Pearled Harbor

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Pearled Harbor
DateDecember 7th, 2021
The Crucible,  Columbia
Result Dozens of pearls freed, major damage to Columbian treasury.
 Kallos  Columbia
Commanders and leaders
  • Columbia Shadedoom
  • Columbia Doommad
  • Units involved
    1 insider 1 vault
    Casualties and losses
    None Most defensive materials stored within the crucible
    Gregy165's reaction after learning of the event
    Pearled Harbor took place on December 7th, 2021 (the 80th anniversary of the attack on IRL Pearl Harbor) when the player KnotNSA, a former high ranking member of Columbia's government, insided Columbia on behalf of Kallos[citation needed]. Allegedly, the event stemmed from a personal dispute between Knot and the Columbian player Doommad. During the course of Pearled Harbor, Knot entered Columbia's vault (The Crucible) and released the vast majority of the pearls held within[1].

    The Crucible included pearls containing Infinity War NATO fighters, Ohio players, CompassCraft players, and more. Among those freed include Lowtuff, who was pearled for violating an exclusion zone in the far northwest of the map, and former Columbian co-emperor Kdeeks and his ally pds0303, who was pearled at the end of the Columbian Bush War. The only players Kallos refused to release during the event were the Rhodesian player Jfkvius, CivUniverse creator IanX12, BlackManDiggy, and SirCrowley[2].

    In addition, SinjoroJoCrafter was released from the Arx Centuri for as of yet unknown reasons[citation needed]. Nearly immediately after Knot released him, Lowtuff was re-pearled by Hjaltland in Carson[3].
    Series of messages showcasing Lowtuff explaining he got pearled by shapha2002[4]
    Knot also allegedly burnt the majority of the wealth guarded within The Crucible, causing Gregy165 great distress. The repercussions are currently unknown, though it is likely that the once-close relations Kallos and Columbia had are severely damaged. There was also speculation that Pearled Harbor may spark a wider conflict between Kallos and the entirety of the UDF, the latter potentially also bringing in as well the Entente and SATO.

    KnotNSA took refuge within Kallos' vault, Arx Centuri. Kayla declared her intentions to not allow Knot to face justice or be pearled.[citation needed]


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