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DockerImage is a civ player. He is known for PvP, founding Arnen, and being a true Kallosian patriot.

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DockerImage joined CivMC on June 2nd, 2022. He initially joined Truidencia but now is primarily a Kallosian. He was betrayed by yodabird19 on 11/6/22 and got pearled after getting groups removed and getting trapped in a elevator inside a Kallos skybunker. He would then go on to create the ill-fated nation of Arnen, which faced its end with the EP's interference in the Arnen-TI war. DockerImage would then become a primary Kallos citizen after his freeing, and helped dig the Kallos vault alongside dredd_kiji and Coldboy000, along with contributing heavily to the nations XP infrastructure in the Kallosian effort for self-sufficiency without the need for XP co-ops with the Arsenio Pact. He was involved in some controversy after the events of Arnen, most notably his participation in the war effort against Cordoba, a nation of neo-nazis, and the pearling of Coolchacha97 in the Imperial Federation for his threats of obby bombing against Kallosian cities and anti-Semitic, transphobic nature with certain individuals such as Mark_Antony trying to paint these actions as reckless shittery, reminiscent of Arnen's actions that led to the Four Hour War.