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Tjikko was a moderately-sized (1500 meter radius) shard in the northwest part of Civcraft 3.0. It was one of the four spawn shards. It was bordered by Naunet to the northeast (1300, -750 ), Rokko Steppe to the southeast (400, -1450 ), and Ulca Felya to the west (-1450, 0 ).

The shard was shared among three states: the sovereign state of Concordia covering most of the shard, the sovereign state of Iria in the north, and two territories of Aurora, New Kyrapolis (800, 0 ) and a farming colony, in the east and southeast. The northwest part of Tjikko, known as "Free Tijikko", is shared among several small groups of anarchists.


The primary biomes in the shard are Taiga and Mega Taiga. Giant Spruce Trees reaching near the sky limit are common. Only slightly more than half the shard has arable land; the rest is inhospitable mountain ranges. The only farmable crops are Beetroots, Mushrooms, Potatoes, and Pumpkins. Wolves, Sheep, and Rabbits spawn naturally. Skeletons wielding Swords, Spiders, and Zombies spawn during the night.

Tjikko's underground consists of a mixture of Cobblestone, Stone, Andesite, Diorite, and Gravel. Coal ores, Iron ores, Gold ores, Redstone ores, and Diamond ores are rare, but not uncommon.


Tjikko was settled by four nations in Week 1: Concordia, Iria, Aurora, and Volterra. Aurora left for Naunet leaving only New Kyrapolis behind while Volterra left for Eilon, leaving Concordia and Iria the primary powers in the shard.

The Knights of Networking (TKON) attacked Iria during Week 1. Concordia and Iria repelled the invasion and pearled all of TKON's leaders. Iria claimed the land that was formerly claimed by TKON, including Cloud City (also known as Tellus), which was TKON's capital.

During Week 3, the groups in the Free Tjikko area (Rockwood Grove, Visegrad, and Overcast Republic) formed an alliance known as the Tjikko Hermetic Confederation (THC). Jontiben, the leader of cloud city, declared independence from Iria two days after Iria gave him permission to rebuild the city. Iria posted an eviction notice then the THC declared war on Iria and invaded on August 20, 2016. Iria (with help from Crocodile Isle) routed them without any losses.