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Northern Axis Treaty Organization
Flag of NATO
Formation06 Jan 2019[1]

Former Member States:

Foundation documentNATO Treaty[3]
Preceded byFRIENDS

The Northern Axis Treaty Organization (NATO) was a broad international alliance for "mutual defense and cooperation."

Members of NATO at the end of its existence were Hallow, the Holy Jaded Empire and Polska.

Tel Aviv, Valyria and Columbia were former members but left during the events of the Infinity War against Mir [4] [5]. Columbia would later fight against NATO as part of the UDF and the leader of Tel Aviv would be pearled by NATO until the fall of Best Western in the HJE.



NATO was established in the first week of the first month of 2019. Former UNATCO members, Annwyn and Appomattox were in discussions with their ally, Tel Aviv, to establish a regional alliance. During this time, Hallow and others were contemplating a new larger alliance, one much looser than FRIENDS, and they invited all 3 to the alliance discussions. At first the discussions were slow, several ideas were thrown around and a treaty established. NATO includes former FRIENDS members; Hallow, HJE (voted in later), and Columbia, former UNATCO members Annwyn and Appomattox (now defunct), and other members; Valyria, Tel Aviv, and Polska.

Infinity War

Destruction of NATO

On 7/19/20 the Infinity War officially concluded with the cracking of NATO's last pearl holding stronghold, "The Litterbox", which was created by Geo players who had been invited into the server by NATO during the Siege of Columbia. Although NATO had claimed to be "inactive due to the server being dead", it was quite clear that by March of 2020 they had simply found themselves in an unwinnable situation with the majority of the server at war with them and silently bowed out of active play, logging in some defenders to attempt to thwart ongoing attacks on their vaults. Though most of NATO's leadership remains unpearled at the time of writing, all of NATO's strongholds have been cracked and remaining NATO members are unable to fight in any true capacity as Coalition members roam the streets of Hallow and SPQR once more.

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