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CivCubed Logo
Basic Info
Start DateTBD
Ownerjanet blackquill
Minecraft Version1.19.4
Server addressTBD

CivCubed is an upcoming Civ server whose development was started in December 2022. The goal of CivCubed is to rethink Civ from scratch, featuring zero existing plugins from mainline Civ servers.


CivCubed aims to build Civ "from first principles," identifiying a set of core underlying principles and building mechanics to suit those, instead of using existing mechanics verbatim.

The three main principles that CivCubed builds on are:

  • Tangibility: as many things as possible should be tangible instead of abstract
  • Distribution of the monopoly of violence: players should have the ability to create and enforce their own systems, instead of having to use premade ones
  • Locality: players should engage locally within the game environment, and these local interactions should build up to global results



CivCubed features an adaptation mechanic that causes players to slowly adapt to the environments they spend time in, providing buffs such as increased resource yields from the environment and more effective reinforcements.


CivCubed contains a new chat system, similar to what is found in mainline Civ servers, but simplified and graduating several ad-hoc conventions (e.g. global chat) into first-class mechanics.

Crafting Stations

CivCubed features enhanced crafting stations to serve a similar role to factories on mainline Civ servers. The most notable difference between CivCubed crafting stations and mainline Civ factories is the use of manual labour rather than fuel and maintenance to power crafting stations, as well as many duties being offloaded to wholly unique items such as Woodcutters and enhanced furnaces that can process scraps produced by lower tiers.


CivCubed comes with a datekeeping system, whose epoch is defined to be the Steam release date of Pizza Tower. Among other things, this means that the day/night cycle in CivCubed is approximately an hour instead of being 20 minutes as in standard Minecraft.


CivCubed features unique gear created out of regional materials, as well as stronger gear being created by combinations of materials from across regions.


CivCubed features a wholly new groups system, simplifiying group management considerably from mainline Civ. Notable differences from mainline Civ include custom roles with a new permissions system, the ability to split groups across multiple owners with no complications, and the (upcoming) ability to assign reinforcements to subgroups which can be assigned to different roles within the group without requiring players to create multiple groups to manage different trust levels of reinforcements (e.g. city, bunker, vault).

Hearts & Civilization Beacons

Civilization beacons and their constituent Hearts are CivCubed's solution to the problems that bastions and reinforcements solve on mainline Civ. Each player has a single Civilization Heart, which can be placed to create a Civilization Beacon. Multiple players can contribute to the same Civilization Beacon to increase the strength and range of its effects. Effects include allowing domestic reinforcements to function at full efficacy, penalising foreign reinforcements, and faster adaptation. Civilization Beacons also serve to define the area of exile that exiled players will be unable to enter.


Reinforcements, like everything else in CivCubed, are rebuilt from the ground up. An tool called a plumb-and-square is used to manage reinforcements and carry reinforcing materials instead of commands. Additionally, entities such as chest boats, minecarts, and prized animals are reinforceable.