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DockerImage is a civ player.

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First Civ ServerCivMC
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DockerImage joined CivMC on June 2nd, 2022. He initially joined Truidencia and helped significantly with their Basic XP production. He eventually found the nation of Kallos through a Reddit post, and upon joining helped create some arctic farms for XP production. After some internal arguments in Kallos he left to create the nation of Arnen alongside dredd_kiji, where he helped create a steampunk themed city with TolypeVelleda as the primary architect. After the Arnen-Temporal Isles War, Docker returned to Kallos to help dig their vault and participated in conflicts such as the Cordoba War. After this he got pearled in the Purple War by Estalia and is pearled to this day.

Eventually after serving a 8 month ban he formed the Moria Nether Company with SlothInASuit, and helped build the company to a near 40k diamond valuation, raising almost 4k diamonds in an IPO.