HCF War (Civcraft 2.0)

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HCF War 2.0
Part of World Police-HCF Conflicts
DateFall 2013-Febuary 2014
Across the Civcraft 2.0 Server
Result WP victory
World Police (WP) HCF/Bloodcrew/Dillcrew
Commanders and leaders
  • Farley50
  • Bloodidiot
  • ApacheClitz
  • Dill_Weasel
  • Strength
    30+ Known 30+ Known
    Casualties and losses

    Unknown pearled during war, all freed

    Unknown number banned

    Many pearled

    Unknown number banned

    The HCF War, typically called the HCF War 2.0 was a conflict on CivCraft 2.0. It was a part of the WP-HCF conflicts that spanned several servers. The second surge of players of Hardcore Factions players on Civcraft known as the Bloodcrew, the conflict was a serverwide war that involved many respected countries, and could be considered the first modern Civ war, with multiple vault breaks, espionage, and raids and involvement across the server.

    The Lead Up

    As the summer of 2013 ended and cities began to become more established, a few raiders began performing hit-and-runs on cities (mainly in the +,- quadrant). Bloodidiot, Aixyz, and a few others preyed on less pvp-oriented players in towns such as Brynand Aurora in order to gain wealth and more gear. Players from multiple cities started to work together in order to pearl the raiders, but were always one step behind as it would often take thirty to forty minutes for them to gear up, travel from their cities across the map, and meet up in order to fight the raiders. An advantage that the average Civcraft player thought they had was that the raiders would "never be able to hold a pearl inside a vault" while at the same time established cities could vault any pearled raider indefinitely. This would soon change.


    This war lasted quite a long time and evolved as each side gained more fighters or lost them to pearling. Though there were many nicknames given to the ongoing conflict, "HCF 2.0" was usually the most popular.

    HCF Leadership


    The original crew, which consisted of prominent HCF players such as AiXyz and DickyLicky, started as a small raiding group that terrorized many of the still-young Civcraft cities. The city raided most often by "Bloodcrew" was Orion, and at the time was the only city actually griefed by the crew. Under Bloodidiot, the crew grew from a small group of about 5 members to nearly 10, and gathered obscene amounts of combat gear and diamonds from their raids. During his leadership, the current Civcraft power players seemed unwilling to engage the crew due to their fabled PvP prowess. With his success, Bloodidiot began negotiations with other raiding groups of the time, most-notably "Amermon Crew" (later revealed to be alts of Lio leadership) and the latest Gimmick Brigade, dubbed the "Poser Brigade".


    With the combined forces of the three crews, and with the temporary disappearance of Bloodidiot, a new leader emerged. At the time the identity of this player remained unknown. Under his apparent leadership, the crew grew even larger, adding more well known HCF players such as Supposed, ZeroRussia, xxtb, Jarl_Hiesenberg, and randerson2011. Bloodcrew began actually engaging players affiliated with Carson and the Commonwealth, location mostly associated with power players and the later formed World Police. During this period the first vault was formed, most likely funded by players from Lio and the Commonwealth who disliked the current power structure of Civcraft. ApacheClitz disappeared from the server shortly after the Great Ruse at Carson occured.

    An example of one of the incidents during this time was the pearling of DragonBucket. [1]


    After the original Bloodcrew vault was broken into, Dill began letting them store pearls in his personal vault. Because he was the only player with access, he naturally assumed a leadership role. With the disappearance of Bloodidiot and ApacheClitz, who had both adamantly refused to allow HCF ReCharge members into the Civcraft crew, Dill invited the HCF faction to join him. This brought players such as Phacad3, Xvslol, Foxace, and codyos to the server. This decision ultimately fractured Bloodcrew, which now had too many opposing views and past grudges within it. This fracture lead directly to the creation of the Civcraft faction ReCharge, while the rest of the Bloodcrew players continued to play on the server either peacefully or violently.

    Personal Account

    "I, Farley50, will attempt to present the facts of the war as thoroughly and as absent of bias as possible. Being an active member of the World Police side of the conflict, discrepancies may arise in my story and will be corrected as evidence is brought forward otherwise.

    As time went on, other groups of like-minded individuals joined with Bloodidiot's group and their numbers continued to rise for a few weeks until they were roaming around five to ten fighters strong during every raid. The group that had banded together (mainly citizens of Carson, Bryn, Kappi and Aurora) became known on the Civcraft subreddit as the "World Police" (a name that appears, without fail, throughout Civcraft history when people join together to fight raiders across the world). WP numbers grew in size as well, as more players from around the Civcraft world began to realize that this group has the potential to repeat the HCF Invasion of 1.0.

    Skirmishes such as this one in Aurora and the battle for Orion raged throughout October and November taking place in cities including Carson, Carbon (with Carbon being occupied for a week straight by HCF at one point), New Danzilona, Fellowship and more. All culminating in the HCF breaking MrGerbic's vault during Thanksgiving break.

    The World Police were less experienced than their HCF counterparts, but managed to pearl around 3-5 HCF members, alt-banning at least one, and place them within MrGerbic's vault in Bryn; but that was now broken. At the same time, members of the HCF placed snitches in most major cities and worked to build a vault of their own on an island in the southwestern -,+ quadrant. This was a major turning point in how the war was waged, because the HCF now had a defendable vault with which they could hold the pearls of World Police members who fell in battle.

    And they did.

    Multiple WP members were pearled throughout the skirmishes, and the number of pearls held by the HCF grew large enough to horse the WP to attempt to crack their vault. After around two days of mining DRO, the vault was broken and the pearls were freed. Meanwhile, HCF members continued to raid around the world and amass a large amount of wealth.

    Around this time, the WP made a few critical mistakes. There was rumor that people were funding the HCF out of fear or hatred of members of the WP and those rumors were acted upon rather carelessly by the WP as they threatened to pearl people. This caused the WP public relations to fall, and it continued to fall as the war raged on. Also around this time, a player by the name of Dill_Weasel was released from his indefinite imprisonment by Kappi. Though he claimed to be playing legit and minding his own business, members of the WP held a grudge against him and also were convinced he was supplying the HCF so began to harass and attempt to pearl him. Well, if he was not funding the HCF before, he sure was now.

    Dill and the HCF built a second vault, this one east of Brimstone in the deep +,- quadrant, and the Recharge group from HCF began playing and continuously raided the Fellowship area for a few weeks. Dill claimed to be in control of the HCF group and stated that their only goal was to pearl all WP members and "give Civcraft back to the people" (which became a meme). The HCF seemed to rear back for a while, but innocent players were still being raided and pearled (mostly by Recharge players).

    Dill and the HCF orchestrated an attack on Carson's two vaults. One was broken within a single night, while the second (named Fat Camp) was successfully defended by the WP.

    The World Police came to the decision that Dill's vault needed to be broken and, after about a week and a half of preparation, the WP horses (joined by many others from around the Civcraft world) ascended upon the vault. There were a few skirmishes around the vault but finally the WP began to break it.

    During the process of breaking the vault, a few interesting things occurred. Dill was pearled by Doymand (hallowed be his name) during a raid on Aurora, and a Commonwealth citizen named Peter5930 was seen logging into the vault area, confirming suspicions of another HCF supplier.

    Peter was confronted, and some members of the WP began to harass the Commonwealth, drop lava on it, and proceeded to destroy many of Peter's belongings. Peter offered an explanation as to his reasoning behind supplying the HCF and a huge public spectacle was created out of the entire ordeal.

    Finally, as the WP got close to completing the vault break, the HCF made one last massive stand. The result was a giant battle ontop of Dill's vault which can be seen here. This battle resulted in the pearling of quite a few WP members, but also damaged the armor and wasted the potions of pretty much every HCF fighter; causing them to choose not to defend the vault any longer. The vault was broken, and everybody was freed."

    Aftermath of the conflict

    After breaking the vault, many HCF members became inactive, while others decided to play legit for a while. There were a few bans for sprint toggle and many members of the WP bound together to create a city and new group of their own:

    The Legal Authorized Defense Service based out of Duck City.


    General Effects

    The server was greatly effected in the way of cheating policy and combat plugins as a result of this war. Players on both sides were banned for better sprinting and other hacks. Lag machines were outlawed as a result of Clone2204 creating a snitch spammer that was strong enough to crash or cause huge FPS drops for HCF fighters during a battle. Combat tags were added to logins as well as a 30 second combat tag upon pearling. Strength 1 and 2 potions were fixed (strength 1 was stronger than 2 because of a humbug issue) and the overall effectiveness of the regen potion was buffed. Percolators were also banned after Whosnick crashed the server by building one so large over Dill's vault that the tick rate dropped to zero.

    Political Effects

    The HCF War of 2.0 caused a major shift in political power throughout Civcraft. Many major cities were hit hard and lost citizens as they moved out to escape the conflict. Aurora, long known as the second largest city in the world, became almost completely inactive as most of the core players either joined the fight as World Police or moved to safer areas of the map. Duck City quickly rose into power and became the focus of quite a large amount of unrest.

    Economic Effects

    Trade pretty much dried up across the map as shop chests were broken and houses raided across the world. Players lost an inestimable amount of wealth during the conflict, and it is believed that HCF bunkers and drop chests remained scattered around the world until the end of the server.