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"Carbon" redirects here. For the CivRealms 2.0 nation of the same name, see Carbon (CivRealms 2.0).

Home of the Nucleus
Flag of Carbon
Flag of Carbon
Location0, 2000
Foundation dateApril 14, 2013

Carbon was a nation on Civcraft 2.0. Situated on an island in the middle of an ocean, Carbon and her people are all welcoming and friendly to all newcomers, travelers, and other cities citizens.


Carbon was an up-and-coming medieval town in 1.0 known for its friendly residents that were focused on cooperative building. The transfer to 2.0 proved tough. After bouts of corruption, theft, and deceit within the government the city nearly collapsed, many of the residents from the 1.0 Carbon left Civcraft altogether. After a period of anarchy and lawlessness a new permenant council was established by NubSlash, the last remaining 1.0 resident. The new council focuses on only controlling meta aspects of the city (defense, property, and planning) has ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity.

Landmarks and Surroundings

The City Layout

Carbon has a distinctive grid layout with a urban city feel. Skyscrapers and other beautiful buildings dot the skyline around Carbon Central Park with more under construction. Buildings tend to vary, as Carbon does not have strict building guidelines. Dominating the skies of Carbon is the Carbon Atom, a much larger-than-life model of a Carbon Atom that serves as a meeting hall, a monument center, and a few farms.

Travelers will have an easy time reaching the city as several rail lines connect to it. The station entrance is a double set of stairs right at the main western city entrance. Heading just north on the main highway will also lead to the CIC built rail station entrance as well.

The CEDC HQ Building

On the central park, the landmark building, the CEDC (Carbon Economic Development Co-Operative) headquarters serves as a marketplace, houses public factories, a public enchanting table, and brewing station.


Carbon's economy is still growing as the government is trying to encourage and foster local businesses. Carbon has a mostly hands-off approach to the local economy and her citizens are not restricted in trading with other nations or travelers. Carbon's public works are sustained by volunteers.