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Maester Alliance
Maester Alliance Flag.png
Flag of the Maester Alliance
Kamakon-Assembly-Hall July-2018.png
Kamakon Assembly Hall
Classification:History & preservation
Headquarters:Kamakon Assembly, Mt. Augusta
Founders:SomethingSaucy, Ttocs_Is_Awe, NateMagic
Founded:Summer of 2012
Sister organisation:Order of St Marcus
Current involvements:CivClassic
Members in cities:Mt. Augusta
Discord:Maester Alliance

The Maester Alliance is an ancient order focused on preserving the stories and texts that have been written by Minecraft players into in-game books.

Shardore Tower Library

The Alliance is currently focused on managing the Shardore Tower Library in Mt. Augusta.

The book collection of the library can be found here.


Civcraft 1.0

After the abandonment of Lazuli, NateMagic traveled north to an old mining outpost and started to build a great hall that would become The Citadel, other ex-lazulians Ttocs_is_Awe and SomethingSaucy came to join him and expanded the hall that housed many texts and added a village next to it. They were both collecting books and writing new ones. The three of them reached an agreement and named themselves the Maester Alliance.[1][2] The Maester Alliance was announced officially to the Civcraft subreddit by SomethingSaucy on the 2nd of March 2013.[3]


Civcraft 2.0

The headquarters of the Maesters in Civcraft 2.0 was the Tenpo Assembly. It was named "after our ageless nature" and the distant location "that has been forgotten by time" by using the Toki Pona word for time.[4]


Set up a facility on CivTemp and later built a library called the Tawa Assembly Library.[4] After a vote was held it was named Tawa after the Toki Pona word for travelling, a name suggested by Logic_Man.[5][6]

Tawa Assembly Library[7]

Civcraft 3.0

Devoted 3.0

Maester FabledMrFox creates the Library of Augusta within Mount Augusta and with Marcus_flaminius's permission leads the Maesters on Devoted.[8] Helping FabledMrFox was TaylorLCling who would later go on to become a Maester.[9] The library had 44 books in its collection at one point.[10]

CivClassic 2.0


The Alliance issues rulings, known as decrees, to govern their internal workings. As of December 13, 2021, these are the known decrees:

Current and former Maesters

Name Initiation date Server Location Oath Book Date Status
Ttocs_is_Awe[1] Summer 2012[Notes 1] Civcraft 1.0 The Citadel None
SomethingSaucy Summer 2012[Notes 1] Civcraft 1.0 The Citadel None
NateMagic Summer 2012[Notes 1] Civcraft 1.0 The Citadel None Ex-Maester
Tambien_Sinclair[11] 11th of July 2015[Notes 2] Maester
Marcus_Flaminius Maester of the Council
Stellardawn 26th of January 2014[12] The Citadel[13]
Logic_Man 2nd of March 2015[15] Maester of the Council
Mulificus Maester of the Council
WildWeazel 6th of March 2015[16] March 6th 2015[16] Maester
SortByNode[17] Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly 2nd cycle of July, Third Year[18] Maester of the Council
adeadhead Maester
UnknownOreo1996 30th cycle of June, Third Year[19] Maester
Weishaar[20] 6th cycle of June, Third Year[21] Maester of the Council
Sprocketlord[20] 7th cycle of August, Third Year[22]
Siksta[23] 8th of August 2019[24][Notes 2] Maester
spacew00t[25] 16th of Janunary 2016
PETN 15th of May 2016[26] Maester of the Council
TaylorLCling 2nd of December 2016 Devoted 3.0 The Library of Augusta 58th cycle since Landfall[9] Maester of the Council
Ace_of_Knaves[20] Maester
Lodish 16th of June 2018[28] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester of the Council
Milipede 24th of June 2018[29] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
lemuractionnews 7th of July 2018[30] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
MilesDust 10th of November 2018[31] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
comped 14th of January 2019[32] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
reffelruz 19th of August 2019[33] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
Kwikxilver 2nd of January 2021[34] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester


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