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More of a Union of "Counties" than anything, Westeros started out (according to records) as a small hut and farm at -8000 0 (before more notable areas were settled) and as a glorious leader Comrade Nick devised the goal of Westerosi existance, EXP.


The all knowing leader Comrade Nick realized that westeros as it was back then known as Cyrene was, well in a desert, the perfect place for a particular EXP recipe, so work began on a project of massive undertaking; M.E.C.C.A (Massively Enourmous Cactus Collection Assembly).

Built by Lazersmoke and Designed by M.E.C.C.A was to be the largest cactus farm on the server, with a gross volume of 81 chunks (9x9x2).

Shortly after construction began "Milltown" was under development (?) and soon became the highlight of Westerosi culture, Featuring Brews and Chess, supposedly moddled after TerminusRob's Hometown.

Current Status

Westeros Presently is in a state of disrepair after raider attacks. Cyrene was split into New Cyrene and Old Cyrene and it's bunker was raided. Suprisingly Milltown was far enough away to not attract attention from barbarians and was left unharmed. New Cyrene started growing quickly, and residents are beginning major public building and farm projects.

Projects to repair and develop Westeros are ongoing.