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CivCubed Logo
Basic Info
Start DateDecember 2, 2023 (beta)
Minecraft Version1.20.1

CivCubed is a Civ server whose beta released December 2, 2023.[1] CivCubed does not use any existing plugins from mainline Civ servers, but rather features a new set of plugins written for CivCubed.

Civcubed's development started in December 2022.


CivCubed's stated philosophy is identify a set of core principles underlying Civ and building mechanics to suit those, instead of using existing mechanics verbatim.

CivCubed's three main stated principles are:

  • Tangibility: as many things as possible should be tangible instead of abstract
  • Distribution of the monopoly of violence: players should have the ability to create and enforce their own systems, instead of having to use premade ones
  • Locality: players should engage locally within the game environment, and these local interactions should build up to global results



CivCubed features an adaptation mechanic that causes players to slowly adapt to the environments they spend time in, providing buffs such as increased resource yields from the environment and more effective reinforcements.


The chat system is similar to that of mainline servers.

Crafting Stations

Crafting stations serve a similar role to factories on mainline Civ servers. The most notable difference is the use of manual labour to power crafting stations, rather than the use of fuel and upkeep costs in the form of factory health. Some duties are offloaded to distinct crafting stations such as Woodcutters and enhanced furnaces that can process scraps produced by lower tiers.


The seasonal system on CivCubed divides the year into four seasons of three months each. The day/night cycle is an hour, instead of the standard 20 minutes in vanilla Minecraft.


CivCubed adds additional metals beyond vanilla, such as Sapphire and Orichalcum. These metals can only be found in specific regions, and can be combined together into an alloy for a more powerful metal.

Tools and armor can be crafted out of these metals.


CivCubed's group system is similar to that of NameLayer. It includes a subgroup system, the ability to specify custom roles, and the ability to have multiple owners for a group.

Subgroups allow different reinforcements to be assigned to different sections of a claim without requiring all players to be in multiple groups.

Civilization Hearts

Civilization Hearts are CivCubed's take on bastions and reinforcements from mainline Civ servers.

Each player has a single Civilization Heart, which can be placed to create a Civilization Beacon. Beacons provide a fixed durability to all blocks within its range, similar to Citadel. Multiple players can contribute to the same Beacon to increase the range of its protection.


Sigils are similar to pearls in ExilePearl. When a player with a sigil in their inventory kills another player, that sigil becomes bound to the player who died. Bound Sigils can be applied to a Sigil Slime to prevent the bound player from entering the area protected by its Civilization Beacon.

Pylon Sovereignty

Pylon are blocks that can be placed by group members where it can be linked to its placer once placed. Players can only be linked to one pylon and there are two types of pylons: standalone and multiple pylons. With standalone pylon, the player initiates a claiming sequence if it is placed in free area and the claiming sequence defines the pylon's group, its polygon, and its prime time. With multiple pylons, it can link pylons together to strengthen the pylon's group, allowing more land to be claimed. It comes with the polygon editor to update claims with appropriate group's permissions, as well as ability to contest claims that can potentially destroy pylons after a contesting sequence is completed.


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