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RedDevel currently works as a Superfriend, Mostly focused on helping out CivMC admins with dev / config work and testing. They reside in DevelHof, A self made castle on the sea within the borders of Djani'hweh/Mehri.

Picture of RedDevel
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main Residence Djani'hweh
Known Spoken Languages
  • Dutch
  • English
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on
AltsFemDevel, LaughingDevel

Held Titles / Positions.

Position/Title Date Start Date End
Head Councilor of Iria 03/02/2021 18/12/2021
Diplomat of Mount September 02/04/2021 18/12/2021
President of the Augustan Federation 22/10/2021 18/12/2021
Provisional Governor of Mount Augusta 02/06/2022 15/06/2022
Moderator of CivMC 07/09/2022 27/05/2023
Superfriend of CivMC 22/04/2023 27/05/2023
Admin of CivMC 27/05/2023 Current

History in Civcraft 2.0

Rough start

RedDevel first joined Civcraft 2.0 in january of 2015, Like many newfriends they did not understand how the server worked, and quickly got a bounty for not replanting a field in Orion. Moments before this bounty was posted RedDevel had made their way to Iria where a kind Irian (Possibly Ofunknown,) led them back to Orion to replant the field and avoid being pearled.The following day he was pearled by mistake, but quickly got released.

End times

After about a month of playing, RedDevel eventually got caught stealing from some houses in Iria, a bounty was again placed on their head, for which he handed himself in.the same day. He spent 2 months in the end before being freed by mistake when the fuel for his pearl ran out. So once more a bounty was placed, It took only a day before he was caught and pearled again while traveling through Orion. After spending another couple of months (unknown exactly how many) in the end. He was freed when it was discovered that they had been playing in Iria as an upright citizen, on his then alt account:: RedDevel for quite some time.

A Reformed citizen.

After meeting Dawgthemelon in the end some time was briefly spent in Spero where RedDevel were supposed to take the seat of Seabrook serving under Dawgthemelon, the mayor of the small town..However the town never took off and the idea was ultimately abandoned.

For the rest of their playtime RedDevel spent most of it exclusively in Iria, Wandering the streets and building little things around the city Including a tower on the mountain pass overlooking the city, A harbor and boat near the cathedral of St.Castulus. And eventually a castle as his home to the south of Greenville.Before ultimately becoming inactive.

History in Civclassics

Quick Ascent

RedDevel had briefly joined Iria again at the start of both Civtest and Devoted 3.0 but they had not stayed active for long on both of these server. It was only during Iria's time on Civclassics that RedDevel truly became an active member of the nation again after discovering Iria was still around years later after he had last played.

After being greeted to Iria by squareblob; RedDevel had build their first and only home in Iria within the housing district. Almost immediately RedDevel became involved in the governance of Iria through discussion with Squareblob about how to raise activity of existing members and attracting new ones. It wasn't long before he became part of the existing informal council of Irians. And then Head councilor of the nation. A Title made formal at the founding of the Augustan Federation by RedDevel himself as to be able to switch representatives if needed without having to edit the charter.

Terraforming Iria.

After building their house, RedDevel found himself wanting to improve the surrounding land which at the time was still orange terracotta, so he started changing the top layer to grass. With other Irians finding this a nice change. Eventually with their help, the entire Terracotta island was transformed from barren to lush and green, planting more trees and carving rivers trough the plateaus. Even the floating tree farms were taken down and moved under the river to provide better views.

In the later years the eastern most island which went unused until then was taken on by RedDevel as his personal project and transformed into the Garden District featuring the Old cathedral of St.Castulus from Civcraft 2.0 as the center piece, a pagoda, the graveyard of lost souls with the names of old Irians. a giant Redwood tree.And the hanging balloon bridge build by Retyu.

Not only the Surface of the Irian islands but also the underground infrastructure were a large part of RedDevel's efforts. Pushing for the big international rail station to be finished and building several rails connecting to it like:

  • The 0,0 line which is 10,000 blocks long that features a double track with an iceroad,
  • The Gensokyo rail,
  • The Caledonia rail,
  • The Savion rail.

Together with help of other Irians such As Squareblob, Bellamorte, Ladycat, Wolfeyes, Retyu And many other Irian citizens over the years.

Journey through September.

-Invited by squareblob after coming back from inactivity

The Augustan federation.

-Stuff about forming and being part of the Augustan Federation.

History in CivMC

Provisional governor of Mount Augusta.

-Stuff about setting up Mount Augusta, how the spot was chosen, roads, diplomacy (Zatoka border conflict)

-Stuff about Leaving after the term, and foogle court case.

Serene Retreat.

-Stuff about moving to Mery and setting up Develhof on an island.

-Completion of castle at (21/04/2023)

Slow transition from playing.

-Becoming a moderator and subsequently Superfriend.


  • Founded MTA on CivMC.
  • Responsible for Wordbank on CivMC.
  • Maker of the :gladders: emoji
  • Staunch advocate for Better Fishing plugin.