Golden Nations

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Golden Nations
Final Map as of July 2023
Basic Info
Start Date
  • 1.0: 2 July 2022
  • 2.0: 23 October 2022
  • 3.0: TBA
End Date
  • 1.0: 22 October 2022
  • 2.0: 12 July 2023
  • 3.0: TBA
Subreddit (Unmaintained)
Minecraft Version1.18.2
Server addressTBA

Golden Nations (also sometimes mentioned/referred to as GN) was a worldbuilding server established in early july of 2022. The server would differ from the other servers in the civ genre initially, having a long ruleset and a different protection plugin more similar to towny. although this has since changed since the start of 3.0's development in early-August through November.

Golden Nations was formed by Skyblocker_ and theFernofrommars to bridge the gap between the civ genre and the at the time growing worldbuild genre.



1.0, commonly and almost exclusively referred to as 'Flogos' (roughly translating to fire world) would launch on 2022-6-2 and would run with the Lands plugin instead of the commonly used Citadel plugin, this trend would continue into 2.0.

On September 5th, the two owners Skyblocker_ and theFernofrommars would sell the server to Pickel. on the 21st of October, Pickel would give two very right winged 2b2t players a fake owner role and console access for a short duration of time, during these short seconds they would grab the IP of theFernofrommars and proceed to ddos them. after this, the majority of players quit and founded a different server KoreMC.

One day later the server would reset due to a world-file corruption. with 2.0 (also known as Keranos) starting a day after.


2.0, also referred to as 'Keranos' (roughly translating to thunder dome) would launch only a day after the controversy and shutdown of 1.0, on the 23rd of October. Keranos would see a resurgence in player activity not seen since 1.0. the server would experiment with several plugins during this period being movecraft, brewery, combatweaponryplus, and other less-used plugins. The server would once again be bought out by theFernofrommars and Skyblocker_ (whom skyblocker would shortly resign).

In early July of 2023, the manager and admins Mr Fern, Derpymama, Randombirdboy, and Everyonebutruler would convince theFernofrommars to leave the staff team and to put Mr Fern in charge of the server. This new staff team would soon crumble, and fall apart with several members of the staff team leaving or becoming inactive because of the change. On 2023-7-12 Mr Fern would close the server permanently and give ownership back to theFernofrommars.

3.0 Test Server

3.0 is currently being tested by the community and lead developer theFernofrommars. with some of the main changes being the switch from Lands to Citadel-related protection plugins.

On November 9, 2023, after a series of testings, the player base expressed their dislikes regarding the Citadel-related protection plugins and wanted to have the Lands plugin return. After a popular demand from the community, theFernofrommars reintroduced the Lands plugin for 3.0 and all civ plugins would not be included in the release.



Citadel allows placed blocks to be reinforced. This makes griefing more difficult, although still breakable. however, reinforcing a block costs resources. GN's resources and their assigned values are listed in the table below.

Reinforcement Values
Reinforcement Material Strength Maturation
Stone 100 5 minutes
Iron 300 30 minutes
Diamond 1000 2 hours


Bastions are blocks which allow you to secure an area from enemies. They generally come in two varieties: Vault Bastions and City Bastions. Depending on its type, bastions can prevent block placements, reinforcements, ender pearls landing, and more from any player not on the Namelayer group the bastion is reinforced to. Bastions can be broken over time by performing many disallowed actions.

Bastion Comparison
Type Radius Elytra Protection Reinforcement Protection Block place protection Pearl Protection
City Bastion 101 Yes Yes No Yes
Vault Bastion 21 Yes Yes Yes Yes