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Specific holding a copy of his recommended guide
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForMaking high quality informational posts about Civ
Main ResidenceDiscord

Specificlanguage (stylized specificlanguage) lives in The Commonwealth and helps Squareblob to maintain this wiki. He is citizen of the Commonwealth known for organising Westminster's train station and various text posts on the server. Has a CivTCG card in his honour. Specificlanguage has quit the server but is still very active on discord.


Throughout Civ, specificlanguage has been a content creator of successful informational text posts and memes about Civ, usually posted on Reddit. While having a knack of programming he does not utilise it as much as he'd like to, despite pursuing a possible major in Computer Science.

As of recent, he is associated with the CivThinkTank.

Some of his contributions to the Civ community include:

  • Creating the Westminster train station, the main station in the Commonwealth and managing Commonwealth's rail system.

Recommended Starter Nations series:

He also regularly edits the CivWiki in an effort of the Civcraft 2.0 Wiki restoration project, where instructions can be found at CivcraftImport:How to.

I'm currently working on: Recommended Starter Nations 3, set to be released in late March 2020.

I also want to work on: Informational Videos unrelated to Civ.

Civ Timeline

Started in Concordia in CivTemp, and continued for Civ 3.0. After a year-long hiatus, returned to help revive Commonwealth for CivEx and eventually CivClassic, eventually becoming Prime Minister in the summer of 2019, retiring at the end of August 2019. He has quit Civ at the end of the Prime Minister, but remains an active member in the meta-CivClassic community.

Which Language?

The debate about which language specificlanguage refers to has been numerous. Some common responses to this question are:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • C++
  • Python
  • Arabic-lite
  • The Malayo-Polynesian Family of Languages
  • Russian
  • Music
  • Love
  • Canadian French
  • Praxis
  • British
  • Chemistry
  • Kotlin
  • Common (according to an advanced AI)

...and many others.