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Kingdom of Savaguard
Flag and Capital of Savaguard
LocationThe West
Capital cityZexenia/Viseguard
CurrencyStamina / E-Blocks
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
• Jester (Head)
• High Lord
• Grand Maester

The Kingdom of Savaguard was a large Feudal Kingdom located on the west coast of the main continent of CivRealms. Savaguard was officially established after the fall of the Western Empire. It was an RP nation which was ruled by King Invader1337 . At its height, Savaguard was one of the major powers on the server, and had one of the largest land areas and active player bases. Its RP differentiated it from other nations, as the foundation of the nation was built on it. Savaguard was officially dissolved after the Savaguard-Cantina war, as most Lords decided to secede officially. It was succeeded by 12 independent states, 11 of which formed the Confederacy of Independent States which shortly later dissolved, with the Saviors Republic choosing not to join CIS, and Dbugingrad being kicked out.[1]


King Invader established the nation after a coup in the Western Empire, deposing Twinkieminer and Fuzzymittz after they turned bank robbers. Believing a nation should not be ran by criminals, he took over and reshaped the country into a feudal realm with the help of his Jester, Saren Solaris. .

Civil War

Romano-Columbian War

Invasion of Unitas

Doom's Gate

The Cantina Infiltration




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Savaguard was not known for vile punishments for citizens, nor was pearling it's go to decision. Mainly, when someone was being unloyal, dishonest, or committing crimes; they'd be pearled and held temporarily till a court be convened with the offender present, then court proceedings would be held and their punishment would be given based on the King's Decision and the Lord's discussion of the matter.

Trial by Combat

One of the favorite pastimes of the Savaguardian's—which didn't become popular till late in the nation's era—was some friendly gladiatorial combat, usually when a criminal needed punishment for something not too heinous, they'd lighten the mood and host a battle between a jester or volunteering citizen and the perpetrator. Often these sports were publicized and friendly, greeting all nations to participate in the festivities. It was one of the best ways to lighten the mood after disputes, and usually opened friendly relations.


The most common punishment in Savaguard history was a form of reps, this was created after the end of the revolution of Savaguard/Western Empire, because Savaguard as a whole did not want to pay for the large quantity of pearls. So Invader came up with a simple list of reps, because he needed a strong infrastructure over a few hundred stam. He asked for upgrades and amenities instead, tunnels, farms, factories, builds, Aqua Nether upgrades, and more.


The highest level of dishonor in Savaguard was if the King himself, declared you unworthy of boots. Only few got this terrible punishment, and to this day nobody has found Invader's secret boot bunker.

"Take his shoes!" -Invader