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Skin of bgbba
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsYoahtl
Known ForBuilding the Great Overland Rail
Main ResidenceNYC, Yoahtl
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on

Bgbba is an influential yet controversial former channer who currently is a member of Yoahtl. He currently is a Deputy Alcuahtl in Yoahtl, as well as a railroad constructor.

Bgbba is also well known for a series of ranting posts known as "Bgposts" which often have a theme about current events on the server. Has 2 different CivTCG cards based on him and another based on the Great Overland Rail he created.

Has a grave in his honour in Icenia due to him at the time getting pearled on his own rails during the Infinity War on January 6th, 2020 in a horrible train derailment caused by NATO fighters. It has an inscription that reads:

Rail Enthusiast, Prolific Builder, Yoahtlan Dynamo, Bgposter. Strong Advocate, Once Banned, Twice Perma'd, Treasured Friend.

Bgbba has served extensively in Yoahtl's government apparatus and as one of Yoahtl's designated foreign ambassadors and representatives within SATO and the UDF.


During Civcraft 2.0 bgbba was invited to Dave and Yearn's wedding and the complexity and history of Civ intrigued him, so with other Chanadians that he had been playing faction servers with, he joined Polynesia, a member state of Chanada.[1] At the time ChrisChrispie attempted to recruit bgbba into Intis but failed. Bgbba was the Polynesian Minister of Infrastructure and later Burgermeister of Volkstadt in conjunction, this continued into CivTemp and Civcraft 3.0 this time being the Minister of Infrastructure of Chancer and being its mayor.[1] Joined Yoahtl during Civcraft 2.0.

CivClassic 2.0

After Yoahtl's defeat in the first Laconia war bgbba was involved in negotiations and fought against the acting Alcuahtl's (Asakuun) decision to dissolve Yoahtl and be apart of the Laconian Confederacy as subjugated provinces. Bgbba later served as both the Alcuahtl and Chieften of Yoahlt and as leader ordered the attack on Laconia that started the Third Laconian War, a decision bgbba would later regret.[1]