Temporal Empire

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The Temporal Empire was one of two nations which resulted from the fracture of the Temporal Isles. Located in the -,- on the Northlandian continent and led by PhysicsGamer, the Temporal Empire is a minor nation with notable levels of militarization and strong economic and political ties to Gang Shi after the end of the 2023 Butternut–SEC Conflict. Asserting itself as the rightful lineage from the original Temporal Isles that seceded from Icenia and fought Arnen in the Finite War, it was largely isolationist following the Temporal Schism. It was extremely receptive to new players, though the lack of buildfriend projects has led to difficulty in recruitment, with a strong desire to begin construction of The Timeless City having been expressed by both PhysicsGamer and SirAlador.

It was later absorbed into Gang Shi in the aftermath of Operation Funhouse, in which Physicsgamer was pearled.