War of the Coalition

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War of the Coalition
Part of Infinity War
Ransackistan, UDF nations, Westminster, Gensokyo, Okashima
Result Decisive Coalition Victory

Coalition to Defeat the Obby Bombers:

  • Ransackistan
  • Supported By:

The War of The Coalition (Also known as the Obby Bomber War and the Ransakistani Conflict) was a roughly two-week long war against the unrecognized nation of Ransakistan by a new group on the server known as 'The Coalition', primarily consisting of SATO, UDF, Entente, and Mirian forces, though many non aligned nations such as Lusitania and Coventhia were involved as well.

The Obby Bombings

Over the first week of December 2019 several large nations were obby bombed. SPQR would be the first to be bombed, followed quickly by Gensokyo, Icenia, Coventhia, Okashima in Yoahtl, and Westminster in the Commonwealth all respectively being bombed, though a second attempt at obby bombing Icenia was prevented in large part due to quick mobilization of -,- forces to the city.

Discovery of Cumdragon and Establishment of The Lusitan Line

Within one week of the bombings taking place, an effort was made to try to find the location of Ransakistan and Parker's crew of obby bombers. The original assessment of the situation by most world leaders was that the group had simply dropchested obsidian all over the map, a thought which was backed up by the fact that the group simply killed themselves after completing their missions. However, attention was soon turned toward the possibility that skybridges existed, when after a interrupted attack on The Commonwealth, it was discovered that many of the Ransakistani crew were fully geared. A search for sky bridges was soon attempted and very quickly, Commonwealth player Lodish discovered one which traversed the expanse of the HJE. Lodish would become the first true casualty of the war as he followed the skybridge to the location the group was hiding out-the Cumdragon vault-and was pearled and kept there.

Early Defense of the Lusitan Line and the Battle of 12/10/19

Early on in the defense of the Lusitan line many players would place snitches around the surrounding territory of Ransakistan. Furthermore, infrastructure was built out to Ransakistan from coalition nations to the East in order to better ferry materials and PvPers safely to keep Ransakistan in their vault. While this tactic worked, it was not without its challenges. The infrastructure while under construction was discovered by the Ransakistanis and many working on it were nearly pearled. Furthermore, the PvPers had developed a doctrine of "skimish" along the Ransakistani vault to weaken its bastion defenses and potentially lure out fighters to pick out. During one of these skirmishes, ChrisChrispie, the leader of Icenia, was separated from the rest of the group and pearled when he fell into the Ransakistani trench.

Emboldened, Ransakistan began to leave their vault again, traveling through Lusitania and up to Columbia. During one of these missions out of their vault, Caledonian leader and PvPer Hockey was caught off guard in Lusitania and pearled.

Abandonment of the Lusitan Line and the UDF Theater

After the pearling of ChrisChrispie and Hockey, and with Lusitania unable to be properly defended by members of the Coalition, an order was put out to remove all players from the nation (see more in Declaration of the State of Siege). Defensive infrastructure around Lusitania was disabled and a pullback to within the Icenian boarders was called. About a month prior to this, a work-in-process vault was found around the 0,0 area in the land of Imperial Truidence. This vault was being constructed by old 1.0/2.0 Ancaps who had justified the construction of the vault based on original claims to the region, claims that had been defunct for almost two years. The result was the planning of "Operation Icarus" by the UDF, which would be aided by some outside consultation, to disable the vault.

This was done, after much concern from coalition and UDF higher-ups shortly after the abandonment of Lusitania, and proved to be a massive morale boost for the Coalition.

Coalition Victory

After pulling back from the front line in Lusitania, fighters were re-organized predominantly in Coventhia, Icenia, and Yoahtl as supply lines were re-worked. During this time, skirmishes continued to happen at the Ransakistan Vault and Ransakistanis began to be pearled, offsetting the toll that the early war had placed on nations in the Coalition. It soon became clear after these pearlings that Ransakistan was on the ropes and unable to leave their vault and shortly afterwords, a impromptu vault break was preformed with exiles running materials to the front-lines from Icenia to Lusitania. Eventually, Coalition forces managed to punch through the vault and make it all the way to the spike before any of the pearls could be evacuated, and as a result, all pearls in Ransakistan were released and the vault looted and flooded. It was clear that Ransakistan had been defeated.

Broader Implications of the War

As a immediate result of the war, it had become clear that a larger Anti-NATO international body had been formed consisting of mainly Entente, SATO, and UDF member nations. Backing this anti-NATO sentiment was a belief that NATO had simply sat back while a vault was built on a previously hotly contested border with the HJE. Others suggested that NATO had given the players free reign over "World Police" nations anyways, and had provided moral and defensive support to Ransakistan. Supporters of this claim pointed out that Ransakistan had attacked and obby bombed the city of Roma, SPQR at around the same time NATO had raided the city during their short war with the nation. Others pointed out how Ransakistan had utilized skybridges over the vast territory of the HJE unimpeded, and that the HJE was to blame for not taking action, or refusing to take action on this.

It soon became clear after the war though that, although direct lines to NATO as a collective whole were slightly blurry, a direct connection between Ransakistan and Corvus existed from the moment the players had joined the server. An ice road existed between Corvus and Ransakistan, many of the Ransakistani fighters were invited to the server by Corvus, and Ransakistani fighters were seen defending Corvus during the Coalition attack on the nation in 2020.

Previously some Ransakistani fighters continue to fight for NATO in the Columbian theater of the Coalition v.s. NATO war.

In recent history (as of May, 2021) all Ransaki fighters not pearled have logged in since the Fall of the Hallow Vault. However, Vespasian a former Ransaki fighter was proven to be utilizing numerous PvP and Utility hacks during the Obby Bombing campaign, as a result the groups that Ransakistan falls under are now in decay.

List of confirmed Ransaki fighters

  • minecraftWS (Pearled)
  • Rixxlon
  • CheNaan
  • AdmiralBang (Fought for NATO)
  • Con8125 (Pearled)
  • skillophante23 (Baes20/NATO, Perma-Banned)
  • ParkerTehPwner/TroubleYouTap
  • Vespasian (Fought for NATO, Perma-Banned)
  • Urban_2 (Vespasian)
  • ObbyBomber (Foogoot, Fought for NATO)
  • TheStickWarrior
  • Kingkroppe
  • Zayzay3434
  • Nizore
  • couchpolster (Pearled)
  • KJP831 (Fought for NATO)
  • gothicblooddropz