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Picture of RedDevel
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForIrian Head Councillor

Diplomat of mount September

President of the Augustan Federation
Main ResidenceIria
Known Spoken Languages
  • Dutch
  • English
Political Ideology
  • Democratic Socialism
  • Progressive Socialism
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on
AltsPurpleDevel, OrangeDevel

RedDevel Is currently the Head Councilor of Iria, Diplomat of Mount September since 02/04/2021 And President of the Augustan Federation as of 22/10/2021


Rough start

RedDevel first joined Civcraft 2.0 in january of 2015, Like many newfriends he did not understand how the server worked, and quickly got a bounty for not replanting a field in Orion. Moments before this bounty was posted RedDevel had made his way to Iria where a kind Irian (Possibly Ofunknown,) led them back to Orion to replant the field and avoid being pearled.The following day however he was pearled by mistake but quickly released.

End times

After about a month of playing, RedDevel got caught stealing from some houses in Iria, a bounty was again placed on his head, for which he handed himself in.the same day. He spent 2 months in the end before being freed by mistake when the fuel for his pearl ran out. So once more a bounty was placed, It took only a day before he was caught and pearled again while traveling through Orion. After spending another couple of months (unknown exactly how many) in the end. He was freed when it was discovered that he had been playing in Iria as an upright citizen, on his then alt account:: RedDevel for quite some time.

A Reformed citizen.

-Time spent in Iria not being naughty here.

Back again.

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Journey through September.

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