <player> Removes a player from the blacklist for a group
/nlrm <group> <member> Removes a member from a group.
/nlri <group> <player> Revokes an invite
/nlsdg <group> Sets or changes default group
/nltaai Toggles the auto-acceptance of invites
/nltg <group> <player> Transfers a group to another owner
/nlunlink </super group> Unlinks two groups from each other. [Unsupported]
/nlun [CONFIRM] Updates account name on the server to the one minecraft account currently has [Unsupported]
/nllg Lists all groups player is in. Formatted "<group> : <permission level>"
/nlgdg Gets default group
/nlgls Gets the amount of groups on server
/nlgs <group> Get stats about a group. (Total members and list of members)
/nlid Infodump including list of members for each role level in each group
/nllci Lists players current active invites.
/nllm <group> (PlayerType) List the players with selected role in a group
/nllp <group> <PlayerType> Shows permissions for a PlayerType in a group.
/nlsbl <group> Shows all blacklisted players for a group


Each plugin that uses NameLayer provides it's own set of permissions to manipulate a groups permissions you can use /nlmp or the GUI

The permissions provided by NameLayer itself are:

Allows seeing how the permissions are set up for the group
Gives access to various group statistics such as member counts by permission type, who owns the group etc
Allows opening the GUI for this group
perm level given to members when they join with a password
Allows inviting new members and removing existing members"
Allows inviting/promoting new members and removing existing mods"
Allows inviting/promoting new members and removing existing admins
Allows inviting/promoting new members and removing existing owners
Allows viewing this groups blacklist, adding players to the blacklist and removing players from the blacklist
Allows viewing this groups password and changing or removing it");
Allows modifying permissions for this group
Allows deleting this group
(on servers that support it) Allows linking this group to another group as a supergroup or a subgroup
(on servers that support it) Allows merging this group into another or merging another group into this one
Namelayer Permissions (ordered as they appear in the GUI)
Permission Name Function
BASTION_PEARL Can pearl into bastion fields
BASTION_ALLOW_EXILED Allows exiles inside bastion range
DOORS Can open and close reinforced doors
CLEAR_SNITCHLOG Can clear snitchlog with /jaclear
SNITCH_NOTIFICATIONS Can see chat messageswhen players trigger snitches
READ CHAT Can read chat messages sent in group
ACIDBLOCK Can place acidblocks reinforced to group (/ctacid)
CROPS Can place and destroy crops
UPGRADE_FACTORY Can upgrade factories
MEMEMANA_WITHDRAW Can withdraw mana
SNITCH_IMMUNE Will no longer cause snitch alerts when in range of snitches on group.
BASTION_PLACE Can place in bastion ranges reinforced to group
WRITE_CHAT Can type messages in group
READ_SNITCHLOG Can check snitchlogs with /ja
USE_FACTORY Can use factory reinforced to group
INSECURE_REINFORCMENT Can use hoppers to take items out of reinforced containers /ctinsecure
SNITCH_TOGGLE_LEVER Can do /jaToggleLevers 1 to allow snitchs triggering redstone
BASTION_LIST Can list bastions on group (/bsl)
REINFORCEMENT_INFO Can use /cti and see group block reinforced to
BYPASS_REINFORCEMENT Can use /ctb and break reinforcement, returning reinforcement item
REINFORCE Can /ctf, /ctb blocks
LIST SNITCHES can /jalist to see all snitches on group
LOOKUP_SNITCH Can /jalookup a snitch giving coords
RENAME_SNITCH Can rename snitches
CHESTS Can use chests
KIRA_MANAGE_CHANNEL Can setup Kira relays on discord to relay group messages and alerts