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Snitches are blocks which record the actions of other players in a radius around them. They come in two varieties: noteblocks and jukeboxes. Noteblocks only record player movement, while jukeboxes record all player actions, including breaking blocks and opening chests. Noteblocks and jukeboxes must be reinforced to turn into snitches. Snitches are managed by the JukeAlert plugin (source).


To create a snitch, place down a noteblock or jukebox and reinforce it. Snitches have a cube area with an 11 block radius, so a total of a 23x23x23 block area centered on the snitch.

Snitches can be given a name with the /janame <name> command, which will display on snitch notifications. This command will rename the snitch you are currently standing inside the radius of. If there are multiple such snitches, the nearest snitch will be renamed. By default, snitches have an empty string as their name.

Breaking Snitches

Snitches have a unique interaction with NameLayer - once broken, they will print the name of the group they are reinforced to, along with the primary owner of the group. This is to allow players to determine who (perhaps with malintent) placed snitches on their land. This does not occur when culled snitches are broken.

Recording Movement

Whenever a player not on a snitch's namelayer group (or a player who is on the snitch's namelayer group, but does not have the SNITCH_IMMUNE permission) enters the snitch's area, a notification is sent to the snitch's namelayer group. Players on the namelayer group must have the SNITCH_NOTIFICATIONS permission to see this notification.

Note that throwing an ender pearl into a snitch field will not trigger the snitch, but moving inside afterwards will.

By default, the notification has the form <player> entered snitch at <snitch name> [world <x>,<y>,<z>].

Recording Actions

Both noteblocks and jukeboxes record movement, but only jukeboxes record other player actions. Whenever a player performs an action - such as breaking a block, opening a chest, killing a mob, mounting a horse, etc - in the radius of a jukebox, a log entry is added to the jukebox.

Checking Logs

To read the logs of a jukebox, stand in the radius of the jukebox and use the /jainfo command, which will output the logs to chat. You can also use the /ja command to open a GUI containing the logs. To perform either of these commands, the jukebox must be reinforced to a group you have the READ_SNITCHLOG permission on.

/jainfo can take additional parameters in the syntax /jainfo [<page number> or 'next'] [censor] [action=<action type>] [player=<username>]. These parameters can be combined in any order.

/jainfo parameters
Parameter Description Example
<page number> or next View older entries. It can either be a page number or the keyword next. next will print the next page. /jainfo 3 will print the 3rd page.
censor Censor coordinates from the logs. This is useful for posting snitch evidence publicly. /jainfo censor will print Falvyu Block Break 1 [*** *** ***] instead of Falvyu Block Break 1 [1562 13 178]
action=<action type> Filter by action type. /jainfo action="block break" will only print entries where a block has been broken. Note that double quotes are only mandatory if the action has a space in it.
player=<username> Filter by player name. /jainfo player=RaiderCC1 will only print entries for 'RaiderCC1'. Note that this is case insensitive and will also print partial matches. /jainfo player=raider will therefore print entries for 'RaiderCC1' and any other player who has the word 'raider' in their name.

Dormancy and Culling

Snitches need to be periodically refreshed by a player entering the snitch field who is on the snitch group with the namelayer LIST_SNITCHES permission. Snitches that are not refreshed will first become dormant and lose all functionality but once refreshed will become functional again, if a dormant snitch isn't refreshed however after more time it will become culled. A culled snitch has no functionality but also can't be refreshed, functionality can only be regained by breaking and replacing the snitch block. You can use /jalist to see if your snitches have become dormant or how long is left until a snitch becomes dormant or culled. When you refresh a snitch, the timer on /jalist won't be updated until the daily server restart.

Cull times
Type Domancy time Cull time
Noteblock 4 Weeks 8 Weeks
Jukebox 6 Weeks 12 Weeks

Redstone Interactions

Jukebox snitches can be configured to cause levers on the blocks on or adjacent to the jukebox sides to output a redstone pulse. This behavior which is disabled by default can be enabled with /jaToggleLevers 1 and disabled by /jaToggleLevers 0 in radius of snitch.

The direction the lever is placed on changes the action type that causes it to trigger.

Redstone signal
Direction Trigger
North Player entry or login/logout
East Block placement
South Chest opened
West Block break

Nearby levers will be turned on for a duration of approximately 750ms. This duration can vary due to server lag. Levers that have already been enabled by players will also be turned off after 750ms.


Kira relays can be set up to automatically send snitch notifications for a discord channel.


The SnitchMod mod can be useful for managing snitches (1.18+).


Usage Function
/jahelp Display JukeAlert help
/ja Open snitch GUI
/jainfo [<page number> or 'next'] [censor] [action=<action type>] [player=<username>] Print snitch logs in chat.
/jalist [group] Display snitches in a GUI. If group is given, only snitches reinforced to that group will be displayed.
/janame <name> Name snitch
/jalookup [] Use coordinates to show the namelayer the snitch is reinforced to
/jamute [group] Ignore/Stop ignoring a group. Leaving the 'group' parameter empty will list the ignored groups.
/jaclear Clear snitch logs from a nearby snitch
/jatogglelevers <0,1> Enable/Disabled the lever output functionality