Council of the Medi Sea

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The Council of the Medi Sea was a regional international forum on CivClassic consisting of all countries bordering the Medi Sea. Participation in the Medi Sea was automatic whenever the borders of a nation touched part of the water or landmass right next to the sea.

The Council's goal is to improve cooperation and peace within the region, as well as establishing international projects between other member states.

Council of the Medi Sea
Medi Sea
Map of the Medi Sea
GovernmentDirect Universal Democracy
Foundation date2 January 2020
Succeeded byForum of the Medi Sea

Member States

Historically, many nations have lived in the Medi Sea region, like Impasse and Luxemburg, however, since the Council's inception, a few have been lost to the annals of history. By the end of the world, the Council boasted an active participation of a few of its members and a semi active participation of other members.

Participating states (as of 2 December 2021)
State Status (by end of the world)
 Lusitania (CivClassic 2.0) Active
 Gabon Active
 Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates Active
 Kaltsburg Active
 New Thoria Active
 Columbia Non council participant
 Varkonia Non council participant
X  Lumière Annexed by CCCP
X  Atlantis Annexed by Columbia
X Coroseia Succeeded by New Thoria
X  SPQR Joined Varkonia
X  Tungsten Annexed by Lusitania
X  Grand Imperium Inactive
X Highrock Inactive
X  Namhan Inactive
X  Tierra de Conciencia Annexed by Coroseia
X  Neukaltsburg Annexed by Kaltsburg

Inner Workings

Since participation in the Council is automatic, the council does not have complex rules of participation, and has no authority over any member state. In order to conciliate the multiple different forms of governments in the Medi Sea the council believes that every single citizen of a member nation that lives in the Medi Sea has the right to start proposals and discussions on any projects and the power to cast a single vote.

Any proposal and or approved project is non legally binding and only sets a objective for the Council and the member stations to work towards.