Christmas Agreement

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Christmas Agreement
December Treaty
Cover page of the treaty
Drafted28 December 2020[1]
Signed2 January 2021[2]
Effective2 January 2021
FormatPDF File
LinkReddit Post

The "Christmas Agreement", a diplomatic document signed by King Metriximor and Mayor Squareblob, was finalized on January 2, 2021. The agreement is between the nation of Lusitania and the nation of Mount September.

The agreement was designed as way to foster economic growth between the two nations. It stipulated:

  1. Both states will maintain open communications with each other.
  2. A partnership between the two states will developed so that future projects and events may be fostered.
  3. A railway line between Lusitania and Mount September will be constructed to encourage easier travel and commerce (estimated to be started in mid-January 2021). This has been realized as a bypass to connect Mount September directly to the "HITS" line.
  4. Economic development will be developed between the two states.

The document was created by the Mount September Foreign Office under the care of Thraldrek, diplomat for Mount September during the December 2020 - January 2021 period. It largely is to thank for the extended activity of the Foreign Office and it's extension.