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Featured article & current events

Each week, a summary (roughly 1000 characters long) of one of CivWiki's articles and the Civ community's current events appear at the top of the Main Page as the Featured article. This page, its features and reporting of is managed by User:Specificlanguage and oversees the complete editing process of these features, as well as the associated newsletter for each week. This page serves as an archive for each featured article and current events, as well as a way to see those currently in draft. If you notice an error in an upcoming TFA summary, please feel free to fix it yourself; if the mistake is in today's or tomorrow's summary, please leave a message to Specificlanguage. Articles can be nominated for Featured article at the form, and articles with a date connection are welcome! Feel free to bring questions and comments to the talk page.

Note: Unlike actual featured articles on Wikipedia, articles are generally required to have good content but do not indicate the quality of an article, it mostly indicates a key moment in Civ history.

Featured articles & current events

February 2024

February 12, 2024

From the Featured Article

Wayrest, a town made for pearled players within the Nether on CivMC.

ExilePearl is a Civ plugin that allows players to exile and imprison other players within a ender pearl, limiting their gameplay to another dimension, usually the End. Originally known as PrisonPearl when introduced during Civcraft, the plugin is known as the main mechanic for player-enforced justice within Civ. In order for players to continue keeping a player bound within the pearl, fuel is needed, usually within the form of essence on modern Civ servers; otherwise the player is freed from the pearl.

Devoted 3.0 introduced an alternative called ExilePearl, which the plugin is named after today. It provided an alternative means of punishment by not allowing players to be present within a certain radius of their pearl, although upgrading pearls to proper prison pearls were allowed. Exiling was adopted by later servers like CivClassic, it was not a popular mechanic, and the prison mechanic has been the sole force. CivMC pearled players play in the Nether rather than the end in previous iterations; due to its survivability some portals, cities and emergent gameplay has formed among pearled players. Although the plugin has been controversial especially in large wars, it is well-known among Civ players as an effective means of player-delivered justice. (Full article...)

Current Events

A snowy evening along Winterbourne Harbor.
  • Icenia approached SPQR and Volterra for an alliance; while they reached an initial agreement, upon notification into the Elysian Pact, mass disarray occurred as NameLayer and discord groups were purged.
  • As other Elysian Pact members recovered from the situation, Estalia and Pavia, for different reasons, began to negotiate their departure from the alliance. Results have yet to be made.
  • SlothInASuit was raided of estimated wealth up to 4,000 diamonds by Kibbles and SquidHasTheBad, who are currently wanted by Icenia for their participation in the Grasslands Gambit.
  • Monument Bank announced two new international locations in Nara and Baile, which can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Pripyat opened a new rail station that connects Mount Augusta, Danzilona and Nara.
  • Vintage Civ are continuing to develop their newest iteration, and gave small updates to the PvP and weapon system.

February 5, 2024

From the Featured Article

The flag of Nipplerock.

Nipplerock is a recurring country in Civ run by Gantoe. The country claims itself as a "powerful threat", but it is mostly known for its intentionally jokey nature as a country. Its leader is well known for self-destructing TNT in large populated areas and showing as propaganda. Its continued longevity and commitment to "terrorist" acts have been lovingly joked throughout the Civ community.

The country has a longstanding feud with Hexcorp since Civcraft 2.0 after being defeated in their home turf during the Battle of Talahassee; continued campaigns against the organization continued when it was part of The Commonwealth during CivClassic. The country has also "defeated" other nations such as Tierra de Conciencia and Pacem in past iterations. Although Nipplerock does not currently hold territory on CivMC, Gantoe continues to carry out TNT raids in populous cities. (Full article...)

Current Events

Along the bay in Blue Cove, Icarus.
  • CivMC re-released their 1.25 update, which was the long-awaited fishing update. Nearly all changes in the previous update made it over, with some minor additions.
  • Icenia raised their bounty of Kibbles and SquidHasTheBad to 94 blocks of diamonds respectively, as punishment for aiding chosentwicelol in various wars against Icenia.
  • Dalgon announced they would be joining Nara, after being closely associated with them over the course of the server.
  • A valley north of Yoahtl was flooded following the Grasslands Gambit.
  • Monument Bank released their January 2024 report, with the diamonds increasing to its highest point during a period of inactivity.
  • CivRev announced a scarcity-like iteration called CivRush, intended to have short, small maps but will experiment new gameplay mechanics for their upcoming 4th iteration.

January 2024

January 29, 2024

This feature did not run on the front page.

From the Featured Article

Malina, the capital of Mercutio. Mercutio came 3rd place in the wiki editing competition and won a featured article slot.

Mercutio is a nation founded on CivMC known for its exquisite builds, community, and integration into its jungle environment. Self-described as a “newfriend nation”, the country was founded the autumn after CivMC’s launch. Although the countries lies near Icarus, Icenia and Kaowta, the country has seen very little direct content and has developed a peaceful culture well-suited to their tropical land. They have also contributed to humanitarian aid with the clearing of a water wall of grief.

Due to their peaceful policy, the country developed its own unique culture. The country’s main capital, Malina has an architecture style that is distinctly grown in with the jungle landscape within the Northwest region. Their participation in the Olympics netted them many medals at the Shiro-Swisston Olympics, while they continue to participate in the server’s hockey league. They have friendship agreements with several countries and are well known as peaceful mediators for conflicts across the server. (Full article...)

Current Events

A sunrise alongside Groveheart Keep in the Imperial Federation.
  • A water wall was made over Mercutio; several players from nations across the server came to assess the damage and run flying machines to clean up the water wall from the source.
  • Rotteburg and Derzavia claimed over each other, but diplomacy broke down and Derzavia intended to wager war against the new nation. By the end of the weekend, Derzavia was found to be raided.
  • Estalia attempted to pearl Icenian Sdorr near the Icarus vault, working off of false suspicions.
  • Cortesia Del Mar announced their departure from the Civ genre, but asked other parties to leave their infrastructure alone.
  • The newsletter's poll revealed that many players had thought about leaving Civ due to stagnant gameplay and an unhealthy community.

January 22, 2024

This feature did not run on the front page.

From the Featured Article

The end citadel on CivClassic, built by Peter5930 while in exile.

Peter5930 is a Civ player mainly known for playing within The Commonwealth during Civcraft 2.0 and CivClassic. During the early days of Civcraft 2.0, he faced many conflicts with Carson as well as being a double agent during the HCF War. When he returned for Commonwealth’s iteration in CivClassic, Peter was pearled by Lexington during the Somber War due to continued grievances following the HCF War. He took on the mantle of King of the Commonwealth following brinton bestowing him the title. During his exile, he built the End Citadel which provided respite for imprisoned players in the end.

Although he was released and spearheaded renovation efforts in Westminster, Commonwealth’s capital, he remained a stoic figure and slowly became inactive. However, his slow disappearance despite his position of power granted several players, led by reffelruz of Meditat, to idolize him and founded a religion around him. The Commonwealth’s revival on CivMC established this philosophy with the Declaration of the Eternal King. The religion with scripture, construction of temples, and the coronation of Bowilla as king following in his footsteps, have continued to this day. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Rijkspaleis in Icenia, a European-inspired build in former Butternut territory.
  • SoundTech announced his departure from the admin position, with Diet_Cola withdrawing a couple days later, citing personal balance.
  • Vintage Civ is continuing development for their next iteration, working on major overhauls to the tech tree, world generation, Bastions, world exploration, and agriculture, among others.
  • President Kaprediem and King Bowilla of Lambat and The Commonwealth, respectively announced their departure from the countries they lead.
  • MippyMagic, a newfriend recruited by Baile was pearled in Mount Augusta following a coordinated effort among many countries.
  • SlothInASuit was pearled by Doom City following their trespassing of the latter's vault after the Doom City Conflict.

January 8, 2024

From the Featured Article

The Lux Capital in Amicitia.

The Kingdom of Amicitia, better known as Amicitia is a nation on CivMC focused on diplomacy and spreading kindness across the server. Initially beginning as a tribe in the early days of CivMC, they moved and developed several islands in the Southern Sea, which would become the Lux Capital. They brokered friendly relations with Mount Augusta and became one of the founding members of the BUILD alliance. Despite their involvement in minor conflicts with Nassau and playing a supporting role in the Doom City Conflict, the country has enjoyed a continued peace.

Although the country has a King and elected Prime Minister, the country has a tight-knit playerbase. The country also produces a large amount of literature, ranging from The Sapphire Wave, the country’s official media service, to the creation of several in-game books. The Lux Capital and its associated islands have a steampunk and Victorian build style, as well as continued builds and development despite their small land footprint. The country continues to be active and be an excellent diplomatic partner. (Full article...)

Current Events

Grand classical roman architecture in SPQR.
  • Dark_FFC was pearled by SPQR following revelations of deliberately stealing and insiding Kar Kazdun.
  • Several Icenians were banned following their knowledge of a VPN raider.
  • SQOpenSpellBook was freed from Doom City following their involvement in the Doom City Conflict. They eventually relinquished land from the country to be used by others.
  • Lambat announced that SamBonusG would be appointed Prime Minister, and would act as co-head of state with President Kaprediem.
  • The Monument Group announced record high earnings per share in their latest earnings report.
  • CivCubed announced they would be closing their first beta iteration with the promise to come back later.