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Free and Independent People of Bryn
Flag of Bryn
Flag of Bryn
Location3800, -3250

Bryn (also referred to as the "Free City of Bryn") was a bustling modern suburbia-like town located in the (+,-) quadrant of Civcraft 2.0, founded collectively by PointyBagels, MrGerbic, tehaleks, FriedrichHayek, KillYourFaceGo, LowlyPeon, and Weasey. Houses were typically grandiose in nature, and great care was taken of the large trees in the area. It was informally a part of the True Neutral League, and after it left the League, Bryn still considered its neighbors close friends and trading partners. Bryn has been a part of the North Eastern Alliance.

Bryn was home to the headquarters of the International Infrastructure Consortium, The Global Historical Conservation Society, and the Ad Astra Trading Corporation.

It was the core city of the Bryn Metropolitan Area.


Early Days

After the Civcraft 1.0 map files were leaked and the server moved to Civcraft 2.0, many residents of 1.0’s Bay City decided to form Bryn. In the first weeks of the server, the founders of Bryn lived with the founders of Fellowship and Aurora in the True Neutral League temporary camp, also known as “Camp Beige”. Bryn’s location was chosen due to the presence of a nearby diamond vein in the mountains to the north. After deciding on a location, the founders quickly began working on large farms, highways, roads, and their houses, as well as public works projects.

Initially, the primary income source of Bryn was the nearby diamond veins found on the island, which contained thousands of diamonds. Many of Bryn’s early residents were bounty hunters, and hunted criminals who caused damage in Aurora (Civcraft 2.0), Bryn, or Fellowship.

Mirango Incident

The Mirango Incident was the first major conflict in Bryn's history, regarding settlers on the island from Aurora.[1][2][3] While it is generally agreed that Bryn handled the situation poorly by kicking the homesteaders off of the island, and for a short time pearling them, the incident was a sign of a larger trend to come. Land claims on 2.0 were much larger than in 1.0, and people were more willing to enforce them. Indeed, while Bryn still claimed the entire island, its territorial claim became among the smallest.

Eventually, and largely due to the diplomatic efforts of Sami Ghani, relations between Bryn and Aurora were repaired, and it was not long before the two cities were working together once again.[4]

Claytican Attack and hostilities with New Leningrad


The fall of Bryn and Aurora




Laws and Government

Bryn has no official government and thus no formal leaders or constitution. However, private citizens tend to respect the positions of fellow residents, and in place of a formal government more often than not vote in a democratic manner (among active players at the time) on both major and minor decisions involving the town as a whole. Access levels to citadel groups are given to residents based on activity, and in general long standing residents have access to most citadel groups, and have opinions that are respected.

Justice is carried out by any local resident who is able to fight, or occasionally by outside help.

Bryn does have a build code, which new residents agree to upon receiving a plot.

Landmarks and Surroundings

Bryn shared a relatively close location in the (+,-) with Aurora, Fellowship and the Grundeswald Freestate though travel to these cities is still no small task. Notable landmarks in Bryn included, Bryn Farmers' Market, Ludwig von Mises Station, the Bryn Hotel, Monument Aux Fondateurs de Notre Ville, and individual homes of the city's residents, most of which were well constructed and beautiful.


Bryn was economically self-sustaining and benefited largely from being a net exporter of luxury goods such as gold, XP and enchanted diamond items. Its residents were mostly upper-middle-class, with few falling below the poverty line.

Shortly after it's revival, Bryn's economy relied exclusively on Fellowship until it's trading became diversified with more community members becoming active producers. Bryn's largest export markets became Fellowship, Mount Augusta, Olympia, Orion and Iria.