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Seen with his monocle
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
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Main ResidenceMount September
Also Known asThral, Thrain
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic
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Thraldrek, also known by Thrain, is a player who has played in CivClassic 2.0, CivRealms, and CivMC. In CivClassic, he served as Diplomat and later Mayor of Mount September. Thraldrek has participated in the political systems of multiple nations, owned Cartesian Holdings, and acted as Chairman for the Augustan Democratic Party (ADP). In CivMC, he moved from the re-established Mount Augusta to Pavia, where he currently holds the title Marquis of Tirana.


Humble Beginnings

Spawning most likely near 0,0, Thraldrek quickly arrived on a flat island full of pine trees and hills. However curious he was, he remained nervous of other players. A dirt fort was constructed immediately with the necessary chests and ovens for the coming days. Planting only six seeds of wheat near the water, Thraldrek had no idea how the server worked. All that changed with a personal message from AllenY (the then Mayor of Mount Augusta).

Recruited to Mount Augusta, Thraldrek made the long boat ride to the old nation. Experiencing the sudden howling of Ghosts from Nether islands, he moved on, confused and tired. Still, the server mechanics had not yet sunk in.

After officially joining Mount Augusta and finding land on the southern tip (now South Augusta), Thraldrek terraformed the existing land and dug out a port. Suffering from near burnout, Thraldrek turned to the Mount Augusta discord. There, he met notable figures such as Squareblob, TheOrangeWizard, Dr Oracle, SandFalls, Topher3001, Citylion, Scramble0, R3Y_J04N, ChocChips, Metriximor, Jamietech, Jasonbird, and many others. From then on, Thraldrek became more involved in nation politics and even ran for mayor. Sadly, he lost to the incumbent candidate Citylion.

Thraldrek, initially creating the dirt fort "Fort Augusta", now cares for it in South Augusta. It is a historic site from 2019.

Move to CivRealms

Time went on, and by March 2020, things were changing in the nation of Mount Augusta. Whispers of moving to CivRealms 2.0 suddenly became real (though it is suspected that Citylion and others began a colony on CivRealms 2.0 earlier in the year). The CivClassic server was experiencing a long, drawn out war (Infinity War), and the nation sought a fresh start on a new server. This also coincided with the Coronavirus Pandemic, so everyone largely had a lot of time on their hands.

Thraldrek moved over with the other founding members of CivRealms Mount Augusta and scouted out the region. Filled with large mountains and steep valleys, the region would serve to create a different city than the flat one of CivClassic. Large skyscrapers soon dominated the sky alongside the mountain peaks, and large farms were soon constructed in the valleys. Thraldrek soon had an "estate" property on the edge of a mountain, and a downtown tower (Thrain Tower) by the river that cut through the nation. Having access to RokkoMart next door, Thraldrek was able to quickly construct an extensive tower without having to grind out the resources (using Stamina extensively for materials and tools).

Thrain Tower served as the main source of Thraldrek's activity while on CivRealms 2.0. The tower was built with privacy and security in mind: private vaults above the ground floor, a factory room floor above that, and then numerous personal lofts above those. An extensive bedrock IRO bunker was also constructed to serve as the central storage for resources. All of this was connected by private gold block elevators. Though the lifespan of the tower was short, it did end up selling a loft to a player by the name of Ripperoni.

Thraldrek also saw activity working for the Rokko brand under Ladezkik and Aimuari. This included personal financial services, possible private vault storage, and "Rokko Shipping", a service that would transport materials to specific Rokko Shipping locations throughout the map. Testing of this service was done from Mount Augusta to the Thomas Archipelago (Mount Augusta held a set of islands there under the private ownership of ComradeNick). While the idea held, the service was put on ice as server bugs led to constant inventory wipes as the player moved across shards. Losing more wealth than Thraldrek had ever created per trip, and each roundtrip taking over an hour of time, Thraldrek had to walk away from the project.

Back to CivClassics

In the Autumn of 2020, Thraldrek was invited to join an up-and-coming nation to replace the defunct Mount Augusta. This nation, Mount September, quickly became relevant on the server. Having to deal with a huge skeleton of a city, the Septemberists recovered what materials they could. Thraldrek personally took part in a large expedition to recover high-value materials from long-gone players such as Stonato. Some materials of note included double chests full of shop buttons.

Having built the beginnings of another "Thrain Tower" in the Mount September downtown core, Thraldrek worked to establish his new home. Mount September became official in 2020, and after the first mayoral election (Squareblob winning), Thraldrek was invited to become the first diplomat for the new nation. Now, under a second term with Squareblob, Thraldrek remains the nation's diplomat.

Thraldrek worked on the "Christmas Agreement" between Lusitania and Mount September. He is also actively working under the banner of Cartesian Holdings to help bring economic prosperity to the region.

Thraldrek has served a term as Judge for Mount September, and currently acts as the Chairman for the Augustan Democratic Party in Mount September. On July 17th, 2021 Thraldrek was elected Mayor of Mount September



Generally well mannered, Thraldrek holds many beliefs. Some of these have manifested onto the Discord and server in the forms of Jerryism and the Garman Division. Thraldrek, as of 2021, was also seen as a strong proponent of "Carrot Land", now a colony of Imperial Truidence.

Former citizenships

  • Mount Augusta
  • South Augusta
  • Lusitania
  • Mount September
  • Lambat
  • Topha'nya


A drawing of Thraldrek at their finest.
Thraldrek's skin, seen here with his monocle and beard.