Protection Pact of International Security

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Protection Pact of International Security
TypeMilitary Alliance
• Spokesperson
Foundation dateMarch 17th, 2023

The Protection Pact of International Security, or more commonly, the P.P.I.S, referred to a military alliance on CivMC. The history of the alliance can be divided into two distinct periods; from the initial founding in March of 2023 to its effective dissolution in May, where the alliance primarily served as a network of Warmian associate states in the Northeast quadrant, and the second period following the alliance's re-establishment in Late August, where the alliance expanded and diversified in the Northwest, beyond its original Warmian associations.

P.P.I.S (circa September 11th, 2023)


2nd incarnation

  • Warmia (August 27th, 2023 - October 16th, 2023 ) (Dissolved)
  • Lelum Polelum (August 27th, 2023 - ???) (Inactive)
  • Donfuer (September 5th, 2023 - October 13th, 2023 ) (Expelled)
  • Lambeau (September 8th, 2023 - October 19th, 2023 ) (Withdrew)
  • Norlund (September 10th, 2023 - ??? ) (Inactive)
  • Temporal Empire (September 11th, 2023 - October 20th, 2023 ) (Conquered by Gang Shi)

1st incarnation

  • Warmia (March 17th, 2023 - May 17th, 2023)
  • Wlazestan (Joined March 17th, 2023 - Left March 23rd, 2023) (Merged with Lesneria)
  • Lesneria (Joined March 17th, 2023 - Left March 23rd, 2023) (Merged with Wlazestan)
  • Lesneria-Wlazestan (March 23rd, 2023 - May 17th, 2023)
  • Nova Pszovia* (March 30th, 2023 - March 31st, 2023) (Dissolved)

*The government of Nova Pszovia never administered any of its claimed territories.



The origins of the P.P.I.S can be traced back to March 10th, when Warmian leader Nasion approached the Queen of Edius, _Oceanstar, regarding the potential expansion of Warmia into the Northeast. A deal was made, establishing that while Warmian governance over the concerned territories was not permitted, Warmian associate Necmettin could establish an independent state in the Phoenix Coast (where Grand Imperium's northern provinces once laid). This state, Wlazestan, would later cede the eastern portions of its territory (including the core of historic Achiuwa) to fellow Warmian associate Lesner, forming Lesneria. These states would become the first of several Warmian diaspora/associate states, and would be the original founding members of the first P.P.I.S.

First Period (March 17th - May 17th, 2023)

The first P.P.I.S was a generally unstable alliance characterized by conflict with its neighbors in Edius, Gang Shi, and the Cinian Union. Tensions began to build before the alliance was established, but openly flared when the P.P.I.S supported Nova Pszovia, a short-lived nation claiming the Harvest territories administered by Gang Shi. No Nova Pszovians ever made it to the territory in the day the claim lasted before being abandoned- Nasion's extralegal support for the state brought domestic instability that forced him to disband it. The incident resulted in Gang Shi transferring the Harvest territory to Edius.

After this point, the Warmians were in constant tension with the other inhabitants of the Phoenix Coast. This eventually boiled over into violence after Lesneria-Wlazestan declared independence from the Cinian Union; _Oceanstar was pearled near the tripoint between Lesneria-Wlazestan, Bing Chilling, and Edius' Serrho vassal, on the Edian side of the river. The conflict was resolved by the Treaty of the Divilam, stating that Warmia could only annex Lesneria-Wlazestan by referendum including the entire population of the territory. The return of the Achiuwans, and their overwhelming desire for independence, prevented Warmia from annexing the territory, and resulted in the collapse of both Lesneria-Wlazestan and the wider alliance.

Second Period (August 27th, 2023, - present)

On August 27th of 2023, the Protection Pact of International Security was re-established between Warmia and Lelum Polelum, another Warmian associate descending from Klaulustan, an autonomous territory under the now-defunct Alojzos state; itself another Warmian associate. The second P.P.I.S maintained much of its original character for the first week of its restoration.

However, beginning on September 5th, the P.P.I.S began a period of rapid expansion; first with Donfuer on the 5th, run by Dark_FFC of Lambeau, which itself joined on the 8th; followed by Norlund on the 10th and the Temporal Empire on the 11th. The acquisition of several better-connected regional powers has granted the alliance a sense of international prestige and relevancy it had not previously possessed.

However, a gradual period of inactivity among most members and the controversial geopolitical policies of PhysicsGamer eventually resulted in the alliance's effective dissolution in October. DonFuer was kicked out of the alliance when the former Cinian Union leader Oceanstar was handed control of the territory. This was followed by PhysicsGamer performing an obby bombing upon the Icenia-owned portion of the former Temporal Isles, causing Lambeau to withdraw in protest. Finally, Gang Shi invaded the Temporal Empire on October 20th, 2023. This resulted in the destruction of the final active member of the alliance.


The Protection Pact of International Security was heavily criticized for a number of reasons. The original P.P.I.S was considered by many to be a network of Warmian puppet states, due to the pattern of Warmian politicians founding short-lived states on behalf of their friends and associates, and the quantity of these states established led some to label Warmia as expansionist or imperialistic. The second P.P.I.S, on the other hand, maintained a significant overlap with the Anti-SEC Coalition and its successor states in former SEC territories; it has also been noted that most of the member states of the alliance, with the notable exception of PhysicsGamer in the Temporal Empire, maintained nearly nonexistent activity levels.