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The Northern Defensive Pact (NDP; French: Pacte défensif du Nord, PDN; Swedish: Nordliga Försvarspakten, NF) is an intergovernmental military alliance between 5 Northern mainland countries: Yggdrasil, Norlund, Moloka, The Roman Empire, and Florencia. YosLan is a former member.

The Northern Defensive Pact
• Spokes-person
• Member Nations
Yggdrasil, Norlund, Moloka, The Roman Empire (TRE), Florencia
Foundation document

Foundation and History

After the peace of the Northern War, both the nations of Norlund and Yggdrasil began the process of mending relations - this was first seen in the dual coronation of the former King Grettir of Yggdrasil and King Leobonet of Norlund. Yggdrasil and Norlund have a very intertwined history on civrealms with some of the Yggdrasils members- mainly those of the former Ansgar municipality, and multiple former kings are of Norlish birth. The north realized that to match the powers of the south, working together proved far more rewarding than squabbling among each other - thus the idea of an united Northern alliance was born. Talks began with other prospect member nations such as: Yoslan (which was a former canton of Norlund) and The Roman Empire. The founding document of the NDP was authored by TheKumuCortwade (Cortwade at this time) and approved by all founding members. Moloka was invited after close cooperation with the NDP after the Goodfellas raids in the north. Later on Florencia was invited to join. During the Great War, YosLan rejoined Norlund as a canton, thus removing itself from the NDP.

NDP Participation in the Great War

The Northern Defensive Pact was a major participant of The Great War, with Yggdrasil's vault Asgard being a major battleground for weeks, holding out with fighters and supplies from all NDP nations, and support from Carbon. Multiple NDP fighters gained fame for unexpectedly pearling multiple USA fighters at the Siege of Heaven.

Pax Septentrionalis (Northern Peace)

In the aftermath of The Great War, before the Depopulating, the nations of the NDP began working closer and closer together, having proven trustworthiness to one another. Thus, until servers' end, the north was at peace on the Mainland. Though never realized, there was an official draft to unify all nations of the NDP into a federation simply known as the Northern Federation. Though positively received by all nations in the NDP, the Depopulating of the server had severe effects on the NDP nations at this time, and there was never the effort nor energy to officially approve Federalization.


Chapter I - Mutual Defense

1. The undersigned nations agree to defend one another in the event of an aggressive war.

a. An aggressive war being defined as a case when a belligerent attacks a signatory nation unprovoked.

2. The undersigned nations agree to cooperate and assist one another to aid in mutual defense.

a. This includes but is not limited to; defensive resource sharing, coordination between military leaders, usage of bunkers and vaults, and shared responsibility for pearled individuals.

3. The undersigned nations will not go to war, or otherwise attack, raid, or aggress one another, nor provoke and aid attacks on other members.

Chapter II - Admittance and Exile of Members

1. Should a nation request admittance into the Northern Defensive Pact, they must submit a formal application of admittance to a leader of a signatory nation.

a. This application will then go to a vote among a council composed of one (1) delegate from each signatory nation. 
b. Should the vote pass with a simple majority, the applying nation will be allowed to sign the Pact and become a signatory nation.

2.In the event that a nation becomes detrimental to the stability and prosperity of the Northern Defensive Pact, or proves to be too belligerent and hostile to properly protect, the council may call a Vote of Exile.

a. In a Vote of Exile, all delegates barring the one from the subject nation will be asked to vote Aye or Nay on the exile. There will be no abstentions.
b. Should the vote pass unanimously, the subject nation will be removed from the Northern Defensive Pact.
c. A 2-month truce period will then ensue, where both parties agree to non-aggression for the time period.
d. This process may only be used if there are three (3) or more signatory states.

3. A signatory state may leave the pact willingly by publicly declaring their intentions to leave the pact.

Chapter III - Amending the Pact

1.Should a signatory nation wish to amend the Pact, they are required to submit their amendment to the delegates.

a. Should the delegates pass the amendment with a unanimous vote, the Pact shall be amended.
b. Should the delegates not pass the amendment with a unanimous vote, the amendment shall be considered failed.