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Hell (or Hell Gang)
Location1550, -5270
Capital cityHell Vault
Foundation date~18th June 2020
Succeeded byOlympia

Hell (colloquially Hell Gang) refers to the group of defenders of the Hell Vault first formed during the events of the First Hell War. Their claims were taken from the former Carbon (CivRealms 2.0) land immediately surrounding the Hell Vault. The members of the nation came from several now defunct nations, Savaguard, Eslenti and Boris.

Initial claims[1] of Hell following the sucession of the Hell Vault from Carbon following the First Hell War


Following their defeat at the hands of the first coalition during the aforementioned war, the group joined Blackwater (CivRealms 2.0) in Operation Paperclip[2], joining Blackwater in several minor conflicts, most notably in alt-raiding attacks on Venice [3]. Hell also began construction on a new vault within Blackwater's western claims (former Calormen), Ascension Vault.

Hell would later leave Blackwater, reforming into Olympia, while maintaining strong connections with Blackwater's then leader, Phacad3.


Not much is public about the nation's internal structure, beyond their particular affinity with all things monkey related.