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Members of the UDF (left) stare down NebulaSSR during the Mount September Ice Road Conflict, August 2021

The World Police (abbreviated WP) has been a label used to describe various people, groups, and organisations throughout almost all of Civ history. Whether they're formal or informal groups, the uniting characteristic of those who've earned the moniker "World Police" is the heavy involvement in international combat operations. This usually involves bounty hunting griefers and raiders but also more notably taking part in wars against PVP-oriented groups, such as the HCF. Though most World Police members are also members of their own nation's security force, what distinguishes them is their cooperation with other members' security forces. Many World Police groups have also been accused of intervening in the affairs of nations that housed no WP members, while others existed as their own independent nations, such as the LADS. Most World Police groups were also not one organisation but rather an informal group of members from many other organisations that simply worked together; however, some WP groups did exist as singular, organised entities, such as Eden or the original World Police from Civcraft 1.0. Regardless of their structures, this page will seek to catalog all groups and people who have earned the reputation of being World Police across the many Civ servers that have existed so far.

In the modern era, World Police is generally a derogatory term used to refer to people, nations, or groups of nations that work with each other to establish "order" in their own world view. Although "World Police" or "weepee" is often thrown as an insult against anyone "on the other side", it is generally used to refer to people, nations, or groups that overstep their own sovereignty and "get involved in other people's business".

Civcraft 1.0

The Great HCF War and Creation of the World Police

The World Police began as a concept in late 2012 during the Great HCF War. In the iteration before Civcraft 1.0, AncapMinecraft, griefing and killing were bannable offences, and the main purpose of the server was largely as an economic experiment. However, with the introduction of Prison Pearl and Citadel in Civcraft 1.0, it changed to a broadly political one. Griefing and raiding were no longer bannable as it was now up to the players to enforce their own safety through the organic crafting of laws and defence apparatuses. Taking advantage of this and attracted by the stakes that now lay at hand, players from the PVP Minecraft server Hardcore Factions (or HCF) planned to come to Civcraft and wreak havoc, testing the limits of the political experiment.[1]

A still from the video "Slaying AnCaps with Russian_Roulette" depicting a fight with the original World Police from the HCF side, December 2012.
A still from the video "Slaying AnCaps with Russian_Roulette" depicting a fight with the original World Police from the HCF side, December 2012.

On December 20, 2012, HCF forces attacked and occupied Columbia, the largest city on the server at the time. The server largely united against them, with Civcrafters from many different cities coming together to retake Columbia.[2]This informal coalition successfully retook Columbia and Foofed's Vault, which the HCF griefed extensively.[3]The rest of the course of the war followed this formula: the HCF would attack a town, and the World Police would come to defend it and pearl them, absorbing town residents into their ranks as time went on.[4] The result was a coalition of fighters from a variety of backgrounds, including anarchists, Prussians, AnCaps, statists, and nomads.[5]On December 27, the World Police label was officially adopted by this group.[6]

As the months went on, the World Police were continually successful in ultimately repelling HCF attacks despite taking heavy losses and having their cities numerously raided. On February 23, 2013, the WP broke open the HCF's second world border vault, which they had been using to store the pearls of WP fighters and innocent civilians they had been pearling, leading the WP to declare victory.[7]The next two weeks involved cleaning up HCF stragglers, with the WP pearling the last of them on March 9th, bringing a final end to the server's first global conflict.[8]

The Gimmick Brigade and anti-WP Revolution

Main Article: 2013 Revolution

This newfound peace also brought newfound boredom to the World Police, who subsequently used their mass amount of wealth and power generated during the HCF War to follow in the footsteps of their former rivals. During the second week of March 2013, World Police members began going around populated cities on unknown alts and killing people at random.[9]When they were outed by berge403, a WP-aligned fighter during the HCF War, it was then they were declared the Gimmick Brigade.[10]Though they did pay their reps and avoided pearling, their reputation on the server was sullied and planted the seed of anti-WP sentiment on Civ servers for years to come.

In the midst of the Gimmick Brigade scandal, the World Police invaded the small town of Blackstone and pearled resident RKWildCard, accusing him of being tied to the HCF forces that previously lived in the town during the war.[11]As March progressed into April and RK was still imprisoned with what was little evidence against him specifically, many towns formed their own militias to turn on the WP, setting the stage for a distinct, independent World Police for the first time. On April 20th, this coalition of militias marched on the WP vault and began to break it, routing WP defensive attacks in the process.[12]During the vault break, the World Police noted the presence of many HCF fighters that the militias were collaborating with, but most of the server remained unphased and carried on.[13]The next day, the vault was broken, RK was freed, and the rest of the World Police began to be hunted down by the militias and HCF. However, on April 26th, the end of Civcraft 1.0 was announced, bringing an end to the fighting and to the first iteration of the World Police.

Civcraft 2.0

When Civcraft 2.0 began, some individuals pondered whether or not the World Police from 1.0 should still be held accountable and tried for their actions on the previous server.[14]Though many people would carry over their grudges toward the WP into the new server, the idea of pearling them for crimes on a server that no longer existed was generally received as facetious and largely dismissed by the community as a whole.

Carson and the New World Police

On July 1, 2013, the federalist-syndicalist city of Carson was announced to the public.[15]Carson was founded by WP 1.0 ally blueavenue and residents also included many former WP, including TeaJizzle and MrsEmery. Though it was not founded for the express purpose of recreating the WP, many Carsonites would ultimately take up the World Police role yet again to fight the new iteration of the HCF known as Bloodcrew, named after its leader bloodidiot that began raiding in late 2013.[16]From this point on, Carson would be invaribly linked to the World Police for the rest of 2.0. Simultaneously with the raiding of Bloodcrew was the raiding done by what was dubbed the Poser Brigade.[17]Made up of some former WP 1.0 members that didn't join Carson like 008shock and shadowjay1, the Carsonite WP didn't take them seriously and didn't fight against them as the members of the two groups largely remained friends.[18] This led many on the server to see no difference between Bloodcrew and the WP, once again soiling the reputiation of the WP on a new server.[19]

The Ruse Cruise

In November 2013, a friendly, internal dispute among Carsonites took place regarding a brick storage building built within the city. Many residents wanted to demolish the building as it didn't fit the aesthetic that Carson came to have, while others wanted to keep it for historical value and practical use. Both sides soon came to an agreement when they thought of an even better use for the brick building: as a trap. On November 17th, Carsonite WP member _sword made a post claiming to be revealing the location of all of Carson's hidden wealth following an alleged falling-out with his friends.[20]The supposed location of Carson's wealth was, of course, the brick building. Many Bloodcrew members and anti-WP forces, some on previously unknown alts, converged on Carson and tore apart the brick building looking for the chests, allowing the WP to gather info as they tripped their snitches. With an egg on their face and little if any stolen wealth to take home, it was revealed Bloodcrew had fallen for it: The Ruse Cruise.[21]

The Rise and Fall of the LADS

Main Article: The LADS War

Pro-LADS propaganda from the LADS War, circa February 2014.
Ironic anti-LADS propaganda from the LADS War, circa February 2014.

The World Police claimed to have found themselves in a new, impossible position: people wanted them to fight Bloodcrew and the Poser Brigade and live up to their World Police role while also simultaneously lumping them in with the former two and despising their presence outside of Carson. In order to remedy this, on January 1, 2014, the World Police announced their official disbanding and reformation into a new organisation: the Legal Authorised Defence Service, or LADS.[22]The LADS would function largely the same as the World Police, but with a couple differences. They settled in a new headquarters, an island town called Duck City, and also committed to not intervening in the policing affairs of any city unless given express permission. This move also resulted in them emptying their former vault, resulting in many Bloodcrew and HCF members being free yet again. The next day, shadowjay of the Poser Brigade also released a number of griefers and HCF from his vault.[23]On the contrary, most of the server saw this as a passive-aggressive move that solidified their attitude toward what they perceived as a corrupt World Police.

What would become known as the LADS War formally began on February 3, 2014 when the LADS raided Whosnick island in an attempt to pearl Joshua97367.[24] The head of a reformed raider group, Josh attempted to pearl shadowjay for crimes committed under the Poser Brigade, but was thwarted when shadowjay ran to Duck City for safety.[25]The rest of the LADS then attempted to pearl Josh and resulted in the invasion of his home base. Taking up the defence of shadowjay as their hill to die on, the LADS would go to war with and invade numerous cities around the server, including Commonwealth, Orion, and FAGT, all of who attempted to pearl shadowjay.[26][27][28]Subsequently, similar to what happened at the end of 1.0, a new coalition of city militias teamed up with the newly-free HCF members to take down the LADS, who were shedding members like blueavenue and MrsEmery.[29][30]

On March 9th, ReCharge, a new PVP group made up of many of the HCF who were released and who claimed to have been reformed, invaded Duck City and pearled a number of the LADS and Poser Brigade.[31]Worn down by the fighting with an entire server against them, the LADS saw the writing on the wall and surrendered, announcing their dissolution and releasing the rest of the Recharge members.[32]

ReCharge and a New Coalition

Main Article: The Recharge War

The surrender of the LADS led to the departure of many of them from the server, mostly voluntarily but also including a few like NjPalms and GordonFreemanQ who were banned for cheating throughout their Civcraft careers.[33]Carson still existed and would still always be linked to the World Police, but founders blue and Jacky crafted a great name for Carson independent of the World Police label. This was largely done through the creation and continual expansion of the CIC, 2.0's great rail network that connected all of the server's major cities and then some. For the first time in over a year, Civcraft was without a World Police, and peace was at hand.

This peace, however, would not last long. ReCharge, the HCF group that succeeded Bloodcrew and absorbed many of its former members, earned the favour of many Civcrafters by claiming to be reformed and fighting with them against the LADS. As Recharge built up their base, River's End, and got more powerful, they began to test their luck. First, they released infamous HCF collaborator Dill_Weasel on March 13th, and second, they came to New Danzilona to harass citizens and get into a fight on April 6th.[34][35]These acts were controversial and planted the seed of distrust in many, but most of the server still gave Recharge the benefit of the doubt, siding with them or taking a lenient stance. It was not until they invaded Fellowship on April 15th that the server could no longer deny their intent, and a new war began.[36]

River's End after being completely flooded by Civcrafters, May 2014
River's End after being completely flooded by Civcrafters, May 2014

To face such a global threat, yet another global coalition of Civcraft militias was formed. The coalition included many Gondolins who were previously anti-WP, like clone2204 and tankbuster44,[37] as well as Threepers, Carsonites, Fellows, Commonwealth citiziens, Orionites (like Farley50 and Itaqi), and various reformed PVPers like Jaaerk and Dukestonezy. This war followed the same pattern as the ones before it. This new coalition met Recharge at NDZ,[38]Fellowship,[39]Aeon, and finally, following the bans of many core Recharge leaders for sexual harassment,[40]River's End. After their defeat, the Recharge vault was broken, and the few stragglers who escaped pearling would go on to join new raiding groups that operated throughout the summer of 2014, like the Silly Snakes and, most notably, Eagle Crew.

Author's Note

It is at this point my (Des23) personal expertise on the subject ends, and the events involving the WP in the latter half of 2.0 and beyond are better documented in the main article listed below, written by Lysika (who found himself on both sides of the conflict at various points in time). I will however continue to go through these events focusing particularly on the WP groups, cataloguing their rise and fall.

Papa_Pound vs. The World (Police)

Main Article: A brief account of significant events that have helped form CivClassic

By mid-spring 2014, the old World Police and HCF of the past were gone, permapearled, or reformed and welcomed back into society, and the server was again free from major conflicts. The previous coalition of Civcraft militias fell back to their home nations and formed or joined many new or rising proper military forces, like the Danzilonan Security Force, Carson Defence Cooperative, and the Orion National Council. These fighting forces still held onto their connections made over the previous months, however, and it was this informal network of multinational fighers that filled the power vacuum and became the new World Police. They were joined by the previously mentioned Gondolins, named after their 1.0 nation and mostly stateless at this point, as well as a number of post-HCF bounty hunters who spent most of their time hunting down petty criminals. Still owing to national obligations, there were moments where members of this new WP would clash, like when Danzilonans fought against Carsonites in the Riverford War, but these moments were generally smoothed over quickly and had no lasting damages in the WP network.

The biggest threat to the WP at this point became the group of raiders and friends led by Papa_Pound/IBGod. Previously a PVPer from Minerap, Papa brought over a number of friends for the same reason that all HCF join Civcraft: looking to become powerful and fighting all along the way. In the early summer, they formed Eagle Crew, and their quick rise was aided by collaborators, most notably sintralin from Fellowship (who would go on to form Libertas with another collaborator, which later became Nox). In the beginning, they acted much like any other raider group, though they were more formiddable with the equipment given to them by collaborators. Their first and really only big play as Eagle Crew was their attempt to break another of their HCF friends out of the Orion vault, which was (initially) unsuccessful.[41]It was not until they formed into America in autumn 2014 that they became the dominant global threat on the server.[42] Joined by many new HCF fighters, some of these new members were previously members of Recharge and used their permissions on their groups to extract the wealth from the former Recharge vault. With their newfound power, America successfully broke the vaults of Orion and of clone2204 in October 2014 with the World Police largely unable to withstand the group's unexpected power at this point.[43][44]In retaliation, many WP members raided and completely destroyed the home nation of a number of collaborators.[45]

The Titan War and Founding of Libertas

Main Article: The Titan War

Unknown fighters pictured at the Titan vault, early 2015
Unknown fighters pictured at the Titan vault, early 2015

Following the vault breaks, America had a falling out and split into two groups: those who wanted to continue their current formula, led by Papa, and those who wanted to become semi-legit and found their own nation, led by Lysika. The latter would be joined by a number of collaborators and found the nation of Forsaken in the deep -,-, while the former would move to Titan. Previously an independent city, ownership of Titan (and, more importantly, its large vault) was handed over to HanTzu who then leased it out to Papa, citing their mutual dislike of the WP and Forsaken. The World Police remained very wary, and hostilites began in December when Papa's group pearled a member of the WP on the CIC. The group alleged that GordonFreemanQ, a formerly banned WP member who was now back, was carrying out a reconaissance mission for the WP as he happened to be carrying snitches at the time. His imprisonment in the Titan vault prompted a major World Police response shortly afterwards, beginning the war and subsequent 4 month siege on Titan. Many back-and-forths and stalemates occurred, including a Carsonite Civil War between collaborators and the pro-WP leadership of the city (resulting in the latter's victory), until finally both Papa_Pound and HanTzu were pearled and alt-banned by March 9, 2015.[46]

In an attempt to clean up and save face, sintralin and her group of collaborators formed Libertas. Claiming to be a successor of America but legitimate this time, the group doled out reparations and freed WP fighters pearled during the war. However, the group continually refused to hand over the pearls of Titan fighters to the WP, which, along with a dispute over a skybridge, resulted in their banishment from many cities throughout the map.[47]Ultimately, the goal of Libertas was to keep Titan fighters unpearled, so when one of Papa's pearls was in a WP vault for what they believed was to be an indefinite amount of time, they staged an assault on it as the final battle of the Titan War, which they lost.[48]However, Papa would end up freed anyway when the fuel for his pearl was negligently depleted.

The Rise and Fall of Eden

After a tense but mostly uneventful spring, the people behind Libertas dropped all pretense of being an organisation that would hold itself accountable and instead decided to reform into Nox, an actual city-state that would craft its own laws, justice system, and, of course, megavault.[49]To try and beat Nox at their own game, the WP reformed into an organisation called Eden, which did have mechanisms that would hold its members accountable.[50]For the first time in a while now, the WP had an organisation they were loyal to as opposed to their own nations, and this also gave a sense of a lack of immunity to their fighters. This attempt at becoming more pallatable to the rest of the server in the face of Nox's rising influence would ultimately fall flat a few weeks later when the Rumble in Mt. Augusta occurred. On July 13, 2015, Papa pound was spotted in Mt. Augusta, leading to Eden forces converging on him to pearl him for the remainder of his sentence that he was accidentally freed from. Papa took safe haven in sintralin's house, and he was able to escape when a number of Chanadians used themselves as human shields for him while other Nox members fought off Eden.[51] When Papa made it to safe haven once again, the fighting dwindled out, and Eden was forced to expel two of its founders. The resulting fallout would also cause many Eden members, like TheTrackball, to leave the group voluntarily.[52]Eden carried on for a couple months afterwards but tried to lay low, deciding specifically not to get involved in the Goten Crisis in early August 2015, which resulted in a victory for Nox's allies.[53]After 2 months of little actual policing activity, Eden voted to disband on September 15, but still kept their shared channels of communication, allowing them to effectively revert back to the pre-Eden mode of World Policing.[54]

Mir Joins the World Police

Alongside the Eden-Nox conflicts, the group that previously split from Papa's America, Forsaken, became the proper nation of Mir and moved to the deep +,+ to find a place they could build a netherfactory in. Though the land was unused, it was officially claimed by Chanada, who continually protested Mir's presence despite the latter's infrastructure and military development which cemented their claim. Mir initially refused to budge, citing Chanada's poor compromise terms and their continued attacks. Allies due to their mutual hatred of the WP, Chanada called in Nox for help, and they declared war on Mir on August 11th.[55]Though the WP officially had no involvement in the conflict, previous Eden members like JPEGz (who was a Mir citizen) and Jakemeister joined the conflict on Mir's side. Mir exploited Chanada's poor logistics and, despite what even they deemed was horrible public relations, won the war and secured their claim. Even though they subsequently decided it was no longer worth maintaining, Mir was now on the WP's radar for being enemies of Nox. According to the leader of Mir, WP leaders approached him and forged an alliance between the two, and they planned to attack the Nox netherfactory that Nox was using to stage attacks on passerbys in the nether throughout August and September 2015.[56][57]As some Nox members were in the middle of bans for duping, the WP and Mir began their attack on October 8th, which led to Nox officially going rogue and declaring war upon the entire server.[58]

The Nox War and the End of the World

Main Article: The Nox War

The Nox vault is captured and broken open by the World Police, November 13, 2015.

Over the course of October 2015, the WP-Mir alliance successfully captured the Nox netherfactory and began their seige on the Nox vault. Progress was slow and grindy, and the alliance lost a number of fighters throughout the course of the seige.[59][60]However, the alliance was able to pearl more Nox fighters than they lost, and they were further bolstered when Mt. Augustan fighters joined the assault on the vault after the dissolution of their alliance with Nox.[61]Eventually, after weeks of fighting and some Nox fighters betraying them, Papa and sintralin were pearled and the Nox vault was cracked open on November 13, 2015, resulting in an astounding WP victory and the end of the server's last major threat.[62]Mir remained close to the WP, but the two still remained ideologically at odds with MtA, who was a long-time Nox ally until it no longer suited them. Mir handed over the Nox netherfactory to MtA, and the two sides diverged once again, but they were at least at peace. Things carried on as normal until 3.0 was announced in January 2016. As it existed for only two months from July 31 to October 1, 2016, 3.0 was simply not around for long enough for any WP groups to form.

Devoted 3.0

Main Article: A brief account of significant events that have helped form CivClassic#Devoted

The insane 3am scribblings of a madwoman attempting to understand the progression of the Devoted World Wars, c. March 2022

Between the end of Civcraft 3.0 in October 2016 and the beginning of CivClassic 2.0 in June 2017, Devoted was the main server the civ community played on. Though Devoted was always smaller than Civcraft, it had a history dating back to 2015 and a distinct community who appreciated its differences from Civcraft. This community was joined by the vast majority of Civcrafters who were looking for a new source of civ experience in the wake of 3.0's failure, setting the stage for the refoundation of the World Police.

World War One - Old Foes, Old Tricks

Thought it has been argued that the first Devoted World War took place before the formation of the World Police, it certainly was caused by one group exhibiting behaviour classically associated with the WP: snitching another nation without their permission. The one side of the war who did the snitching consisted of the nations of Volterra, which has been a continuous community since Civcraft 2.0 (and was officially known as Irithyl on Devoted, but many people continued to refer to it as Volterra), and the nation of Uguu. Uguu was run by Malen, an old WP-aligned bounty hunter from 2.0, and a number of newfriends who would become controversial in the future, such as Poortea. The side that opposed them consisted of notorious anti-WP (until the Nox War) fighters from 2.0. They were the nation of Veritas, composed of Nox-aligned HCF players from 2.0, and an unnamed raider group composed of the Meme Team faction from Mt. Augusta in 2.0. With almost every player in each of these nations consisting of veteran Civ players, they brought over their previous grudges and suspicions to Devoted, which resulted in Uguu snitching up Veritas on November 15, 2016.[63]Taking initiative to prevent retaliation, the "WP" side attacked the Veritas vault. However, a huge blunder was made during the attack, and the vast majority of the WP side got trapped on a ladder in a bunker within the vault. Veritas and the raider gang easily pearled the attackers, quickly ending the war and leading to the complete dissolution of Uguu.

World War Two - World Police Strikes Back

The second Devoted World War began when Veritas member and newfriend Coni confronted other Veritas members killing and vaulting a non-criminal individual. Disillusioned with their group, Coni released many of the WP pearled during the first World War and defected to a new group called Ruin, which was ran by Dollaz and consisted of many former WP from 2.0.[64]Veritas twice attacked the Ruin vault but failed both times after all of their fighters were trapped within the vault rings and pearled, resulting in a resounding victory for Ruin, Volterra, and the new World Police.[65]

World War Three - The Chimeran Civil War

In the aftermath of the third Devoted World War, the victorious WP side reformed into the Chimera Alliance on March 7, 2017.[66]Like some WP groups before it, though they consisted of players traditionally associated with the World Police, they assured the server that they would not intervene in the affairs of another nation unless asked to. The Chimera Alliance was made up of Volterra, Ruin, and the nation of New Veritas, which was ran by Coni, other anti-Veritas defectors, and some newfriends.

The stage for WW3 began to be set when a senator for Volterra raided and looted what they believed to be an inactive ally of theirs on March 30, 2017.[67]The last remaining resident of the town called them out and asked for the loot back, but Volterra refused. This planted the seed in the minds of many of Volterra being raiders and backstabbers to their allies. The war officially began when Santa, another senator from Volterra, freed the pearls of some of his friends from the Ruin vault, using the justification that the Ruin vault was made from much of Volterra's old wealth from the first World War.[68]A civil war in the alliance began with Ruin and Volterra against each other and New Veritas quietly exiting the scene. Unbeknownst to Volterra, many of those that Santa freed were double agents for Ruin, and they led Volterran fighters into traps on a few occasions. After Volterra learned of this betrayal and pearled the double agents, Ruin fighters attacked their vault but quickly became trapped. The Ruin fighters attempted to brute-force their way out and dig up the vault, letting Volterra pearl many of their fighters in the process. Ruin was defeated but still stood, and a peace was declared on April 5, 2017.[69]

World War Four - WW3 Part 2?

Unsatisfied with their defeat and still wanting to punish Volterra for their actions against them, Ruin attacked and pearled three of Volterrans while they were on a trading mission, violating Mt. Augusta's sovereignty in the process, on May 4, 2017.[70]On the same day, Ruin once again attacked the Volterra vault and this time attacked during a time when only one Volterran defender was online- Santa. Santa was successful in slowing down the attack but was not able to thwart it altogether.[71]The Volterrans then staged a counter-attack on the Ruin vault, aided by one of their members who inexplicably had access to the Ruin skybunker. After entering the skybunker, the Volterrans began to break the Ruin bastions, but became trapped when the WP learned what they were doing and removed the Volterran from the group. After the Volterrans escaped, a fight ensued on top of the skybunker, leading to a resounding Volterran victory with no casualties.[72]A final peace was declared on May 30, 2017.[73]As the summer began, many Devoted players, including the majority of Volterra and Ruin, grew bored of the server and became more interested in the newly launched CivClassic 2.0, leading to the Civ community as a whole deaming CivClassic the main civ server for the remainder of its existence.

CivClassic 2.0

The Second Rise and Second Fall of Nox

Main Article: The Somber War

The formation of the first World Police group and the first conflict involving it began much in the same way it did on Devoted. That is, old groups made up of veteran players remaining suspicious of one another and acting on their suspicions. On the night of July 21, 2017, the nation of Lexington (also referred to as Nox since it consisted of the same players from Nox on Civcraft 2.0, including sintralin) started to repeatedly altraid the Commonwealth in order to exploit them in a protection racket provided by Lexington.[74]A number of events subsequently occurred within the Commonwealth because of this drama, with some government officials attempted to get parts of the Commonwealth annexed by Lexington before being outed and expelled from their positions. To undermine Lexington's efforts and get more insider information, Hjaltland citizens TangentialThreat began spying on Lexington and their allies, notably making many ventures into the land of Lexington's ally, Anguish (the successor to Ruin from Devoted 3.0) and installing malware on sintralin's computer to gain access to her citadel groups.[75]With this casus belli, Lexington declared war upon Commonwealth and Hjaltland, who a few weeks ago had allied together and formed the Western Alliance, on October 8, 2017.[76]Mir and Impasse were also in the Western Alliance and so came to the aid of their allies in this war. Other nations, like Yoahtl, were at first officially neutral, but took some actions that helped the Western Alliance before joining up throughout the course of the war.[77][78]The formation and expansion of the Western Alliance set the stage for the nature of the World Police on CivClassic in that it would always consist of formal pacts of sovereign nations, as opposed to the informal pacts between nations as seen on Civcraft 2.0. Despite being the ones to declare war, Lexington engaged in actual combat only infrequently and instead opted to continue their raiding across the server, leading to nations like Vinland and Gensokyo to join the Western Alliance. Western Alliance consequently led attacks on Lexington and Anguish, completely disabling and dissolving the latter.[79]

Further Reading: The Fall of Lexington

These signs, left by Nox fighters after fleeing from their vault, became a popular meme among CivClassic players

With Anguish gone, the Western Alliance turned their attention to Lexington proper, attacking but failing to disable the Lexington vault on December 30, 2017. Skirmishes but no major battles ensued over the next few months until a Nox fighter was trapped and pearled on March 17, 2018 after they had invaded Commonwealth.[80]With morale now raised and feeling as though they could turn the tide, the Alliance made preparations to attack the Lexington vault once again and set up on attack bunker on April 6th. The attackers slowly crawled into the vault with a skybridge, breaking through the bastion field in the process, a technique which was relatively new at the time and one that Nox had little counter to yet. Nox's attacks on the skybridge failed and, losing all hope, they burned most of their materials in their bunkers and fled their vault, letting the attackers break it open and declare victory in the war on April 8, 2018.[81]Nox leadership, including sintralin, was subsequently hunted down and pearled indefinitely. Later on in 2018, the former claims of Lexington were settled on by the new nation of Tel Aviv. Although this peace would not last forever, the members of the Western Alliance became the ones who would run this new World Police order across the server.

The Infinity War

The "Long Peace"