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The thumbnail for the Civcraft trailer.

Civcraft was a Civ server that is widely regarded as the pioneer of the Civ genre. Self-described as an “experiment for communities, political ideologies, debate and discussion”, it focused player-driven civilizations with minimal admin intervention, a wildly experimental format for its time. Launching its first iteration in 2012, its admin, ttk2, introduced many mechanics and design decisions that modern Civ takes for granted today, including Citadel, Bastions, FactoryMod and NameLayer, amongst a whole host of different plugins.

Civcraft’s main policy was to never interfere in in-game policies unless in drastic measures, only banning when breaking out of game or hacking rules, and attempted to never reset its world. However, several events forced them to reset the server twice. Civcraft 2.0, launched in 2013, is generally regarded as the most famous Civ server, having a considerable amounts of activity and media coverage and for a time, was the longest-lasting Civ server. Although they launched two further iterations, Civcraft would close in 2016 due to the retirement of its founder, but its mechanics, gameplay, and design would continue to live on in future servers such as CivClassic and today, CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

Several pictures of dormant nations, celebrating the second anniversary of the newsletter!
  • The Temporal Empire, Baile, and Yuan Empire originally signed a pact before Baile backed out of the pact due to PhysicsGamer's history.
  • Highroll announced his departure from the game, after his pearl, previously held by Icenia, would be handed over to DockerImage for a bounty placed on by the Moria Corporation.
  • RogueX7 was pearled in Pavia after raiding an axe shop and attempting to kill one of the dukes.
  • Gidein was elected as the new chancellor of the Imperial Federation, whose citizens had a negative view of the previous chancellor, SlothInASuit.
  • Several other elections occurred including in Yoahtl and Pacem.
  • A new Vintage Story Civ server, Realms of Andora, launched today. See their discord for more information.

What is Civ?

Civ is a genre of minecraft servers in which players, not admins, create and enforce rules. It differs from anarchy servers in that players are given extensive tools to help protect themselves and imprison players.

We document these servers, the mechanics that drive them, and the rise and fall of their players and civilizations.


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