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The Great War was a major conflict on CivRealms 2.0 fought between the United Southern Alliance (USA) and a coalition led primarily by Carbon and The Northern Defensive Pact. The War was the longest and largest in scale in the servers history lasting approximately two to three months, usurping the Ez2War, and saw fighting in every region of the Map. The Conflict began when a coalition of players from Olympia, Chungus and Boris launched a coordinated attack and obby bombing of Civcorp. The war brought together formerly conflicting nations such as, The Roman Empire and Columbia, Yggdrasil and Norlund, Duckapore and Borealia or Olympia and Blackwater to oppose what they saw as a common enemy.

Great War

Void Vault Post-War, Disabled by Coalition Forces in the days after the USA Bans
Date26th September 2020 - 15th November 2020
Result Coalition Victory

The Coalition

Northern Defensive Pact

Far Seas Alliance




Commanders and leaders

The Coalition



~110 ~30
Casualties and losses
~48 ~16

CivCorp Obbybombing

Initial attack

The idea of obbybombing or otherwise attacking CivCorp came as a result of the Ascension Sky Vault Incident, where MCSPenguin and other CivCorp directors funded the construction of Ascension Sky Vault in present day Calormen Association. This upset many people most notably Chungus, Blackwater, and Cantina. The initial attack on CivCorp was done approximately a week before the 25th of September 2020 with the ferrying of materials notably obsidian, stone, and iron into the city and most was presumably stored within respective attackers apartments, plots or rented hotel rooms. This staging also included the breaking of bastions and construction of the Wycliffe Bunker in which the attackers could easily access the Wycliffe AN with further transportation to Astra and other USA bunkers. On the 25th of September 2020 the attack began with nearly one dozen players placing reinforced obsidian in a tactic known as Obbybombing in order to destroy or at least cripple CivCorp permanently. This resulted in mixed opinions across the server with many condeming the attack and pledging to pearl attackers, some staying neutral, and some aplauding the attack as they had grudges against MCSPenguin.

Battle of Wycliffe

Saren_Solaris used the Wycliffe AN as a means of traveling from Astra to the Obby Bomber's attack bunker. A small skirmish ensued.

Antea4204 entered the Wycliffe area after seeing Saren_Solaris was in the area, and got attacked by Adderall, who subsequently brought 3-6 other fighters to help attack Antea. Upon being attacked, Saren and Ibis came to help Antea. A short skirmish ensued, and Ibis activated Crimeo's anti-cheat, getting banned. Both sides scrambled to pearl Ibis first, resulting in Antea pearling Ibis and subsequently freeing him. Afterwards, Antea and Saren fled into Astra.

Saren_Solaris and FreeStyleJr08 then used Wycliffe to disable the Obby Bomber's attack bunker, and to make an attack tunnel to trap the Obby Bombers inside of CivCorp by obby bombing their attack tunnel.

Aftermath of CivCorp

After the obbybombing, CivCorp was left virtually uninhabitable with many people urged and even fought with to keep out the city incase of more attackers. This would culminate in some pearlings of individuals near the city by both sides and many still going into the city to retrieve valuables.

Battle of Chungus

Chungus Skirmishing

In the days after the CivCorp the unfinished varathian vault became the center of operations for the Coalition as it was the vault in the closest proximity to the Blackwater territory. The Coalition forces attacked the city of Chungus to disable the defensive infratructure in the city and the traps in and around the City.

The first blow to the coalition came in the form of several coalition fighters getting trapped in the heavily trapped area around Chungus and the north-eastern Blackwater jungle.

Battle and Fall of the Varathian vault

Sacking of the Alesia potbunker

The USA broke the Alesia potbunker overnight to add +1 to their tally of broken unfinished vaults. Witnesses suggest this was a cope.

Barbary War

New World Theater

The Barbary War was a five day long conflict on the New World, as a result of spiraling tensions on the mainland. It involved the majority of the nations of the New World via the Far Seas Alliance, versus an incursion by the New World Pirates affiliated with the Civcorp Obby Bombers. The FSA at this point was scarcely even two months old, being founded in August, and the alliance’s forces were a synthesis of older players and much more green fighters.

Initial Skirmishes

On the 28th of September, Logiche, Emperor of Varathia arrived in the New World to survey his colonial holdings in New Providence. Logiche was shot at buy players involved with the Civcorp obby bombing, before hiding in a building and logging off. New Providence was a member of the FSA, and this incident began to stir up doubt regarding the peaceful intentions of exiles from the mainland. It was not in of itself responsible for the escalation of the Barbary War.

A day later, on the 29th of September, Binky (one of the NWP) pearled Ikea_Fridge of Gallagher. DustyRayton and KingOfTheMochas attempted to retaliate independent of the FSA. At first they had inital success, repelling Binky, but Adderall came by, quickly pearling Kingofthemochas and the two chased dustyrayton1 into the ocean, pearling him.

A task force of Swordmaster7777, InfinityXerox, Gordona22, Cdlinder, Fuji and MemeNemewere sent to the location of the pearls. Binky logged off and all parties were freed. Their gear was not recovered.

This marked the first FSA response to Pirate actions on the continent and the descent of the conflict into larger pitched battles.

First Battle of Gallagher-Polaria

During a scouting mission of the Pirates Bunker WNS was logboxed by Yaahya. Later that day Gordona22 was pearled in Polaria by Adderall and Yaahya. The combination of these circumstances overwhelming gave pressure to the decision to attack. The majority of coalition forces decided to assemble in Zeal where their supplies were topped up. While the FSA did have superior numbers, many of these were from the nicknamed "Sesorian Buildfreind Horde". Assembled by the efforts of MSPaintDaily, it was not only inexperienced but badly armed and ill prepared for a coordinated offensive. However thanks to Zeal, Sesorias sister nation the armor and gear issues were mostly fixed. Due to miscommunication on the part of the FSA, WNS was pearled in his logbox.

Ramshackle tunnels dug into the mountain- despite being a poor location to start tunnels from. Surface traps were easily disabled due to the overwhelming numbers advantage the FSA enjoyed. In contrast, the tunnel offensives went poorly and due to poor radar intelligence, forces schizophrenically moved from tunnel to surface and vice verse. It was in these tunnel fights that InfinityXerox and Fisher were pearled. Attempting to restore order, the FSA tried to organize the construction of an attack bunker with associated tunnel. Numbers had waned so significantly that Imperator and other members of the FSA ordered a retreat against the wishes of some.

Second Battle of Gallagher-Polaria

Following a meeting of the FSA leadership on the 1st of October, work began on an attack bunker on the southern coast of Krakatoa. The plan was to create an attack tunnel downwards, coordinate an offensive and avoid the mistakes of the First Battle of Gallagher-Polaria. Aditionally Saren_Solaris came over to the New World to aid the FSA. The tunnel was discovered ahead of the scheduled 3rd of October attack, leading to a general call to arms to defend the attack tunnel. A reasonable force was gathered- notably smaller than in the initial coalition gathered on the 30th of September. The scene was set for another battle- this time for domination of the underground.

The fighting in the tunnels was very intense and there was numerous incidents of FSA pvpers nearly getting trapped and having to be broken out by allied forces. New World Pirates barricaded the tunnels with SRO. At one point in the battle, Saren_Solaris was auto-banned, leaving the coalition to fight alone. When he was unbanned, his head was lodged in SRO and he was surrounded by the full forces of the New World Pirates who attempted to encase him. All FSA forces scrambled to the area, and were just able to free him with a mere seven durability left on his chestplate. Despite these worrisome moments, the FSA attack tunnel had advanced and no casualties had been taken. FSA forces engaged with the Pirates in Gallagher sustaining minor damage to the Pirate bastions. During the continued Tunnel fighting CooCooMan156 was pearled by the Pirates.

Third Battle of Gallagher-Polaria

Before the Third battle the enemy accounts: Binkette, Gay69, Mamatom and Yaahya were spotted leaving the shard. It was initially thought to be a ploy, until many of the accounts landed in the mainland- though some would return when fighting intensified. This may have been correlated with the pearling of FSA general Saren_Solaris, who lost an engagement in the hours preceding the battle. Fighting was extremely heavy and the tunnels were once again contested. At several points the coalition forces were pushed back, only to regain ground and eventually go onto break the bastion. During the battle, one of the pirate leaders, Adderall was pearled having already lost pots to Imperator in the heaviest combat yet. Seeking vengeance, the remaining Pirates came forward upon the retreating coalition forces. Imperator and Incentives fought a rearguard whilst the others retreated, with the access to the tunnel being heavily obbied by the Pirates. FreestyleJr was separated from the group and had to be extricated and then Fuji, a Zeal combatant, additionally got trapped. This time, despite multiple interventions, he was unable to be extricated and was pearled. Ploughing through the obby barricades, the FSA managed to re-enter the combat bunker.

In the last action of the battle, Imperator escorted Incentives, with the pearl, to allied infrastructure. PermaPearl attempted to intercept but failed to arrive in time and was promptly chased off by the two. The FSA had taken a further two casualties, but had advanced significantly more, eliminating the bastions that had enabled the prolific trapping of tunnels and captured a prominent fighter. As the coalition once more headed down the attack tunnel, fully expecting and ready for many more days of fighting, the New World Pirates contacted the pearled Saren_Solaris as a mediator to discuss significantly more generous peace terms- essentially a white peace, with full Pirate withdrawal from the shard.

The available members of FSA leadership and constituent nation leaders signed the Treaty of Krakatoa, ending the war.

Siege of Asgard

Initial Skirmishes

USA supply bunker attacked and cleared out. Dollaz, the President of the USA, gets trapped and pearled by boywar3. A few Coalition members pearled. Very little overall ground gained for USA.

Battle of the Outer Trench

Long, drawn-out battle at the Western Outer Trench of Asgard at bedrock level. A few Coalition members pearled including Shameless_Shamus, a founder of Yggdrasil.

First Battle of the Inner Trench & First Skybridge

A similar long, drawn-out battle at the Western Inner Trench. Using defenses built by LordOfMarzipan and ingenuity of the defenders defending the inside of the trench, the trench was held on the ground. At the same time, the USA attempted to skybridge Asgard from the West, with Adderall running the skybridge. In response, the coalition quickly built a Chad Tower and started a Counter-Skybridge. Archer fire from the Counter-Skybridge proved too much, and USA eventually bombed the skybridge and abandoned it.

Second Battle of the Inner Trench

The USA continued to attack the Western Inner Trench from bedrock, and the Coalition continued to hold it using similar tactics to those in the First Battle of the Inner Trench.

Destruction of USA Attack Bunker

A major USA Attack Bunker was attacked by the Coalition using an attack tunnel. USA Attack Bunker partially bombed, and much of the supplies were stolen or destroyed, none pearled on either side.

Second Skybridge & Fall of Asgard

USA started a second Skybridge, this time from the East. Using Saren_Solaris's infrastructure in Xianmu, a large, determined skybridge was used to attack Asgard. The skybridge faced some resistance, but not enough, and eventually it broke the City Bastion. With the City Bastion destroyed, USA broke through the south-east corner of the outer rings and reached the top of the walls and the ceiling of the y = 30 archer rings on October 17th. Much archer fire was exchanged between Asgard defenders in the y = 30 rings shooting at USA attackers on top of the walls as well as along the same y level. The progressive intrusion of the USA into the vault as well as the obby-bombing of the horse tunnel the previous day by the USA rendered the vault a death trap for the defenders, with escape only being possible by running out the entrance of the vault. Leading up to this day, two critical shotcallers, Asuramaru and Convoy, were pearled. Asuramaru fought Fitler2 on the outskirts of Asgard and was lead into a trap and was knocked into the NYC trenches near Asgard, and Convoy solo defended Daybreak and was pearled. It is worth noting that Asuramaru's pearling and others could have been avoided had many of the defenders had possession of critical bastion groups near Asgard. The lack of leadership that precipitated, the breakdown of chain of command and the scarcity of individuals familiar with the vault layout, especially as a large number of fighters consisted of newfriend volunteers, slowed decision making and hampered efficient decision making. The last remaining shotcaller, Diet_Cola, was not familiar with the vault layout or ideal escape scenarios having been a recent addition to the vault defense, and, without many options, ordered to abandon the vault and made a run for it. Many other defenders had not realized Diet had ordered the tactical escape, and lagged behind with most defenders escaping either in pairs or being picked off. Diet had been pearled along with numerous other defenders, such as CJTheKing who sacrificed himself valiantly to save TeamKman, and Seraphim_Here who drew Fitler and numerous other USA attackers off of boywar3 and met his demise at the bottom of a lake. Pearls previously gained in the defense were lost, Coalition member casualties were significant in the disordered escape and morale was crushed. The offensive would move to other fronts such as the Alexandria Civil War and attack on Heaven.

Alexandrian Civil War

Twinkist Coup

On the 1st of October, The controversial player, TWINKIEminer, was unbanned from the server. This was very unexpected as he was expected to be permanently banned when he was first punished due to use or supposed use of speed hacks to out run player Saren_Solaris. Nevertheless, he still retained relatively minor but vehement following in Alexandria and he decided to build and contribute to Alexandria. Due to differences or plain hunger for power he eventually grew annoyed with the Alexandrian council particularly noahravn and ieatazz. On the 13th of October 2020, TWINKIEminer along with Beni_Shapiro and other co-conspirators swapped bastions, factories, and infrastructure to personally held groups and proceeded to construct a makeshift bunker in Alexandria Bay.[1] Afterwards, on the 16th of October an announcement was released in the Alexandrian discord about the situation. [2]

Battle of Alexandria

The Battle of Alexandria took place after the coup and sought to reaffirm Alexandrian control over the city and bastions.

Chungus Intervention

After the Battle of Alexandria, presumably Twinkie or another co-conspirator called for help from USA and they showed up to defend the coup.

Attack on Daybreak


An image of the Daybreak vault under Construction.

Daybreak is an ocean vault that was constructed by the citizens of the IWW before its dissolution and was expanded and is owned by BennyZ and 4788888 (Salmon Dinner). After the dissolution of the IWW, the vault was considered to be the Borealian Socialist Republic's national vault, and held no pearls at the time of the attack. The vault became a target of the USA because both BennyZ and 4788888 joined the Coalition almost immediately after the bombing of CivCorp. Convoy contributed resources for the construction and expansion of the vault, and many of its defenders were pearled at the Siege of Asgard.

Siege of Heaven

Initial Attack Tunnel Attacks & Breakthrough into Heaven

Second Attack Tunnel Attacks

USA Retreat and Results

After the Battle of Heaven both sides lost approximately 3 to 4 pearls each due to RNG and also bad strategy and Heaven's size being a factor on part of USA.

USA Bans and Leaks

After their retreat from Heaven, a stalemate ensued due to the addition of RNG Critical Hits which caused both sides approximately 4 pearls each. This period would mostly consist of Reddit and Discord arguments and repairing of defensive infrastructure. This period would last untill the 15th of November 2020 when nearly 13 USA members[3] were banned with nearly 8 being permanently banned from CivRealms. This would add to the already numerous amount of USA members pearled and leave only around 8 members left to defend possesions, in which only one person would log in during the Void Vault disabling with the rest leaving the server or being pearled Post-War.

Siege of Void

The first siege of Void was highly publicized and internally disseminated by the Coalition side. After much hype, and much excitement to finally attack the other side, the Coalition watched Muppet Treasure Island together instead, frustrating USA fighters who were excited to defend a vault.

Final days

Transfer of Hell

Hell Vault was transferred to Rhodesian forces sometime after the war by BuckyHD who left the server afterwards. A minor conflict arose sometime afterwards within Rhodesia over the vault.

Supposed Bunker Breaking

Supposed Bunker which was once the starting point of the Varathia Vault skybridge, had the skybridge turned against it with Varathians and Otonabee's using the skybridge to traverse into the Supposed skybunker then break bastions. Afterwards the skybunker was raided and the horse stables were broken into and most horses were requisitioned by Varathian forces.

420 Vault (Blood Vault) Breaking

Similarly to Void Vault, 420 Vault was undefended at all and was broken over a period of 3 days via a ground tunnel into the vault proper, mining of the spike via downwards mining, looting of skybunkers, and obby flooding afterwards. to fully disable it.


After the breaking of Supposed Bunker, Void Vault, and Blood Vault, the lands formerly belonging to Blackwater were annexed by Alexandria in order to create a zone for newfriends to start out the server in without fear of attack. [4]

The Server During the war

Server Depopulation

After the war due to burnout from conflict, the slow process of rebuilding, and high amounts of toxicity from the conflict up to and including doxxing and alting, as well as may other factors, the server population on CivRealms began to drastically fall. Some entire groups that were neutral left the server such as Moloka and Cantina, along with a majority of groups that actively fought in the conflict on both sides, being as a result of either bans or burnout. As of today the most amount of people daily is around 3, with the highest number post-war being 77 people online[5] on June 15th, 2021, albiet primarily being alts due to Stonato being banned from CivRealms discord.