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A civ server that launched on the 18th of May 2019[1] Owned by John Smith who is associated with the Civcraft player Stonato, and administrated by Mike0war and Crimeo.

They have a reddit at r/Civrealms and a Discord. The server is currently running on 1.12.2 and is at the IP:


In July of 2020, notable player and leader of CivCorp, TopWolf was banned and eventually quit after reporting that his casino had been illegally copied using a WorldDownload.[2] CivRealms administrators eventually reversed the ban against the offending players early.

In October 2020, the administration introduced a new rule called "Burning It Down: If you make it clear your main goal here is to burn the world down, we will likely ask you to stop.". Only a few weeks later, this rule would indirectly lead to bans of multiple USA members.[3]