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Fempire Union
Location+6000, -6200
Activity levelMedium {as of 05/14/2023)
Capital cityMosskow
TerritoriesYngland, Tiantang

Yrelann, Mosskow, Farmingrad, Kolkhoz, Beeholder Isle,

Tortoise Cay
GovernmentDemocratic Centralism

The Fempire Union is a nation on CivMC, located on the continent of Impendia. It is lead by Chairman Jindosh and focuses on promoting unity among leftist ideologies. The Fempire is themed after the Soviet Union, with a mixture of Constructivist and Baroque based builds.


Under the practice of Democratic Centralism, Chairman Jindosh and the Central Committee bring proposals to the proletariat, to be debated and voted upon into law. Resources are shared openly, with almost all projects being approved for construction. Those seeking to join the Fempire must undergo a short interview to determine their compatibility with the nation's values.


Devoted 2.0

Before the Fempire Union, the Central Committee created the nation of The Love Bus shortly after Devoted 2.0's SOTW. Funneling all of their efforts into creating a massive heart sky base, the core members accomplished their creation and became inactive shortly after.


The Fempire Union was officially founded during the first days of CivUniverse on a small mushroom Island at -1200, -5200. Early conflict from their neighbor Shashur quickly abated and the Fempire blossomed into a large community of builders, spanning multiple islands and four cities. Meeting their neighbors of Garfield Island, the two island nations became fast friends and allies, connected by a massive Rainbow Road that spanned over 15,000 blocks along the x axis. The Fempire was plagued early on by solo raiders looking for easy loot, but eventually activity in the northern quadrant died off, leaving nothing but peaceful building between it's neighbors.

War eventually came in the form of New Vegas aggression upon Garfield Island's claims, with the Fempire members rallying to defend their neighbors. The battle was fought on Garfield's capital city and after fierce fighting, the Fem-Garf alliance had been pearled. In solidarity, the remaining members quit the server with the Garfield leadership, leaving both nations to become inactive. This short conflict was the catalyst to the War to End All Wars, with much of the Fempire's resources being donated to the Joint Self Defense Front.


The Fempire Union returned at SOTW, quickly claiming a small portion of islands in the North Eastern quadrant of the map. Conflict quickly came in the form of Bergburg aggression, with repeated hostilities from Bergberg leadership. Shortly after killing Zelmisburg near a small island disputed between the Fempire Union and Bergburg, the Bergburg-Fempire War erupted, leading to the sacking of the Fempire bunker by members of Kingdom of ErrorL, Bergburg, and Western Boundary. Bergburg however was disbanded in the process, and the Fempire quickly recovered, making strong ties with it's neighbors Cordoba, Titan Industries, Dirt, Cascadia, and Moloka.

As the conflict from the Generic War spread; Moloka, Titan Industries, and The Fempire rapidly constructed ice roads between their nations, allowing the complete evacuation of Moloka's citizens into Titan Industry territory. The Fempire supplied the Coalition with enchanted equipment, obsidian, and reinforcement materials in an effort to aid Titan's vault construction. Eventually Rhode Island forces led by Ez2Clutch raided The Fempire in the early morning hours and succeeded in breaking and plundering the Fempire bunker. The country of Yoahtl kindly provided refuge and assistance to citizens of the Fempire during this time, and thanks to the efforts of Central Committee member NoOneTruePunk, the Fempire was able to quickly rebuild and expand it's defensive infrastructure.

Conflict eventually erupted between neighboring Cordoba and the post-Titan Gang Shi; leading the Fempire to act as mediation between the two countries. Despite promising peace talks, the war escalated into a complete collapse of Cordoba. The Nation of Yngland joined the Fempire Union during this time and remains under Fempire stewardship. Nervous about the annexation of Cordoba by the Elysian Pact, Chairman Jindosh and Punk worked closely with Gwua of Gang Shi to ensure protection of Fempire territory and the Harvest portal. Unfortunately, tensions between Yohatl and Gang Shi came to a head when VilyanZ was pearled by Gwua inside Fempire territory in retaliation for the SEC pearling Gang Shi member FastestGrass.

Government and Citizens

Central Committee

Chairman of FU Jindosh
Founding Members SocialistSpectre MeatyMudFlap AllyEspy Wyssal
Appointed Members NoOneTruePunk LoveYouCuzDrunk

Members of the Fempire Union may apply for Central Committee appointment after 4 months of active citizenship and must pass a vote from the current party vanguard. The Central Committee must divest themselves of all other citizenships and dedicate themselves to the health and happiness of the Fempire Union.

Passing of NoOneTruePunk

On March 23rd 2023, NoTruePunk was announced to have passed way. The Fempire Union would not be here without her contributions and her friendship, her mural lies at the heart of the Fempire capitol. Our love for Punk is only matched by our sorrow she's gone.

The Fempire Union, built by Jindosh, NoTruePunk, and SocialistSpectre.