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NEA Compass
Member NationsBrimstone, Bryn, Fellowship, Garundistan, Hjaltland, Iria, the Federal Socialist Republics, Valex, Saraliana, Weldon, Maester Alliance, Aradesh, Rosewall, Eterna, Discord
EstablishedApril 2014
Location+,- quadrant during Civcraft 2.0
Constitution:Constitution of the North East Alliance
Map of the North East Alliance member states. Original published on 2015-05-06 by OfUnknown.

The North Eastern Alliance, short NEA, was an alliance of states during Civcraft 2.0 in the +,- quadrant, consisting of Brimstone, Bryn, Fellowship, Garundistan, Hjaltland, Iria, the Federal Socialist Republics, Valex, Saraliana, Aradesh, Rosewall, Eterna, Discord and Weldon, with the Maester Alliance as an Observer Status Member. The primary goals of the NEA were a mutual defense, mutual intelligence, mutual infrastructure, and preservation of the landscape and history of the +,-.

Chairman Greenble10 tried to revive the NEA during CivClassic, but unsuccessfully.


Misson Statement

The North East Alliance of Civcraft exists to provide a forum and centralised voice for the development, promotion and co-operation of the cities of the plus minus quadrant.

Guiding Principles

  • Mutual respect for other nations' integrity and sovereignty
  • Mutual Non-Aggression both internally and externally, including mutual self-defense against external or internal aggressors
  • Mutual Non-Interference in domestic affairs
  • Equality and mutual benefit
  • Mutual aid through cooperation

Chair of the NEA

For the purposes of clean and impartial administration, the NEA is managed by a Chairman. The responsibilities and limitations of this role are outlined below:

  • The chair of the NEA is moderator and administrator of NEA discussion.
  • The chair may call NEA states to meeting.
  • The chair should aid with the organisation and documentation of NEA affairs.
  • The chair shall resolve any internal conflict over procedure or legal legitimacy
  • The chair shall represent the NEA as a single entity under conditions decided in a proposal.

During the lifetime of the NEA, its chairmen were TangentialThreat, Mulificus, BlueSylvaer, Greenble10, OfUnknown, and Wolfeyes391.

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