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Westeros, (succeeded by the Holy Jaded Empire) was a nation on CivClassic. Founded very shortly after the opening of Civclassic by ComradeNick, It was the precursor settlement to the Holy Jaded Empire. Very little is known (or remembered) about Westeros other than it's rough population size, prominent settlements, and borders.


Old Cyrene - [ -8000, 0] A moderate settlement in the middle of a desert, the older lower half of the city was capped with an artificial mountain and topped with a small fort. Historical accounts say it was raided once, but the settlement had no valuables. This is the settlement where the prominent player Baes20 supposedly started his civ career. The settlement was built by XODOJ (known currently as Charity) under the direction of ComradeNick.

New Cyrene [???] A small and historically uninhabited settlement to the north-east of Old Cyrene in a dark-oak forest. Constructed by Baes20 sometime in 2017 [??]

Akkadia [???] A historic settlement on the river Euphrates. Constructed before Mt. Augusta had settled to the south, MtA's residents quickly surrounded Akkadia with new buildings and the settlement was eventually bulldozed and replaced by a pink structure remembered only as the "Pinkerton". Because of this, no archaeological evidence can be found about how many people lived in Akkadia and the only structure that remained seems to be the bridge crossing the Euphrates into Westeros(Holy Jaded Empire).

Milltown [???] A small settlement on an island off the south-west coast of Cyrene. Built by TerminusRob. Unknown Fate.


The original founder ComradeNick recruited the help of newfriend XODOJ and later Baes20 to settle the desert and create a large automated cactus farm, colloquially known as: M.E.C.C.A. (Massively Enormous Cactus Collection Assembly). Engineered by Lazersmoke, M.E.C.C.A. was to be the largest cactus farm on the server, with a gross volume of 81 chunks (9x9x2). Over the course of several days, workers including XODOJ, Baes20, and ComradeNick himself completed the massive stone structure and began operating it shortly thereafter. The fate of the structure at the close of the server is Unknown.

Shortly after the original settlement of towns like Old Cyrene, Milltown was constructed by TerminusRob and modeled after his hometown.

Old Cyrene and New Cyrene had originally been just Cyrene, but the lack of similarity and parity meant that the towns were soon separated legally.

At some point in time, near the wane of activity in Central Westeros and after the destruction of Akkadia, Westeros was absorbed by the successor state the Holy Jaded Empire.

At the end of the server, Westeros was a constituent part of Kallos. The M.E.C.C.A. cactus farm was assumed to be a significant source of server lag, even though it was only rarely even loaded in by Kallosians.

Resident Population

XODOJ (now Charity)


shiningstarlight (?)