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The corporation state known as Blackwater was created after the fall of Westeros at Zero Zero. Originally starting out with the name Yakuza Corporation about a week or two into CivClassics lifespan.


The first nation to fall

Blackwater was the first nation to be annihilated from the realm of CivClassic after a massive controversy surrounding a alt-griefing scandal in which most of the citizens of Blackwater was involved. The only known survivors of the holocaust were the leader Saren_Solaris and his buddy in crime bewsiej. The captured members were scattered like dust in the wind. Two of the members who were captured / dookoo782 & YegorDia was later released after a lengthy prison sentence inside Hjaltland's prison.

The creation of Blackwater

The creation of Blackwater was highly controversial after it's creator, Saren_Solaris had engaged in a semi-coup in Westeros in order to secure a piece of land that belonged to Westeros, with the thought that he had the right to the land. Westeros in their anger attempted to strike back and retake it's land, a post was made on the subreddit looking for support to take out this newly created rogue nation. The retake failed after a stand-off / The lack of support from the community in Westeros fight against Saren_Solaris later lead to an negotiation in which the leader of Westeros / ComradeNick forfeited his land claims and told Saren_Solaris to not pursue his people and in return, they would leave Blackwater alone and let the new rogue nation keep its land.

Spearheaded by Saren_Solaris, The nation grew in an alarmingly increasing rate while gaining new recruits and support from northen nations. One of them being Lexington.

The starting roster of Blackwater: Saren_Solaris, dookoo782, YegorDia, JustLiunet, AdminCrimes, theJKH, bewsiej, SwiftFizz, and a few more.

Brief history of Blackwater's role in CivClassic

Blackwater operated as a fighting force for hire. Finding customer's proved to be difficult as Saren's reputation kept his corporation from making new potential allies, fearing that he might repeat his mischief's like he did back in Devoted 3.0 { Devoted was the previous Civ server before CivClassic } This limited Blackwater's influence on the server, but this did not discourage Saren from going out of his way to gain back the trust that he had lost.

Blackwater operated as a local police force for a radius around zero zero. Helping surrounding nations fight off its raiders and gaining new customers / trading partners in return.

As Blackwater grew, so did its influence on its Allies. Many citizens of Blackwater's allied nations left to join Blackwater as a way to secure its ties with a powerful fighting group. Which lead to an influx of new recruits and growth in Blackwater's exp production and gear production. Blackwater later began the construction on its domestic vault shortly after it's expansion in population size. The vault hole was 80% complete but the construction of the vault itself never made it beyond the drawing board. { Blackwater's alt-grief scandal halted all progress and eventually lead to its demise by the hands of Hjaltland and a few big dog's members }

Conflicts and drama