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The skin of Peter5930

Peter is the King of the Commonwealth, reigning since the 25th of December 2017, despite his complete material absence for the near entirety of his reign thus far. While famously imprisoned during the Somber War, he built the End Citadel, restricting Lexington's access to the End Fountain. He remains the most famous and culturally significant character in the nation's history. There is a statue built in his honour in Westminster, and his life story is being adapted into two stage plays by Reffelruz, who venerates him as the eternal king of the Commonwealth as well as incarnate god of the Medic religion; he continues to publish in-game writings on the subject.

Early Life (2.0)

Peter first spawned in a jungle in CivCraft 2.0; after crafting a boat and setting sail, he came across a vast hole in the middle of the ocean; at the bottom was a settlement, but all he could find were locked iron doors. He was then greeted by BlueAvenue in full diamond armour, riding in on a minecart, immediately and repeatedly ordering him to leave; he prodded Peter's naked body with his diamond sword, and led him to the exit. This settlement was Carson, the cooperative that would go on to found LADS, the new World Police.

Peter would go on to find the Commonwealth and become a permanent member of the local community; from his earliest days, he was known as an industrialist, making his fortune through the design and construction of automated machines, the product of which he would sell in Shopside. He mined a giant nugget of iron ore out of the ground, which is displayed on the streets of 2.0 Commonwealth, dubbed "Peter's Iron Spud". His peaceful life, however, would not last.

Peter v. Carson

After getting established in CW, he ran into Carsonites once more, offering to trade; they rebuffed him, saying they didn't trade with outsiders; CSimp would go on to give Peter additional grief for having explored their base earlier. Soon however, they would start to come to CW to trade their redstone for clay, and CW's chief export at the time, obby. The Carsonites were merciless hagglers, even going as far as to demand a lower price after the delivery had already been made; after agreeing to this in order to close the deal, Peter would avoid any business with Carson.


When Musterplague hit the server, Peter lost all his horses, which he had bred to have enhanced stats; Peter decided to investigate the source of the mass cullings, and found that they were caused by the gold farm owned and operated by Squeenix, which happened to be the portal which was supplying Carson with their gold. When the admins deactivated the portal farm, Squeenix decided to take a break from the server, and Carson were furious.

A Friendly Duel

Peter bred dogs; one day, Cliff and Shock came to the CW in prot IV. Shock asked if Peter would have a friendly 1v1 with him, so he could see how effective his dogs were in combat. After sparring for a while, Peter started to gain the upper hand, but then Cliff jumped in, making it a 2v1, and Peter died. Then, while Peter was repairing his armour, Cliff and Shock started attacking people, and possibly pearled Ttam. Peter and Noaz fought them, killing Cliff in the CIC. Cliff then came back to CW with killyourfacego, climbed one of Peter's trees and shot flaming arrows at him and Noaz, while demanding his gear back.

Trouble in Aytos

The city of Aytos were being attacked by members of LADS, and called for Peter's aid; when he got there, SoapBukkit started repeatedly attacking Peter's dogs to provoke them before running away, and even dropping sand on them to suffocate them. Ttam was being arrested by shock for throwing snowballs, and Peter intervened. Cliff joined shock and the two of them killed Ttam and chased Peter through the city. Someone held open a door for Peter to let him inside for safety, but failed to close the door behind him fast enough; cliff and shock got in and murdered everyone in the building; Ttam would be pearled for 2 weeks on the justification that he'd been using an autoclicker macro with a 130ms click rate to throw snowballs. Peter lost a sharp V FA II sword and 2 sets of prot IV, never receiving reps, or even an acknowledgement of his loss from LADS. Further, he was accused of having stolen all the gear, since the sword was labelled CDC and had been taken from Cliff in the previous fight. Later Peter would overhear a fragment of a conversation in mumble in which the LADS openly discussed Peter's belongings.

Aytos would later die from political trolling by the LADS, in which they set up temporary residences to allow themselves to vote and abandoned the city after taking over the government.

Klepto on the Roof

Niko was a resident of the Commonwealth with a base of operations south of the city centre; Peter once pearled him for refusing to get off his roof; he was known for pilfering from time to time, and one day after robbing Carson, Niko came to hide in CW, and the LADS came around to make the arrest; not being able to physically reach Niko, they instead pearled Peter, demanding that Niko give himself up for Peter's freedom, which Niko refused to do, so Peter stayed pearled for a while.

The Disguise

The next day, killyourfacego and Baizley came into CW and began loitering around P3nis's mansion, taunting and threatening him. Peter geared up his alt Busybee84 and assess the situation, but as soon as he got within line of sight of killyourfacego, Ego charged after him, killed him, and took his gear. Ego momentarily expressed guilt over this act, but when he found out that it was in fact Peter who he had robbed and killed, his feeling of guilt left him. Again, no reps or admission of wrongdoing were ever given- only the claim that Peter's dogs had violated the NAP. People in mumble told him that there was no point in trying to pursue reparations or posting a bounty, since even if he could get their pearls, the LADS would come with 15 players in prot to break them out.

The Break-In

One day GodoftheVillage came into the CW mumble channel and said that people in the Bryn channel were talking about how they'd stolen from Peter and griefed his stuff when they broke into his house; Peter immediately hopped over to the LADS channel and started recording. After a few minutes, a dog teleported to Peter, while at the same time, NJpalms remarked on how he'd just hit a dog with his sword and it had disappeared. Peter geared up an alt and chased after NJpalms, finding him in Lio, and starting pinging him with arrows. His intent wasn't to pearl Palms, but to let him know that he really didn't appreciate the way he'd been treated. Eventually the LADS came and pearled him. He continued to try to explain his position, but the LADS merely taunted him and did not listen, so Peter posted the recording, resulting in an immediate ban from their channel.

Railway Rumble

At this point, Peter started to notice strange behaviour from other CW citizens; every time raiders came through town, he would try to get whoever was online in CW to gear up and fight them, only to be told to just log off and ignore them. One day, Pericorp, founder of Delivero, was killed on the CIC rail by nefua's raider gang, and after gearing up and heading to the scene to recover Pericorp's stuff, Peter was contacted and told not to go after the killers; he confronted government members about the matter, and was told that there was a "deal": 'we don't bother them and they don't bother us'. At this time, Soapbucket came into the mumble channel to accuse Peter of being with the raiders, since he'd hit the same snitch at roughly the same time; then nefua's group came around a bend ahead of him, and he ran back the way he came.

The Destruction of Arym

Noaz had been teasing a post he was planning to make that would "shake things up": it turned out to be a list of alt names - players who were formerly raiders but had changed their identities and playstyles; many of the players on this list were living in the recently founded town of Arym; they had strong xp production infrastructure, but when Noaz made his post, the LADS went there and destroyed everything; afterwards, they continued to harass Zoltan, an ex-HCFer, accusing him of being in mumble channels with HCF members recently, which Zoltan denied; LADS claimed to have proof of this, but refused to share it on grounds that to do so would doxx Zoltan.

Peter would also be accused of snitching the entire CIC rail when LADS found snitches under the tunnels which they couldn't identify; Peter messaged Jacky to declare his innocence, to which he received the reply: "Okay. I've pretty much given up at this point to be honest."

The Tipping Point

Finally, one day The_Badash came to CW and pearled Peter on suspicion of collaborating with the HCF; while he was in the end, one of HCF's members gave Peter an invite to their mumble channel; Peter accepted.

Deal with the Devil - Time with the HCF

Peter helped the HCF over the course of the winter to gear up and fight against the LADS. He discouraged them from raiding for gear, telling them that he'd rather supply them with what they need than for them to steal it, and he strongly discouraged them from griefing, telling them that it was bad for public relations, and that they could get the support of the rest of the server if they behaved well while letting the LADS behave badly.

Peter designed the outer IRO fortification for Dill's vault, basing it on the idea that a vault of any size will be broken if the enemy can camp it unopposed, so he came up with a design that included fortified and interlinked chambers that would allow a small number of players to hold off against a larger force; the enemy could be attacked from all sides while they tried to break the vault, and anyone following defenders into the IRO structure would become cut off from outside aid by the doors; if they killed their target, they'd be trapped and could be killed in turn by more defenders to recover the pearl and gear. After LADS found the vault, he had to leave construction to Dill, who added another wall outside.

Peter was in the process of tearing down that wall when the LADS arrived to break the vault. Peter's plan was for the pearls in the vault to be released, the vault moved to the Commonwealth and the HCF players to pay reps and play legitimately, then wait to be attacked by the LADS, at which point they'd be justified in pearling the invaders. Many of the HCF players were getting tired of fighting, there was a lot of friction between the HCF players and Dill, and everyone except for Dill was signed off on the deal. Peter was confident that the LADS wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of rolling into the CW for a fight, like they'd done many times before. Dill didn't want to relinquish the pearls, but moving the pearls to the CW wasn't an option, since with the exception of Shock008, the CW had no claims against them, so Peter was hoping he'd change his mind.

Some members, such as Aixyz and Phacad3, couldn't be controlled and went around raiding indiscriminately. Dill saw them as good fighters, but Peter saw them as liabilities and not the kind of players that he could associate with. Aixyz ended up getting pearled when he raided CW, and Phacad3 raided CW PM Sanwi repeatedly and threatened Peter in an attempt to get Aixyz released.

After breaking the vault, LADS came to CW to detain Peter; they griefed, broke blocks, poured lava and water buckets, burnt trees, and killed anyone who got in their way; they even accused Peter of teaching HCF to mine vaults diagonally, again citing secret evidence that they could not share. Peter denies even knowing of such an ability.

After learning that Peter had indeed been working with the LADS, the Commonwealth voted to exile Peter, for its own safety, to which Peter obliged by promptly leaving: the LADS swore that he would never be free to live anywhere under any identity, and that they would hunt him to the ends of the map. He remained a man on the run for the rest of the server.

Reprise (Civclassic)

Peter remained with the Commonwealth for the rest of Civcraft 2.0 despite his exile. He returned home for the dawn of the Classic Era, participating in the founding of Westminster, where he received a seat on the new council under King Cowguypig, who had received the crown from Sashimii upon the new founding of CW. He resumed his previous habits of building automated machines to produce goods and selling them in Shopside, and became a specialist in the field of beacon production. Unfortunately, Peter would once again be denied a simple life by people he wanted nothing to do with.

Peter v. Lexington

From the first days of the server, the Commonwealth was being hit hard and often with raiders, causing the population of the capital city to disperse to the surrounding islands, founding small settlements all around the capital. This slowed traffic in the city significantly, and harmed activity. Not long into the age, Queen Sintralin would contact the King, now Brinton, offering to help him deal with the raider problem in the area; Sintralin was well known for playing evil characters in civ servers from her time in 2.0, but Peter knew nothing about her and had no preconceptions about her; nor did Brinton, who accepted her aid. CW offered very light sentences to raiders who turned themselves in, hoping it would encourage them to do so.

When bewsiej came to CW to raid, sintralin had her soldiers pearl him, and delivered the pearl to Brinton as part of the deal. When bewsiej managed to escape captivity due to an error in coal allocation, he fled to a Lexington owned bunker beneath Westminster; as this was an illegal structure, Sashimii removed the bunker immediately. Bewsiej would return, along with XyngSnow and Posedion, to raid CW again and to pearl Peter. On the orders of Sintralin, they demanded a beacon for his release. After a brief correspondence between Sintralin and Sashimii, the Battle of Boeing 911 broke out in Westminster.

During all this, the admins tasked Peter - a superfriend - with confirming the existence of an illegal iron farm under control of Lexington; Peter did so, and the farm was disabled; Lexington claimed they didn't know it was against the rules, and demanded reparations for their farm, for which they received 120 stacks of obsidian, which they would go on to use in the obby-bombing of Westminster at the dawn of the Somber War, which would be declared by Sintralin shortly before the attack. Many innocents were pearled- including Peter, by the same person who pearled him in 2:0: The_Badash.

Peter in the End

As the war raged on, throughout negotiations between the Commonwealth and Lexington, Sintralin always maintained that Peter5930 was not to be freed.

Peter wandered the dark wasteland of the End. Ten days later, his killer Badash was apprehended by Mir fighters and sent to the End as well, where he exchanged words with Peter; he accused Peter of sending PSN, a raider, to scout the Anguish vault, declaring to know also that PSN was a CW citizen; he was not, and was in fact wanted in CW for raiding.

The next day, Lexington began using the /ppkill command on Peter, which allowed them to kill him any time they logged in with only a command. They spammed this command on Peter, causing him to respawn over and over at the End fountain, losing whatever he had on him when they started.

Peter's End Fortress
Peter's End Fortress

Members of the Commonwealth - to this day it is not known whom - ferried materials to Peter in secret, leaving chests by the fountain for him. He took what his countrymen gave him and, in the hours when Lexington were offline, began to construct a fortress around the End Fountain to which he was pinned; Lex had been using the End Portal for quick transport in the overworld; when they saw that Peter was cutting off their access to the portal, they began a series of attacks on the fort, griefing and destroying whatever they could, only for the fort to be fully repaired the next day. Within the walls of the fort, Peter planted a garden with trees, grass, flowers and ponds. The /ppkilling continued and increased.

Meanwhile, back in the Commonwealth, King Brinton had reached the end of his time as king; he professed he did not have the character of a wartime king, and did not possess the qualities demanded of such a king; in his place, he coronated Peter, even while in the End, as King of the Commonwealth; this occurred on December 25th - Christmas Day - 2017. Another chest was left at the fort, this time containing a crown.

Return of the King

The Somber War raged on for half a year, with Peter in the End the whole time; his disruption of Lexington's End portal use made it easier for the Western Alliance to win the war in the overworld, which came about with the breaking of Lexington's satellite vaults and finally their own; Peter spent almost exactly six months in the End- this would later contribute to interpretations of him as a cosmic figure.

Peter would be welcomed home as the new king of his nation, and proceed to demolish the capital ruins, proclaiming even many of the surviving buildings in the city to be too ugly to be worth keeping. When the remnant had been separated, it became known to Peter that the majority of the remaining buildings were the property and/or construction of reffelruz. As a result, reffelruz was given the role of chief architect in what would be Victoria, the walled city and keep of the new capital, which would be built on Peter's old farmland.

Last Moments on Earth

Peter did not remain long after his return. His last interactions in the CW discord were a series of bitter disagreements with council members over policy and construction laws, none of which worked out in Peter's favour; mike0war went as far as to demolish Peter's recent innovation of Shopside - a central waterdrop from the surface - because it was a "security threat". Peter did not announce his departure, or leave the Discord; instead he remained, always silent but present in the background of Discord, forever King of the Commonwealth.

Apotheosis (CivMC)

To the last day of Civclassic there was never another word heard from Peter; not long after his disappearance, councilor reffelruz began to develop a theological vision of the king; reffelruz had spent the duration of the Somber War in the desert of Meditat, developing a religion there; following the war, he began to view Peter as the central figure of the cosmos; he recontextualized the symbolism of the ornate temples of Meditat around Peter as the incarnate god; this brought his religious views into direct relation to his political duties, and later he would pen the Declaration of the Eternal King, declaring Peter to be both king and god, and laying out the theological justification for such a belief. The council never responded to the declaration.

When reffelruz revived the Commonwealth on CivMC, it was founded explicitly on this notion: that Peter is the eternal godking, and the Commonwealth are his people, meant to carry on his legacy. This very nearly became the notion of a Commonwealth without a state, when reffelruz became discouraged from its founding by other council members who would not be returning; in the end, however, with encouragement from other less prominent citizens, the founding went through; situated in a jungle, Peter's biome of choice, the Commonwealth has now implemented Peter's waterdrop to Shopside, which was rejected by the old council, as well as his model for a more organic Shopside, built into natural underground caverns. Protected and haunted by the spirit of the King which looms over the city- a source of much political controversy - the Commonwealth has become a place of symbols and mystery.

Reffelruz continues to develop the scriptural basis for the religion of the King; he is writing several plays and countless books, many of which are displayed throughout the city on lecterns, as well as building a cathedral as a royal temple in which to deliver sermons and perform rituals, with the help of the design efforts of RoboRik of Southirian descent, who joined CW after the disbanding of Southshire.