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HiddenOre is a plugin commonly included on Civ servers which overhauls ore spawning, causing ores to randomly spawn nearby as a player breaks blocks. This is in contrast to the pre-generated ores of vanilla Minecraft.

Civ servers commonly use HiddenOre to define advanced ore distributions not possible in vanilla Minecraft. For instance, veins are dense pockets of valuable ore (such as diamonds), the location of which a nation may want to keep secret until it has been fully mined out.


Each time a player breaks a naturally generated stone or deepslate block, there is a chance that nearby blocks will be replaced by ore. The quantity and type of ore may vary by y level.


A Diamond vein

Some ores will additionally spawn as veins. Finding one ore in a vein indicates that other ore of that type is nearby as well. A message is displayed every time you find an ore in a vein.

Veins are randomly generated using simplex noise and are generally a disc rotated in 3d space. In most civ servers, diamonds spawn in veins, and potentially other ores as well.


Mining a long tunnel is a good way to find veins. If a player already possess resources, one of fastest ways to mine is using a haste II beacon and efficiency V silk touch pickaxes.


HiddenOre has checks in place to ensure that it cannot be trivially automated. For instance, stone generated by lava or placed by a player will not spawn ores when broken.


Mining stone blocks has a random chance to drop a fossil. Fossils are a lored Prismarine Shard. They can be cracked by using the "Ore Smelter" Factory for random items.


HiddenOre was developed for Devoted 2.0 by Sepia because the map Devoted used at the time didn't have enough ores, and what ores did exist were found exclusively in veins.