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The skin of Peter5930

The current king of the Commonwealth, reigning since the 25th of December 2017. There is a statue built in his honour in Westminster. While famously imprisoned during the Somber War he built the End Citadel.

Peter's Pearling

On 2017-09-21, Peter5930 was pearled by Bewsiej, Poseidon and XyngSnow and he was vaulted in USA. This was from one of the most devastating and amongst a long line of Nox raids done on Commonwealth during the Lexington War. His pearling was made longer and worse due to Peter5930's status as a server superfriend. For example, on 2017-10-04, he found and reported the illegal Lexington iron farms, causing his pearling and /ppkill-ing to be extended. Peter5930, and other pearled players that attracted Lexington's ire, were /ppkilled over and over, making the game unplayable for them if they were logged in at the time. This happened from 2017-10-26 to 2018-08-01, and only stopped when the admins stepped in and stopped their abuse. As the war raged on, negotiations between the Commonwealth and Lexington always maintained that Peter5930 was not to be freed.

On 2018-04-08, The Coalition finally breaks through the Nox defenses on their final vault, and Peter5930 was freed