End Citadel

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End Citadel
LocationThe End dimension
The End Citadel is a massive reinforced structures composed of primarily of obsidian and lava. It was designed mainly by Peter5930, the king of The Commonwealth, and was constructed during his 6 month stay after being pearled by Lexington.`Its primary function was to give the Western Alliance control over the End, as pearled enemies would be unable to escape the walls of the enclosure. It is by far one of the most heavily fortified structures on the CivClassic server.


At first, the end was a relatively undeveloped land, scarred with holes from endstone mining, quickly made enderman farms, and random blocks scattered about. As time went on, the end became increasingly sought after as it had the invaluable resource of ender pearls at its disposal. On August 22, 2017, Lexington attempted to gain control of a large area around the 0,0 and access to the end portal by building a market place and forcing leaders of other nations to agree to end crimes/claims if they wanted access to the return portal to the overworld. Lexington was essentially laughed at for attempting this, but attempted so anyways, digging out a massive perimeter around 0,0 and putting up bastions. However they were unable to hold the land and it was ultimately griefed and destroyed.

In the early stages of the Somber War, Peter5930 was pearled, and he began construction of his end citadel as the war continued. Utilizing the already dug perimeter and resources from friends, Peter constructed the castle almost entirely by himself, giving him and Western Alliance POWs a safe haven in the end wile simultaneously prevent Lexington and their allies from leaving and building anything of their own. After it was completed and more or less impossible to escape for a new spawn, the end citadel was heavily griefed several times with obisidan, stone and other materials in a lackluster attempt to force peter to abandon the project. However, Peter resisted and continually cleaned up the the massive griefs several times, as well as stopping a few attempts to do so.

Peter finished his final construction on the end castle, a giant eye of Sauron on the central pillar in the courtyard, before being released. The end citadel is still maintained.

Architecture and Layout

The End citadel is composed primarily of a series of castle walls, each connected to a refurbished obisidan pillar that naturally generated. In the main courtyard, where most pearled spawn, is an obisidan floor with buttons and three layers of reinforced string to prevent anyone from griefing easily. the walls are made of iron bars, lava, and obsidian making breaking out difficult for any newly spawned. The central pillar of the courtyard houses the end portal and has several catwalks to the top of the exterior walls.