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CivLegacy was a civ server in development by Shadedoom and Kaloa HG. An alpha version of the server launched 16th of May 2020 on the IP but had shut down by the 10th of July 2020[1].

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Preceded byCivClassic

After CivClassic closed in CivLegacy moved to the domain of the original CivClassic server and the project is mainly maintained by TealNerd.

As of May 2022 the project is no longer maintained.

As of June 2023 the project has completely dissolved. The CivClassic subreddit was made private, and seemingly the CivClassic Discord has been deleted as well. TealNerd took to the (now) private CivClassic subreddit and made a post saying the server had shut down because he ran out of money and "the notices from OVH ... were sent to spam."[2]

TealNerd's post on the now private CivClassic subreddit