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Featured article & current events

Each week, a summary (roughly 1000 characters long) of one of CivWiki's articles and the Civ community's current events appear at the top of the Main Page as the Featured article. This page, its features and reporting of is managed by User:Specificlanguage and oversees the complete editing process of these features, as well as the associated newsletter for each week. This page serves as an archive for each featured article and current events, as well as a way to see those currently in draft. If you notice an error in an upcoming TFA summary, please feel free to fix it yourself; if the mistake is in today's or tomorrow's summary, please leave a message to Specificlanguage. Articles can be nominated for Featured article at the form, and articles with a date connection are welcome! Feel free to bring questions and comments to the talk page.

Note: Unlike actual featured articles on Wikipedia, articles are generally required to have good content but do not indicate the quality of an article, it mostly indicates a key moment in Civ history.

Featured articles & current events

June 2023

June 1, 2023

Note: There is no associated newsletter for this week.

From the Featured Article

Empty Promises' 13th issue, highlighting Pacem.

Empty Promises was a Civ magazine that highlighted articles, news, columns, interviews, cartoons, and other affairs related to Civ. Occasionally published by Dr_Oracle throughout the later years of Civcraft and in CivClassic, it was frequently marketed as "Civ's longest running newspaper/magazine/bad joke". Its main selling points were its high effort to design along with its commitment to investigative journalism, generally well received by the community. It often tackled challenging subjects, such as Nether Factories drama and recovery efforts during the late years of the Titan and HCF wars in Civcraft, and featuring or interviewing figures like sintralin and bgbba during the Somber War giving both perspectives of the war's outbreak.

Empty Promises was unique as it was one of the only fully compiled, true-to-its-form, and sometimes open-sourced Civ magazines; many Civ newspapers today only focus on current events and rarely run interviews, op-eds, features, or showcases about items that had little to do with current events. Dr_Oracle has since gone inactive, although occasionally played in the Augustan Federation in its later days. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Tower Bridge, as reconstructed in Imperia, Imperial Federation.
  • CivMC is celebrating its first anniversary this weekend. It's introducing an ore-doubling weekend and fixing multiple bugs with ore harvesting, along with adding Amethyst to the ore pool.
  • Several new nations have claimed land on the server, taking up old claims after many nations have reduced their claims in the past month.
  • The Imperial Federation have elected its new parliament, and have created a bicameral system of government following their previous constitutional changes.
  • Cortesia Del Mar passed a resolution affirming itself as an LGBTQ+ safe space, in celebration of Pride Month.
  • Icarus deposed CredixYt as their prime minister with Jamiemie chosen as their successor.
  • Nara's new colony, Mali have published their first magazine of record, highlighting happenings across their country.
  • Several issues have developed with the Leibniz Confederation this past week, with some reaching claims agreements with the country's leader, Okx while others continue to have gripes regarding his inactivity.
  • Return of the Civ reset their map but have introduced several new features and plugins to amplify gameplay this past week.

May 2023

May 22, 2023

From the Featured Article

The city of Varkonia.

Varkonia’s iteration on CivClassic 2.0 was a country focused on foreign security and internal builds. Founded following the Somber War in 2018, they initially overclaimed territory held by Alpoko. Following the resolution of those claims, they eventually merged and incorporated Gabon into its territory. They became one of the major countries in the creation of the United Northern Congress (UNC), an alliance that stretched much of the major nations in the northern half of the server. However, following incidents in Mount Augusta and the Infinity War’s outbreak, the UNC fell apart and instead formed the Entente among other allies which fought against NATO.

The country had a robust constitution, legal system and law structures. Although a constitutional monarchy, the country’s senate proposed nearly 200 bills. The country was also known for its massive builds; the country’s signature tower at their town hall granted them entry into the Order of St. Marcus a few weeks after the country’s inception. Varkanos, the country’s namesake, was also known for posting elaborate memes based on movies on the r/CivClassic subreddit. Varkonia were also known for seamlessly adding defense systems, including vault construction, despite the high build quality of their own country. Today, many Varkonians are part of Volterra, while many Gabonians are part of Pavia. (Full article...)

Current Events

Sunrise at Pioneer Village in Lambat.
  • Nara announced they would leave the Independent Southern Powers, citing power issues including the Dalgon incident from the previous week.
  • Commrade_Potatoe has been announced as the new Director-General of Infrastructure in Cortesia Del Mar.
  • The Imperial Federation has elected its first parliament, with the United Constitution Party winning six out of its seven seats.
  • After voting for independence from a referendum last week in the Lesneria-Wlazestan region, Achiuwa reformed their country as a republic.
  • Lambatan President Kaprediem announced he would end regular play of Civ, with a semi-farewell post to wrap it up.
  • Return of the Civ was updated several times this week, but has stayed put at version 1.18.4.. Additionally, its map was rolled back 2 days ago due to technical difficulties.

May 15, 2023

This week's featured article was written by User:Metriximor. Again.

From the Featured Article

An advertising GIF pushing you to edit CivWiki and contribute to the newsletter.

The CivWiki Monday Newsletter is a periodic newsletter published by the CivWiki community (with the main editor being specificlanguage). It aims to provide the community with a summary of the latest happenings on the CivMC server and its associated communities. The newsletter includes reports on the progress of individual nations, updates on server-wide events and competitions, and announcements of new features,plugins, civ servers, among a myriad of other things.

The CivWiki Monday Newsletter is an important source of information for players who are interested in keeping up with the latest developments on the server. It provides players with a comprehensive overview of what is happening on the server, and can help them to identify what is happening in the often times chaotic world of Civ. Players who are interested in staying up-to-date on the latest developments on the server may also choose to use alternative methods such as the CivWiki, civ based subreddits or any of the many Discord servers related to Civ. (Full article...)

Current Events

A collage of pictures across the server. From left to right, Lusitania, Venne, The Commonwealth and Cortesia Del Mar.
  • The Cidian Union and Warmia eventually came to an agreement to let Lesneria-Wlazestan become an independent country following third party negotiations from Volterra.
  • Nara, Gensokyo and Truidencia had plans to declaim territory (along with other nations in Alenarith), although negotiations fell apart. They eventually declaimed their respective territories on their own terms.
  • The Leibniz Confederation declared war on Cortesia Del Mar after a break-in to a Dalgon bunker where SEC fighters attempted to free a pearl from border disputes. The declaration was mute after no players in the country have actively played.
  • The Imperial Federation modified their constitution this past week following criticisms; the CCTT eventually seceded following complaints over state sovereignty.
  • Icenia had its Senate elections, with a third runoff set to happen for the final seat before Rinvincibl3 withdrew from running.
  • CivMC admins released a ban list of mainly players from Rhode Island who had been permanently banned nearly a year prior, stating that they would ban by association if any players were found guilty of it.
  • Read the anniversary newsletter for more information.

May 8, 2023

This week's featured article was written by User:Metriximor and User:Specificlanguage.

From the Featured Article

Coalition fighters having fun in the Thèspian Hall in Portucale, Lusitania

The Battle of Lusitania was a military incursion and invasion of Lusitania during the War of the Coalition. After a series of obbybombings across the server hit Coventhia, Lusitania moved in to help out its friends; previously the country had known the obby bombers were based nearby. After increased Coventhian activity in the area, the obby bombers, known as Ransakistan, threatened Lusitania with invasion if they were caught trying to stop them. Lusitania responded by coordinating with Coventhia and Yoahtl helping form what would be called the “Ok Bomber Coalition”, consisting of SATO, Entente and UDF fighters, along with others from Mir and a myriad of independent parties.

A state of emergency was declared by the country on December 11, accepting that anyone who entered the territory would be subject to being pearled. Eventually, a Ransakistan vault was discovered in the border of the Holy Jaded Empire, dubbed the Swimming Pool, close to Lusitania, and was broken only a couple days after the state of emergency. Several players from the Coalition stayed behind in Lusitania to clean up grief. The battle was the climax of the War of the Coalition and was the only military conflict that occurred within Lusitania’s history. Upon discovering that Ransakistan was supported by NATO countries, focus shifted towards ending the Infinity War. (Full article...)

Current Events

Ruins of a pyramid in Q'Barra in Nara.
  • Tensions between the Cidian Union and Warmia continued following disputes over territorial claims. Oceanstar, the leader of Edius was pearled but was released over the weekend along with pending negotiations. Other parties, including the Elysian Pact and Mount Augusta were also involved in defusing the situation.
  • Sentencing following the "The "That's Nuts!" War" by the SEC has been controversial for fastestgrass, whom many argue acted under false information which prompted his lengthy pearl sentence.
  • The NEST treaty, signed by Nara and Estalia, agrees upon a mutual defense alliance between the two parties.
  • Gamertime and JuniorTide have announced the Pavian Stock Exchange.
  • The Imperial Federation have announced HassDaMann as their next chancellor following a lengthy campaign.
  • Pavia have announced BritishWanderer IV as their newest Crown Prince.
  • CivMC have started advertising accounts on Twitter, TikTok and YouTube, among others.
  • CivCubed have been ramping up progress on their server and have started advertising in preparation for their beta iteration.

May 1, 2023

From the Featured Article

The Crucible vault, prior to the Infinity War.

The Battle of The Crucible was a major vault attack during the Infinity War. After Columbia discovered that NATO officials had insided the country and significantly griefed their vault in an attempt to take control. Entente and UDF fighters rushed to the vault to defend it from an incoming attack later that afternoon, as NATO attempted a retaliatory attack. Unlike most vault attacks, NATO officials began their offense at bedrock level, working their way inwards.

At the onset, only eight defenders were at the vault at the time, but fighters from Mir and later most Entente countries helped defend the vault. Several NATO attempts at breaking through defenses were made but had stalled. A fatal mistake by Bob_The_Builder allowed Entente forces to gain the upper hand; he was pearled after being discovered behind enemy lines. NATO officials eventually retreated after this occurred. This event arguably marked the turning point for the war; although the Siege of Columbia and Valyria continued, NATO fighters began to burn out due to continued attacks which would lead to the end of the Infinity War within a few months. (Full article...)

Current Events

The skyline of Icenia as seen from Lake Michigan.
  • Gang Shi was defeated in a war against the SEC; this was incited due to boiling tensions between the two alliances as well as pearling buildfriends in Yoahtl, among others.
  • Claims by Gensokyo in Alenarith were called into question, citing inactivity and the newly found lack of defense following the war with Gang Shi. However, this led to some personal attacks against Gensokyo from prior incidents.
  • Warmia attempted to annex Lesneria and Wlazestan, two associated states in the Cinian Union; this was blocked by Edius who accused the country of blatant territorial expansion.
  • Magnileve and the Unified Map Project announced they would resume polygon-based claims; this was refuted by some who disputed the authority of global claims maps.
  • RedDevel posted a new poll regarding players' experiences on CivMC, fill it out here.
  • CivReign had few players log on this past weekend. Admin Cortwade states that they would continue to work on the server "however and whenever we can, and that will not change," hoping to bring players back onto the server soon.
  • Return of the Civ is continually improving on their server, attracting many players from currently dormant Vintage Civ.

April 2023

April 24, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:RedDevel.

From the Featured Article

A diamond vein on CivMC.

Civ101 is a comprehensive explanation of every server mechanic that a new player could possibly need to know. It starts with easy, step by step guides for basics like reinforcements, factory usage, diamond mining, and ExilePearl. The guide then leads players into explanations of the more advanced such as Acidblock, Bastions, Snitches, XP production and more. While other extra mechanic explanations like Brewery, RailSwitch, CastleGates and WordBank are still in the works, the basics required by any newfriend are there and ready to be used.

The guide hopes to serve as an up-to-date searchable compendium for experienced players when certain facts slip the mind. No more having to search through many different wiki pages and guides for your answer or resorting to the community for basic facts. It even contains a suggested list of Client-side mods that could be of use while playing the server. Feedback for the guide is encouraged! (Full article...)

Current Events

The Imperial Senate, a brand new towering build in the Imperial Federation in their capital.
  • Yoahtl was announced to be joining the SEC alliance, alongside Icenia, the Arsenio Pact, among others.
  • fastestgrass of Gang Shi was pearled by Icenia after continued trespassing in the territory. Both parties have agreed to prevent further incidents within their countries.
  • Transylvania has brokered alliances with Nara and Cortesia Del Mar, along with electing its first legislative congress.
  • CivReign continued their Spring Festival event, ending Wednesday the 26th, along with small minor gameplay changes. Admins intend to continue developing changes regardless of the player count.
  • Return of the Civ updated their plugins and beta server to 1.18, the latest released version of Vintage Story.
  • A CivWiki screenshot competition is coming soon, highlighting both builds and in-game screenshots. More details to come soon.

April 17, 2023

From the Featured Article

Palace of the Soviets in the Union of Socialist Augusta.

The Workers' Party (often abbreviated TWP) is a communist and far-left aligned political party spanning multiple servers on Civ. Originally founded on the Golden Creeper server in Leningrad, when the nation moved to New Leningrad on Civcraft 2.0, the party came along with it. It eventually morphed into other forms on Civcraft 3.0 and Devoted before being refounded by SandFalls in CivClassic 2.0 in Mount Augusta, where it played a major role in its controversial elections, creating the Confederation of Socialist Augusta and taking hold of the Confederation of Cities, Communes, and Protectorates, a nation composed of all the primarily communist nations on the server.

Worker’s Party members consisted of any voting member in Mount Augusta with interest in Communism, with its main goals being nationalization, anti-nationalism, anti-imperialism, worker unity and vanguardism. The Worker’s Party also contributed to builds in its territories, including a large stadium in the southwest of the city. Today the Worker’s Party’s successor is the Mery Horde on CivMC, however Worker’s Party communes exist in Pavia and Danzilona. (Full article...)

Current Events

Altepetl in Yoahtl, with the jungle trees peering over the lush skyscape.
  • Gang Shi and some Estalian players confronted Yoahtl during Estalia's build night; Gwua was pearled but was eventually resolved.
  • Mercutio and Aeros signed a treaty committing to mutual defense and infrastructure.
  • Cortesia Del Mar and the Transport Union signed a treaty to make their nether portal publicly available.
  • Mount Augusta elected ASomb as its new mayor, following an inauguration ceremony last weekend.
  • The Monument Group in Pavia opened up their bank, allowing any player to create a holding account.
  • CivReign had its Spring Festival event this past weekend, with a 50% boost to mining rate and a Springsteel pickaxe.
  • Laurentia decided to leave CivReign in favor of joining the Imperial Federation on CivMC, citing high difficulty and low player count.
  • Return of the Civ has entered beta following its map reset and mod purge, acting a spiritual successor to Vintage Civ.

April 10, 2023

From the Featured Article

A grand view of Southend, Southshire, with its giraffe, Melman in the background.

Southshire is a democracy that originated on CivClassic. Its namesake came from its location south of Westminster in The Commonwealth, and in its early days, was considerably involved in its foreign and domestic affairs, playing a minor part in the Somber War. The country eventually seceded to Yoahtl before becoming independent following the war. Despite a minor incident in the Infinity War with the LSD in the Entente-Laconia War, the country remained on good terms with most nations, including joining SATO and the UDF, developing close relations with Icenia in the late days of the server.

Although the country was relatively small in size, its main city, Southend, had detailed builds in its small peninsula located south of Westminster. The country hosted a world-famous brewery, public library, and eccentric large builds, such as Melman the Giraffe. It also included other areas like the Nudist Beach Resort and Oakhurst. Other areas included the Nudist Beach Resort and nearby Oakhurst. Today, Southshire’s triumvirate plays on CivMC ironically located in the north part of the map. (Full article...)

Current Events

A windmill out in the countryside of Lugano in Pavia.
  • Withers continued to appear in other places around Civ, including in the Imperial Federation and the Temporal Isles. It's part of a long-lasting April Fools prank by Hakr_.
  • CivReign has been slowing down in activity; despite a Carrot Festival held by Norlund and continued updates to reduce grind, peak populations have barely reached the highs of CivMC.
  • Mount Augusta, The Brigantines and Gempire have agreed to open an Aqua Nether portal for all nations.
  • Warmia banned Mushroom_Cultist from their nation due to supposed treason.
  • The Monument Group announced a brand new banking service after their purchase of Cartesian Holdings.
  • Xcios and Cissonius were married last week in Pavia's cathedral.
  • The SEC elected ChrisChrispie to be its new chairperson in the alliance.

April 3, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:Prawny331.

From the Featured Article

Lynn and Dartmouth at the conclusion of the Great War.

Otonabee, a nation founded in March 2020 on CivRealms 2.0, was founded by a group of newfriends who constructed the city of Lynn in the desolate southwest region of the server. The city quickly became an important center for trade and transportation due to its proximity to the New World and their rail connections to Olendor and SPQR.

Known for their lighthearted approach to diplomacy and politics, Otonabee quickly gained international recognition as talented builders and grinders. Prior to the Second Hell War, Otonabee and their larger neighbor Varathia formed a union, creating the Otona-Varathian Empire. Additionally, they claimed part of the New World as the Gallagher Territory and joined the Far Seas Alliance.

Otonabee witnessed heavy fighting in both Hell Wars due to its location between the Hell and Ascension vaults, resulting in temporary occupation during the Second Hell War. Following the war, Otonabee and Varathia joined Carbon, which would pull both nations unwillingly into the Great War following the bombing of CivCorp. (Full article...)

Current Events

Ruins and an aqueduct outside of Adria in Griffin.
  • Warmia joined the Elysian Pact, although there's some controversy, the alliance says that the entry "refocus[es] on providing assistance and support to our neighbors" and regional safety.
  • Members of Gang Shi were banned after revealing they were using a radar mod that illegally revealed locations, emphasizing CivMC's crackdown on their radar & mapping policy.
  • Pavia published the Monument Group's earnings for the first three months of 2023, resulting in a 100% increase in share profits.
  • While CivReign continues to make changes to tree growth and overall reduction of "grind", the playerbase is still restless about the continued nature of grinding and mining.
  • Courron and Laurentia agreed upon the CLASS alliance, committing to support mutual defense and trade.
  • Several Civ discords had April Fools pranks made this past week, including Griffin becoming Peter Griffin, the Yoahtl Times turning into the Gang Shi Times, and Brewyern turning into a PvP server.

April 1, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:Metriximor and User:Specificlanguage. This featured article is intended as an April Fools joke and should not be taken seriously.

From the Featured Article

This is you. You 'are the potato.

The You're a potatoe incident was an event on CivClassic 2.0 that turned everyone on the server to a potato. The outbreak started in Lambat with Metriximor and banyough rotating a seemingly perfectly fine “potatoe”. The situation became hilarious when Metrximor went into third-person, which resulted in a hilarious point of view.

Due the hilarity and subsequent popularity of the potato, it became so revered that an entire religion surrounding the potato came around it, with Metriximor and banyough becoming known as the “High Priest of the Potato”. CommradePotatoe was also involved as the holy vestige. A cult emerged as the religious people became “potato bombing” different cities for their holy crusade. Eventually, because the potato bombing became so deadly as they purposely only used poisonous potatoes for their crusades that the admins had to delete all potatoes from the server as a whole. (Full article...)

Current Events

The dirt pyramid. Yes.