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Generic War

Map of the war. The Coalition in green, Rhode Island and co-belligerents in orange. KOEL/KOZ, which withdrew from the war, is shown in light green. Former Rhodesian territory which seceded during the war is shown in light orange.
Date24th July – 19th September 2022
(1 month and 27 days)

Coalition Victory


The Coalition:

Kingdom of ErrorL KOEL/'KOZ'[4]
(until August 15th)

 Rhode Island

Commanders and leaders

Estalia Gregy165
Estalia Lysika_Lantariel
Estalia Walkers
Estalia Risunsky
Estalia S4NTA
Estalia Ez2Clutch
(until August 18th)
Pavia BritishWanderer
Pavia Gobblin
Pavia Cissonius
Pavia Creepi0n
Pavia paagf
Jorvik Mickale
Jorvik Longboyy
Jorvik Bjorn LaBlaze
SPQR Mark_Antony
Titan Industries Naglafer
Titan Industries JuniorTide
Titan Industries Gamer_Time69
Titan Industries Gwua
Icenia ChrisChrispie
Icenia Lagiacrus11
Moloka MusDANG

Kingdom of ErrorL ZachAttack

Rhode Island Capri
(until August 11th)
Rhode Island GeneralThomas4
(August 11th-16th)[7]
Rhode Island Pds0303
Rhode Island Toontasker
Rhode Island Adderral
Rhode Island Vanax
Rhode Island Danirague
Blockchainistan Figasaur
Blockchainistan Xjiro_

Blockchainistan RabbiCroc
Casualties and losses

Estalia 7 Pearled [1 freed]
Titan Industries 3 Pearled [9]
Kingdom of ErrorL 3 Pearled [1 freed]

Icenia 2 Pearled[10]

Rhode Island 25 Pearled[11]

Blockchainistan 2 Pearled

6 non-combatants pearled[12][13][14], 2 later freed[15]

Total pearled: ~48

The Generic War, also sometimes known as the Estalia–Rhode Island War, was a war on CivMC between Rhode Island[note 1] and several other countries, primarily Estalia and other members of the Elysian Pact.


The war was largely the result of existing animosity between players of the two nations predating server launch. Despite attempts to remedy the issue, notably through the signing of a Non Aggression Treaty between both sides,[16] tensions would continue to rise and eventually escalate into war.

The Bob_the_BuiIder Incident

On 23 July 2022 Rhode Island citizen Bob_the_BuiIder, despite warnings, trespassed at an Estalian XP compound, the following day, 24 July, he would once again trespass at the same XP compound.[17]

This action would prompt Estalian players, Walkers and ThePayman to follow Bob_the_BuiIder's movements into the city center of neutral Nara. Bob_the_BuiIder would respond to the perceived threat by quickly boating back towards Rhode Island territory, the Estalians would follow, with their force being boosted in the ocean by Ez2Clutch and several other players, while some attempts were made to break Bob_the_BuiIder's boat[18].

Following Bob_the_BuiIder's arrival at Rhode Island's iceroad and territory, all Estalians would abandon pursuit, with the exception of Ez2Clutch who would continue to move onto Rhode Island territory, pinging farm snitches. Rhode Island fighter Capri interpreted this action as an attack, and launched a strike against Ez2Clutch, who was then joined in defense by several other Estalians.[19] During the following group fight,[20] Capri would be pearled, this event would mark the beginning of hostilities in the war.

In the statement presented at the start of the conflict, Estalia would claim that the Estalian forces had no serious intention of pearling Bob_the_BuiIder. While Rhode Island would claim that Bob_the_BuiIder's chasing by Estalia was a purposeful breaking of the Non-Agression Pact, and that Ez2Clutch had sought to provoke and bait Rhode Island into starting the fight.


Initial Confrontations

On 25 July Rhode Island would perform an attack on a Estalian Slime farm and bunker,[21] justifying it as a response to the events of the day prior.[22] Attempts to stop the conflict through diplomatic means failed, and the war would continue through a series of back and forth attacks and raids by both sides on each others farms and infrastructure, with Rhode Island losing a significant amount of pearls while Estalia suffered no losses.[23][24][25][26][27]

The war, and its origin as a conflict born out of old pre-launch grudges, was seen with great cynicism by a large part of the community,[28][29] who would see it as a predictable repeat of similar conflicts on previous servers, mockingly giving it the title of the "Generic War".

On 26 July, the nation of Kallos would publicly declare its neutrality on the conflict,[30] a few days later Kallos would become one of the founding members of the Non-Aligned Movement,[31] a movement of nations who sought to distance themselves from the conflict, and which notably included as founding members several other nations that had previously been part of Rhode Island.


The aftermath of Rhode Island obbybombing Estalia's market at 0,0.
On 1 August, Rhode Island would perform an attack on the Estalian trading hub of 0,0, obbybombing and breaking several bunkers, traps, shops and, notably, griefing the Gregy165 statue and three of the signs placed by players at 0,0.[32] The attack and its perceived nature as grief of non-military infrastructure would spark international outrage, including an official condemnation of the attack by Pavia.[33] In a statement released the following day,[34] Rhode Island would justify its actions by framing most of the infrastructure targeted as being of a military nature and apologizing for the grief of the Gregy165 statue and signs.

On 4 August, Shadno, a neutral Icenian trader selling stone to Estalia, would be pearled by Rhode Island.[35] This pearling would spark a diplomatic incident between the two nations with Icenia releasing a public statement on the matter,[36] condemning the attack and framing it as a continuation of a series of provocations by Rhode Island players against Icenia. Icenia would receive broad support in its condemnation, with many seeing the incident as an attempt by Rhode Island to drag the neutral nation into the war.

ThePayman would be pearled by Adderral on 5 August, during an attack on a nether portal bunker co-owned by Rhode Island,[37][38] this would be the first pearl lost by Estalia during the war, with Rhode Island having lost 9 pearls of their own by that point. As of 7 August, after several days of fighting, Estalia had successfully disabled the bunker.[39]

A scuffle broke out on August 8th between players from Rhode Island and Titan Industries when players from Titan pearled a newfriend in junk prot, T0mmyShelby0. This would lead to Vanax and Adderral logging in and chasing Titan, Titan despite having significantly more people were unable to pearl the duo. This would be the first sign of Estalia - Titan cooperation during the war.[40]

On August 9th, Phacad3 on the account u/6ft5_king stated on a reddit post that the Estalians Ez2Clutch, SwiftFizz, and Carson had been pearled[41], a fact later confirmed by the Daily Nut[42], marking a large victory for Rhode Island.

Breakaway of the Enclave

On August 8th, GravekeeprsGod, formerly Rhode Island's top diplomat, announced the creation of a new state known as The Enclave made up of disillusioned Rhodesians[43]. The Enclave was to be formed out of the former territory of Utopia (another Rhodesian breakaway state) and the Rhodesian territory of Yggdrasil.

Middle of the War

Coup in Rhode Island

On the 11th, GeneralThomas4 announced on reddit in an open letter that, after a month of absence, they have re-assumed leadership of Rhode Island.[44] Citing concern over obby bombing, which was described as "fundamentally against [Rhode Island's] ethos", and the "undiplomatic nature" of the "zoomers", mentioning players Adderral and Vanax, they had re-taken control of Rhode Island thanks to their primary ownership of reinforcement group. They expressed the intention to begin to transfer control of the various Rhodesian groups to The Enclave, while being unffiliated with them themselves. Concerned with the future of Rhode Island and wanting their players to continue playing, GeneralThomas4 stated that they will not surrender to Estalia, and proposed conditions to all parties involved in the war.

Firstly, they offered to pay reparations to any party that was "wronged to shittery that was done by zoomers", additionally reaching out to Icenia to see if the pearling of Shadno, an Icenian not involved as a fighter in the war, could be rectified, and indeed they were freed the next day.[42][45][46] GeneralThomas4 stated that Adderral and Vanax would be pearled and held by a third party after hostilities would finish with Estalia, later saying they were needed to defend against Estalian attacks.[47][48] Finally, they offered a white peace with Estalia, with every pearl being returned to their respective nation and potential reparations being paid for the actions of Adderral and Vanax, but stated that "under no circumstances will I be "giving up groups" or paying exorbitant reps", accepting that the war may continue.

While many were hopeful for "peace in our time"[49][50] and commended the return of Rhode Island's previous leader[51][52][53], hostilities continued at an Estalian cactus farm, which was the recipient of obby damage, and no deaths occurring.[42] Leader of Estalia, Gregy165, afterwards said: "the unfounded obsidian bombing attack on our cactus farm and allies will not go unpunished", suggesting an Estalian counter-attack, and the continuation of the war, was unavoidable.

Estalian Skybridge Attacks

Fighting on the second Estalian skybridge on the 14th of August. Photo provided by the Daily Nut
On August 13th and 14th, Rhode Island successfully defended against two Estalian skybridge attacks. According to a post by then-Rhode Island leader GeneralThomas4 on the incident, the Estalian force consisted of around 20 players.[54] TrueEnergy was pearled by Rhode Island fighter auqust during the first attack.

Following the failed sky bridge, Estalia attacked the following day. This sky bridge would manage to start but would fail to actually reach the vault.

During these attacks, Rhodesian Phacad3 was pearled, while three Estalians were pearled: MyLittleAK47, bloof_, and Watermashen,[55] and EVDan, a neutral spectator, was pearled but shortly thereafter released.

Despite the battle, GeneralThomas4 issued a statement saying peace was still a possibility.[54]

Rhodesian Raid on SPQR

On August 15th, Rhode Island would attempt an attack on SPQR’s vault shortly after scouting in neighboring Jorvik.[56] The attack was repelled by Estalian and Titanian reinforcements, with Rhode Island fighters retreating after one of the attackers, DiorSuit, was pearled.

Bombing of Moloka

Sometime between the 15th and 17th of August, a Molokan iceroad was obbybombed. While notable in that Moloka is a non-belligerent, Rhode Island proceeded to temporarily give Moloka access to appropriate reinforcement groups in order for them to clean up the grief.[57]
Overhead view of the Pavian Townhall showcasing significant obby grief to the north and around the Townhall as well as on the aqueducts. Photo published by the Pavian Outpost[58]

Danirague Gets Given Primary Owner On Groups

On the 17th of August, Danirague announced on Reddit that Rhode Island was rebranding to the USA “due to internal leadership changes”, these leadership changes would be him being given primary owner on namelayer groups.[59] However, the new USA is still widely refered to as Rhode Island.

With Danirague being primary owner, it gave Rhodesians more freedom in their actions without having to worry about being kicked from groups or the groups being deleted, it shifted Rhode Island’s position in the war to be more aggressive, with an official declaration of war on Jorvik, Pavia, SPQR, and Titan coming hours after the re-naming of the nation[60], the two former of which were identified as continuations of Varkonia and Gabon respectively, with Danirague pushing the narrative that the old CivClassic WP was still present on CivMC.

Siege of Pavia

Main article: Pavian Theater

After some initial skirmishes between Pavia and Rhode Island[61] and Pavia's National Threat Level being raised from "Expected" to "Certain"[62], its highest level, as well as multiple threats by Rhode Island fighters[63] and the official declaration of war from Rhode Island to Pavia (among other nations)[60], Rhode Island fighters were reported to have entered the Pavian residential caves on the 17th of August at 22:01 UTC[64] and started obbybombing the area[65]. Soon after, they moved out of the caves and obbybombed the areas surrounding the Townhall.

While the attack was taking place, Pavian and allied military personal prepared for a potential attack in the vault and did not engage. The attackers retreated after about thirty minutes, after which citizens left the vault and saw the substantial grief.[66][67] Obbybombing against Pavia would be renewed on the 19th, two days later.[68]

Pro-Coalition propaganda from late August 2022, showing the nations involved at the time. Poster by alberlb96[69]

Immediately after the first attack, BritishWanderer III, Duke of Bedford, published an open letter on Reddit explaining Pavia’s side of the story, calling upon all neutral nations to aid in the defense of Pavia, calling Rhode Island a “a chaotic, rudderless, violent rogue state” and stating that “Pavia has begun assembling a coalition of buildfriends and otherwise neutral world citizens in defence of our country”, ending the post with Pavia’s own declaration of war towards Rhode Island.[70]

Sack of Icenia

On Thursday, August 18th 2022, Icenian PvPers Lagiacrus11, Slushii, and Shadno responded to snitch pings on Motoko Mountain by notable raider Vah and recently, and, unexpectedly freed, Ez2Clutch.[10] As Icenians attempted to kite back to the city, Lagiacrus11 was pearled by Ez2Clutch and kited to Rhode Island's vault. In short order, a call to arms was issued, inexperienced Icenian fighters and newfriends began to flood into the cities half finished skybunker (Spaceneedle III) to protect it, and minor skirmishes took place in the streets.

Soon, however, it became clear that the attack wasn't just a one-off decision by Vah and Ez2Clutch, but a coordinated effort by USA to decapitate Icenia and a do-or-die siege began to unfold at Spaceneedle III. With Lagi pearled, former NATO fighter Seared was appointed acting commander along with Saren_Solaris. While Estalian support was requested, it became clear that there was no ability to move fighters to Icenia and after a prolonged fight[71], Rhodesian fighters left Icenia and attempts were made to prepare the skybunker for another large fight.

The fight would take place early at dawn the next day however, and with limited PvPers able to log on, the order was given to grief the groundbunker, move all wealth to the skybunker, and be prepared to kite. Eventually, the order to kite was given by ChrisChrispie and Enforcer15 and Spaceneedle III fell after a final assault by Rhode Island .[10] Over the next day, Rhodesian raiders would obby and waterbomb the majority of downtown Icenia[72], disable factory bunkers, and attempt to kill players who had logged in. Throughout the entire event, Icenia would lose only 1 pearl, but with the city 1000 meters away from Rhode Island, the decision was made to evacuate Icenians to Titan.[73]

The attack would lead to the formation of the Red Cross in the Commonwealth, who provided humanitarian aid to Icenian refugees after the sack.[74]

Emergence of the Coalition

WIP - Moloka, Icenia join; citizens across the world lend their aid

The call to arms from Pavia was renewed August 21st when the Duke of Bedford, dubbing the nations and people who have defended Pavia the "Pavian Coalition" and asked for any contributions whatsoever to the war effort, citing the perceived existential threat posed by Rhode Island taking over Pavia.[75]

ChrisChrispie, although previously stating Icenia would remain neutral even after the city was sacked[76][77], stated in response "The only solution to save the server is a mass coalition to bring them to their knees"[2], seemingly implying Icenia would fight under the coalition.

Battle of Blockchainistan

Icenia's jah park while being obsidian bombed
Icenia's Jah Park while being obsidian bombed

Sometime around August 25th, a joint operation labelled "UD Blockchainistan Operation" lead by Titan Industries against the nation of Blockchainistan was executed and two Blockchainistani players were pearled, xjiro_ and UndyneHeart while building.[5] The fighting on the ground in Blockchainistan was observed and reported on by Skruntoo, who observed Titanite fighters, including Shadno, retreating to Titan after 3 Blockchainistanis attacked the large group of Titan fighters. Skruntoo claimed to have seen obsidian placed by RabbiCroc (in an apparent act of self-sabotage), who attempted to pin it on Titan.[78][79] Blockchainistan disputes this, as Skruntoo only came after the fighting along with Zackattack (as shown in their snitches according to them). Titan Industries claimed that they had received intelligence that Rhode Island had continued to produce XP even though their farms had been disabled. They cited the fact that Rhode Island had intervened when Moloka refused a Blockhainistani iceroad to pass through their lands, and the fact that Blockchainistan was "loosely aligned with RI/USA" to justify the action. JuniorTide, the author of the post, noted that, immediately after the start of the operation, Rhode Island fighters were seen hitting snitches east of Moloka, suggesting that Blockchainistan alerted Rhode Island as soon as it was attacked. Blockchainistani officials subsequently released a statement denouncing Titan's actions, denying any involvement in the war, and arguing for the innocence of their members that were pearled.[80] Blockchainistan repeatedly asked for any evidence that its citizens have participated in any wrong doing that would justify a full on attack and attempted total destruction of their nation and people, but Titan has refused to show any, which Blockchainistan sees as hypocritical and outrageous. They have stated that RI members only showed up after Blockchainistan had pleaded for help and RI was the only one to answer the call, Croc had mentioned that if Estalia had come they would have welcomed the help.

The following day, Skruntoo returned to Blockchainistan, reported significantly more obsidian placed in the streets of Blockchainistan than the night before describing the fortifications Blockchainistan had made in preparation of more attack after Icenians and Molokans joined Titan forces,[81] was killed and randomspawned by FYCKLOVE,[82][83] and was ultimately subsequently pearled by Gwua.[84]

Screenshot of Blockchainistani and Rhodesian forces atop the Titan skybunker.

Counter-attack on Titan

Around August 26th, a day after the battle of Blockchainistan, a joint force of Rhodesian and Blockchainistani fighters, in what was known as OPERATION TITANIC, attacked a Titan military bunker[85]and disabled it.[86] Several VPN alts of banned and pearled players helped participate in the siege, with titan inevitably folding around 4 am due to it being a work day the next day. During the few skirmishes, Titan fighter Geoponic was pearled, and Titan was able to kite their pearls to Estalia. Many Titanites, Molokans and Icenians logged off in their vault which was subsequently disabled by Blockchainistani forces overnight. As a result of the breaking of the bunker JuniorTide, among other Titanites, have quit the server.

Blockchainistan has continued alleging that they are not a co-belligerent in the greater war and that they are solely at war with Titan.[87] They have repeatedly asked Titan to provide proof regarding the allegation that Blockchainistan has provided XP to Rhode Island, which it has not yet done.

End of the War

Breaking Rhode Island bastions above Ian_X12.
Handful of attackers the day of the Rhode Island vault break. (September 17th, 2022)

USA Banwave

On September 17th a mass banwave [88] orchestrated by CivMC administration took place banning the entirety of USA, their reasoning being to upkeep the health of the server. Ez2Clutch, a raider that was loosely associated to USA, was not included the original banwave but proceeded to get banned [89] a few hours later alongside other people who lacked involvement with USA itself, such as ThePayman.

Fall of the Rhodesian Vault

Shortly after the USA banwave, Estalian forces started to assemble south of USA vault, the vault was sieged without much resistance due to almost all USA citizens being banned. Ian_X12, a USA citizen was excluded from this banwave, which lead to Vanax driving over to his house to use his account to defend the vault[90][91]. Vanax was able to pearl RedDevel while on Ian's account, though he was banned shortly after obtaining the pearl.

Defeat of Blockchainistan


Refugee Crises

Due to the overglooming threat of USA attacks, Icenians and Molokans would relocate from their original claim to go live in Titan until it's collapse. Citizens of both Jorvik and SPQR would also relocate to either Estalia or Pavia to be closer to defensive infrastructure and because of their original towns being in hard to access places, also at a significant distance from their close allies.

Press Coverage

Since its beginning, the war has been one of the most well-reported in Civcraft history, with coverage provided by a plethora of international news organizations such as the the Daily Nut, the Lambat Post and the Pavian Tribune.


  1. The nation is referred to as both Rhode Island and the USA. This article uses Rhode Island for consistency.


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