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The Federation of Concordia
The Flag of the Federation of Concordia
The Flag of the Federation of Concordia
Location485, -485
Capital cityAlexandria (Civcraft 3.0)
SettlementsAlexandria, First Landing
GovernmentParliamentary Democracy
• Prime Minister
• Prime Minister Emeritus
Foundation dateStart of CivTemp
Preceded byCommonwealth (2.0), Lio, Neverwhere, Thule
Succeeded byCommonwealth (CivClassic)
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The Federation of Concordia was a sovereign state in the northeast part of the Tjikko shard on Civcraft 3.0.


Concordia was formed from members of the Civ 2.0 nations Commonwealth (2.0) and Lio. During CivTemp, Alexandria, Concordia's only city, was the largest city on the server. Akiyama was Concordia's leader.

Concordia had bad relations with Libra during CivTemp. Libra was a nation of essentially old Grundeswald players and some channers who didn't like /a/ or /jp/'s nations, was close to Concordia. Libra was accused of paying raiders to attack Concordia, and was known to host raiders who attacked Concordia.

When 3.0 began, Concordia formed an interim government with Scuwr as its prime minister. Only one major crisis occurred during this time, whenThe Knights of Networking (TKON) attacked Iria, but it was quickly resolved when Iria and Concordia jointly pearled the TKON leadership.

At the end of week 1, Federalist candidate fin600 narrow defeated fellowship9 in Concordia's first election to become Concordia's first elected prime minister. However, certain citizens unhappy with the result protested by blocking off the factories and taking the stored materials in order to prevent a theft.

fin600 resigned as Prime Minister on August 18, 2016. [1] Quinnel (LetsplayCmansez), the deputy prime minister, assumed the role of PM.

During week 2, a glitch released Concordian prisoners, most notably "Anthony" and the TKON raiders, from the Concordian vault. Many suspected a traitor in the Concordian government until ttk2 restored the pearls on August 19, 2016. [2]

On August 27, SiL3ntCreep3rxD (ex-Libra) and Reiko_Mikami attacked Concordia. Reiko was equipped with a Power IV bow and Diamond Armor. He pearled multiple citizens (releasing them before he left), damaged the vault, destroyed several chests including a double chest of essence, and destroyed the Ore Smelter and Apprentice Transmuter. [3]

Concordia voted to reduce its border on August 30 in order to encourage more settlers to join the shard. Mostly this land was mountains, though the east side of Commonwealth was ceded to so that Aurora could have a cleaner border. [4]

Also on August 30, the Concordian Parliament passed a No-confidence vote, removing Quinnel as Prime Minister and triggering a second election. [5] Cupidity, the Speaker of the House, became interim PM while elections were held. On Sep 2, Moderate Party candidate TheLoneTopwolfx narrowly defeating Fellowship9 by a single vote (14-13) to become Prime Minister, making Fellowship his Deputy Prime Minister in his announcement speech. [6]


The Ulca Felya-Naunet canal, a water-way connecting both portals and Marketside built by Libra, exists at bedrock. It goes along z=0 from the Ulca portal and z=-763 from the Naunet portal with a connection somewhere in the middle.

Technologically, Concordia has an Apprentice Transmuter, Coal Burner, Stone Smelter, Kiln, Reinforcement Factory, and a Basic Forge. It once had had an Ore Smelter, but it was destroyed by Reiko_Mikami.

Government and Politics

Concordia is a parliamentary democracy. It is led by an elected prime minister (PM) and the prime minister's cabinet. The structure of cabinet is up to the prime minister, but it conventionally includes a deputy prime minister, an industry (factory) minister, an agriculture minister, a justice minister, a security minister, and a trade minister. There is no term limits for prime ministers, but the House of Commons can remove the current prime minister by passing a no-confidence vote with a simple majority.

Parliament consists of a single house, the House of Commons, which consists of many Members of Parliament (MPs). (A House of Lords composed of the borough mayors was discussed, but abandoned for lack of need.) Any citizen may become an MP by registering during one of the sign-up periods. (This is to restrict Members of Parliament to only people interested in government, since certain parliamentary procedures require a quorum of MPs or majority of votes.) One Member of Parliament servers as the Speaker, and is charge of moderating Parliament meetings.

Political Divisions

Concordia consists of multiple boroughs including Alexandria, First Landing, Columbia District, Maester District, Prussia, Commonwealth, East Side, New Petra, and Terios. Each borough is led by a mayor.

Alexandria is the federal district and capital of Concordia. It is home to Marketside (300, -750), an underground shopping mall with a connection the the Ulca-Naunet canal, Concordia's factory building, and many residents. Its mayor is the current prime minister.

Columbia is a district south of Alexandria. Its de facto mayor is Deftinhawk.

Commonwealth is a district managed by sashimii and colincoolguy.

East Side is an agricultural district. It will be used to farm Potatoes. Its mayor is scuwr.

First Landing is a residential district. It was the original Concordian settlement in Tjikko chosen because of its proximity to a lake. Its mayor is fin600.

The Maester District is an autonomous district that functions as the home of the Maester Alliance.

Political Parties

The first political party was the Concordian Federalist Party, which formed on July 12, 2016. [7] The Moderate Party announced themselves on August 29, 2016 in response to a perceived lack of transparency and competence handling in foreign affairs by the reigning Federalist government. [8]