Battle of Lusitania

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The Battle of Lusitania was a military campaign of the War of The Coalition, in which the Ok Bomber Coalition defended against incursions by Ransaki fighters to Lusitan territory. The Lusitans officially recognise the battle's duration as being from 7 December[1] until 18 December 2019[2].

The primary objective of Ransaki forces was to force Lusitania to stay out of the war. On the 9th of December, the incursions began, with pearled fighters mainly targeting not-bastioned settlements, such as Centum Cellas and Petra. On 11 December[3] Coalition forces would be forced to pull out of Lusitania. As the battle progressed, Ransakistan also targeted Lusitan rail lines and farms. Eventually, it employed sporadic acts of obby bombing on areas of cultural significance.

The Ransakis had subverted Coalition forces, leaving Lusitania to face the threat of incursions to it's citizens, prompting an evacuation of the entire country population. Coalition forces disrupted the Ransaki Vault and forced Ransakistan to cancel incursions on Lusitan soil.
Battle of Lusitania
Part of War of The Coalition

Prot pvpers having a friendly meeting in the Théspian Hall in Portucale
Date7 December 2019 - 18 December 2019
Lusitan mainland and southern colonies

Decisive Coalition Victory

  • Minor obby damage
  • Genocide of the llammas in the llamma nursery
  • Major bastion reinforcement of Lusitania
  • Expanded military infrastructure on Lusitan soil

 Ok Bomber Coalition






During the early days of December, multiple nations were obby bombed by the Ransakis. As a result, an international treaty was signed condemning obby bombing[4]. Spurred by the signing of the obby bombing treaty, Ransaki leaders threatened Metriximor that if any further collaboration or measures were to happen, then military action would be taken against Lusitania. At the time, the location of Ransakistan was unknown, as the only contact established was through a small interaction a few months before which Ransakis established themselves as hailing from "Dino Island".

Phases of the Battle

Pvpers in prot sailing boat to click click baddies
Coalition Forces set out from the harbor in Portucale to find the Ransacki Vault

Expecting a further escalation of conflicts, Lusitan and Coventhian officials set out to find the location of Ransakistan. Due to previous Luso-Ransaki contact, Lusitania was decided as a home base, and a small outpost was built to prepare for search parties into the expansive wildlands of the northwestern quadrant. Extraneous events lead to the first casualty of the war and information on the relative location of Ransakistan. A search party was organized in Lusitania and set out of the harbor in Portucale to find the Ransacki Vault, which turned out to be roughly 2 thousand blocks from Lusitania's Capital.

Declaration of the State of Emergency

The State of Emergency was declared on the 9th of December [5], after Coalition forces decided to use the Luso-Coventhian bunker as a small outpost, which prompted the monarch of Lusitania to declare the state of Emergency, with the intent of keeping casualties to a minimum. So the server population understood that Lusitania, a normally very touristic nation, was not safe to visit anymore, the measures put in place were very similar to measures installed by a numerous amount of other nations around the world. The measures implemented to keep the citizens of Lusitania and travelers safe within Lusitan territory are as follows:<syntaxhighlight>

  • The borders of Lusitania are now closed, save for authorized personnel
  • All trips to the southern colony of Ebora are halted unless written permission is granted.
  • All citizens are now recommended to wear PVP gear while outdoors
  • All citizens are required to safely /logout in safe spaces
  • A report of the day will be available to all citizens for info about current Lusitan affairs

Each of these measures had the intent to keep civilian casualties to a minimum, such as highly restricting travel to particular areas of higher risk, such as Ebora which was across the sea in the same landmass as Ransakistan, or encouraging citizens to stay armored and being mindful of proper logging on and off etiquette. Otherwise, the policy would try to keep everyone informed about the current happenings to minimize communication time relaying the same information on multiple locations multiple times.

Although a state of Emergency was in effect, the typical day to day routine proceedings never stopped, and wine production was increased to supply all the temporarily residing coalition forces. It was during a routine day of producing wine that an incursion of Ransaki forces forced every citizen to run into the nearest safe place and log-off.

Declaration of the State of Siege

Immediately after the incursion, there was a Coalition meeting to decide on what to do, many leaders of the Coalition agreed that Lusitania was probably compromised and snitched by Ransakis and that there was a real possibility of the Ransakis already having intel on the location of the Luso-Coventhian bunker, in the end, it was decided that Coalition forces would pull out of Lusitania into a new location farther away, Icenia City and its newly built network of defensive infrastructure in partnership with Yoahtl. The immediate consequence of this is that any part of Lusitan territory became extremely dangerous to be in overnight, prompting a full large scale evacuation procedure to get all the inexperienced fighting personnel and civilians into the new location of coalition forces so they could aid in the logistics network that would enable Lusitania to become a safe place again. Unfortunately, Caledonian PvPer Hockey was pearled during the evacuation process, when he failed to log off in a secure location and was chased nearly to Coventhia before being pearled and held in Ransakistan.

To this end, the Lusitan monarch declared, for the first time in the history of Lusitania, the State of Emergency on the 11th of December 2019[3], stating that any person in Lusitan territory would be accepting being pearled at any moment and no responsibility would fall on Lusitan authorities or officials, to the point that civilians who refused to move would be pearled and forcefully removed to a safer location.

For the rest of the war, Lusitania and its citizens worked with the Coalition to build ice roads to facilitate troop and material movement from nations to the front of the war.

End of the State of Siege

After the fall of the Ransacki Vault, with most Ransaki forces either pearled or scattered, and the vault disabled the State of Siege was turned back to State of Emergency[6] allowing the citizens to come back to Lusitan territory to assess the damages and begin work on removing the obby bombings so that life could return to the peaceful Lusitan lifestyle. However, there were still concerns that Ransakis, who had managed to flee, would come back and possibly pearl civilians. Hence, the rules of the State of Siege were still in place with the borders still closed until there was confidence that no Ransakis would conduct a retaliatory attack.

Return to Peace

llama minecraft
One of the only pictures of Zel'Orgnak, one of the most prominent llamas and a victim of methodical genocide

A couple of days after the end of the State of Siege, work begun on removing the minor obby grief damage by multiple citizens and friends of Lusitania, it was found that the entire llama population inhabiting the underground llama nursery of Petra were victims of genocide, the most famous of them, Zel'Orgnak was given a full honors Lusitan funeral, the Lusitan stretch of the ice road network was found to be griefed. However, most of this was done by Coalition forces after Ransakistan had discovered it. However, it was used during the fall of the vault to ferry materials back and forth. An assessment of the location of the damage noted that only the outer towns were griefed, and no harm had come to the Lusitan capital of Portucale, prompting a restructure of the Lusitan bastion and snitch network to avoid a similar event happening in the future.

Ransakis and all traces of Ransakistan eventually disappeared. So subsequently, the State of Emergency was declared to be over on the 18th of December 2019[2], reopening the country to travelers and allowing Lusitania to focus on removing the scars of the war as well as returning wine production to pre-war levels.

Damage Cleanup Crew:

Hereby are immortalized the biggest contributors that helped clean the damage or contributed with material to hasten the process:(in no particular order):[7]


The Battle of Lusitania marked the first participation of Lusitania in a military conflict, with carefully planned logistics seen as the key to victory. Pre-war theories had led to exaggerated fears of an obsidian bombing. The Coalition had achieved a great victory in successfully carrying out a defense of the entire server and preventing the Ransakis from causing a global crisis.

The battle also significantly shifted Lusitan opinion of participation in international conflicts and foreign nations. During the struggle, stronger relationships were formed with all the countries in the Coalition, especially UDF and SATO governments who praised Lusitania for managing to survive through a war without civilian casualties.

There is a consensus among historians that the Ransakis were unable to crush the Coalition at the time that Lusitania declared the State of Siege, the strategy of engaging neutral nations with obsidian bombing by surprise predictably made Ransakistan become abhorred by every single nation. Aside from that, Ransakistan forces were composed of mostly newfriends speculated to have originated from HCF with no real experience in a civ server, making sustaining a coherent, well geared and motivated force a problematic task. The Coalition proved to be a robust and capable organization, which was to use all the resources available to it to the maximum advantage.

Portucale Christmas Tree Lusitania 2019
Christmas celebrated in Lusitania after the Ransaki War

The Ransakis launched some attacks against important cities in civclassics, but they could not destroy the Coalition industrial and military potential and made little systematic effort to do so. Hindsight does not disguise the fact that the threat to Lusitania was genuine, and for its citizens, it seemed as if there was a narrow margin between victory and defeat. Nevertheless, even if the Ransaki attacks on cities in civclassics continued, the Coalition could have withdrawn to further into the Northeastern or Southwestern territory and continued the battle from there. The victory was as much psychological as physical as taking down a vault is always a dangerous and time-consuming endeavor.

However, all the damage of the obby bombings was declared to be clean on the 22nd of December 2019[7], the underground city of Petra became the burial location of the dead llamas. Immediately work began on repopulating the nursery with more llamas, imported from Coventhia, and the Lusitan mountain range of Asturias and decorations for Christmas were put in place with a big Christmas tree in the main square of Lusitania's capital.