Kingdom of Blackcrown

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Kingdom of Blackcrown
Flag of Blackcrown
Activity level10-15
Alliance U3P
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Khingus
Foundation dateJune 3rd 2013, near the Start of Civcraft 2.0

Blackcrown (officially the Kingdom of Blackcrown) was situated atop a mountain deep in the +,+ on Civcraft 2.0. Inspired by Game of Thrones, the city was a showcase of nerd lore and sweet builds.

The Kingdom of Blackcrown encompasses the towns of Castle Black and Brightwater Keep.


Blackcrown was officially founded on June 3, 2013, a few days after the launch of 2.0.

Nanaton was a precursor settlement in the area. Originally conceived as an LSIF-base, the ruins lie roughly 200 meters south east of Blackcrown Keep. The majority of LSIF 2.0-origin parties split off to found Catalonia (roughly 3km north) while Blackcrown dug in and made its home. Remnants of Nanaton can still be found, although most of it has been heavily griefed or reclaimed.

Blackcrown's location was chosen because of a natural rock formation in the cliff that resembled a dragon's head and wings outstretched. This was carved into the dragon statue that overlooks the river on the Keep's western most point.

Blackcrown is one of the founding members of the U3P.

In February of 2014, Blackcrown citizens along with members of the LSIF started construction of the Folkvang International Highway, a cross map series of tunnels that allow travel by horse. The first of these tunnels was started in Blackcrown and dubbed the High Road because it was accidentally built one block higher than the connecting tunnel from Haven.


Blackcrown hosts many famous landmarks, and its architecture is considered to be among the most beautiful on the server. Blackcrown's city districts and notable builds are listed below. (See also: Castle Black)

The Dragon Gate

Though the main entrance to Blackcrown is known as "The Dragon Gate", the structure includes two dragon sculptures, a bridge stretching across the North River, and a cavernous stairway cut through the cliffside before ending at the 4-way gate itself.

The Keep

Hewn directly into the mountain, the Keep is an elegant labyrinth surrounded by well-manicured gardens.

The Red Quarter

The Red Quarter

The Red Quarter takes its name from the steeply slanted netherbrick roofs on each building in the district, and is populated by merchants, nobles, and elder citizens. The Red Quarter Square (comprising Blackcrown markets, Crusty Keyboard Inn, and Ye ol' Dilde Shoppe) is found here.

The Grey Quarter

The Grey Quarter

Like the Red Quarter, the Grey Quarter is named for the color of its stone roofs. While more modest than the Red Quarter, the district is unmistakably Blackcrownian and home to Scribes and Scholars.

The Shrine

The Shrine to the Old Gods is located just south of the city. This ancient place is rumored to be the last of the dragons' breeding grounds. The magnificent Weirwood - one of two known in the world - is also found here.

The Dolan Archives

The Blackcrown Library is situated between the Red and Grey districts and is easily accessible to both. The structure contains nearly 300 bookcases and ~180 books. The Dolan Archives is one of the few Universal Libraries on the server.

The Dolan Archives

Dolan Academy

Offering various training in the fields of art, science, and maths, Dolan Academy is a cultural pillar of Blackcrown society.

The Cathedral [mega build]

Southeast past the city walls, pilgrims are able to pay homage to the Seven.

The Docks

Nestled within the mountain below the Keep and along Blackcrown's northern river, the Docks serve as a trading port and market place.

The Undercity

Connected to the Docks, the Undercity begins with dockworker's residences which soon give way to Blackcrown's seediest neighborhood. The damp alleys, poorly lit bars, and cloaked figures have all contributed to the Undercity's sinister reputation. Any decent Blackcrownian avoids visiting it if possible.

Public Works Projects

  • +,+ Public Slime Farm
  • Cross-Map Horse Tunnel (From Haven)

Notable Citizens

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