Crafted Kingdoms

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Crafted Kingdoms
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Basic Info
Start DateAugust 28th, 2023
Minecraft Version1.20.1

Crafted Kingdoms was a Civ server on version 1.20.1 released on August 28th, 2023.

The server aims to be a spiritual successor to Civcraft 2.0, writing an entirely new plugin from scratch that takes inspiration from many of the features that made CivCraft so popular. All commands have been reworked to be more user friendly and intuitive. Another major different between the original CivCraft and Crafted Kingdoms is how it reworks many vanilla recipes. Blocks like the furnace, blast furnace, smoker, brewing stand, and enchanting table now have more difficult recipes, utilizing custom items and material tiers. There are three tiers worth of custom items (24 items in total), used in these recipes. This forces players to have to survive in the stone age for longer and incentivizes grouping together. You'll need to utilize the campfire to survive in the early game!

You can find a full video tutorial on all of the commands and features of Crafted Kingdoms here!

Mechanics of Crafted Kingdoms

Crafted Kingdoms has based many of its features and mechanics off past Civ-like servers, most notably CivCraft and CivClassics. These are some notable differences to vanilla MC and/or similarities/differences to MC Civ.

  • Crafted Kingdoms includes reinforcement, its MC Civ counterpart being Citadel. Similiar to Minecraft, different materials, different powers of protection. Netherite ingots are the highest and stone is the lowest in reinforcement power.
  • Uses Soul Shards as an alternative to ExilePearl. Players that have been sharded remain in the overworld but cannot PvP and cannot break fortified blocks. Soul shards must be re-fueled with essence (player activity)!
  • Combat Tag, forcing a player to either wait 30 seconds to log out of the server after getting hit by another player, or exit before the time limit runs out and leave a "dummy player" that can be killed.
  • Snitches
  • Acid Blocks - Made from gold blocks - Place below reinforcement grief and it will slowly eat away at the block over a longer span of time.
  • 20k diameter circular world border.
  • Nether and overworld are 1:1, with portals being placed randomly throughout the world. These act as capture points for nations.
  • Over 40 custom recipes for blocks like the furnace, enchanting table, brewing stand, etc using three tiers of custom materials. Use the /recipes command to see them all.
  • Realistic biomes, slowed crop growth, and animal breeding based on the biome type.
  • Factory blocks are no longer multiblocks, but instead are tied to vanilla blocks like the blast furnace, cauldron, etc. Right click these blocks with a stick to activate the factory GUI.

Nations and Civilizations

Player groups include anything from small scale groups who have just established a settlement to larger kingdoms made up of dozens of players.

Avalorend as of August 29th
Name Leader Government Founding Date Discord Link
Avalorend itsSparky200 Tribalism 28th August 2023
Slothzerland SlothHugger Tribalism 29th August 2023
Halcriak 0rok Autocracy 30th August 2023
Apsurdistan Varlyk Tribalism 30th August 2023