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The Republic of Aquila
Flag of Aquila
Capital cityAquila
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
Foundation dateCivTemp
Preceded byOrion
Succeeded byAquila (Devoted 3.0)
  • English
  • Spanish


The Republic of Aquila is a sovereign nation based in Naunet. It was formed from several members of Orion in 2.0 as well as a large number of newfriends in CivTemp and 3.0.


The Republic of Aquila was conceived out of the leadership of Orion as the 2.0 map had ended. Planning for the nation started immediately and many players old and new resurfaced in support of the project. Notable Orion figures such as Itaqi, DiRtY_ZeBrA, PinkysAvenger, Malice975, Masilv, and many more played a major part of the planning effort, as well as some friends from the formerly Orion-ruled nation of Senntisten such as Evocat0r, cradragon, coltguy97, and more. Some other contributing individuals and longtime players consisted of Kempje, Phlower, After a short time, Itaqi had exited the project and server. In honor of his longtime leadership of Orion and overall success as a leader, the nation was named Aquila, his initially proposed name. This would serve as his last contribution to the nation and represent his continued support of the project in spirit. The original project planning was halted due to an extended period of game development by the civcraft admins, leading to a drop in interest and lack of motivation to continue.

Revival of the Republic

After a significant drop in interest, CivTemp began and PinkysAvenger decided to gather remaining support for Aquila and begin a settlement on the temporary Civcraft testing server. This attracted some new players to the project, but also caused a splinter group consisting of a single player named HenryDraton. Henry was known to be an unstable character and his unfounded obsession with grid-systems lead him to create his town called New Orion. New Orion had moderate success in CivTemp until being taken over by Volterran forces and forced into new leadership. New Orion's continuation in 3.0 (Unfortunately named Orion) has had virtually no success and is not considered a continuation of Orion in any way outside of the name.

After 3.0's launch date was announced, a mass revival of players took place, putting Aquila as one of the major population forces going into 3.0. It had grown to a population of close to 50 players rapidly with the addition of some important figures such as ASomb, Zalbag, GipsyKing and his large group of Spaniards, Bermuda, Kjorque, Noname_Brand, MineMasterE233z1, and more. Many of these players were long time Orionites that have returned for the third official Civcraft map.


Aquila's government is based on a constitution that establishes three governing bodies with a system of checks and balances. The Executive Council consists of three citizens who vote on new legislature and choose the Supreme Justice. The Supreme Justice interprets the constitution and decides on any legal matters. The citizens of Aquila act as the legislative branch by proposing new bills, electing Executive Council members, or overturning EC decisions via supermajority.

Consitution of Aquila


Districts of Aquila

Aquila is divided into 6 districts, each with its mayor and theme.

  • Asimov
  • Cantre'r Gwaelod (Lowlands)
  • Cape Town
  • Gipsy's Gulch (Ñ)
  • Nova
  • Stranden

Capital City

Aquila is an island city located near the eastern pole of Naunet. It was formed of members of Orion in 2.0 as well as a large number of newer players from CivTemp and 3.0.